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Moving from Albuquerque 

Moving from Albuquerque to Santa Cruz, CA

If you are moving from Albuquerque. If you are looking for a reliable long distance moving company that ships to Central California, you’re in the right place. Are you on the market for a new residence out of state? Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of a house on the West Coast or the Santa Cruz area? If you said yes, we have some good news. State 2 State Movers can help you with the entire interstate moving quest, with everything from planning and packing to shipping and delivering. Our services include full residential moving, assistance with packing, and even providing you with additional moving boxes that come free of charge. Our crew consists of professional movers and packers, that will offer you any kind of moving help you need. To cut your moving expenses, we have different commodities such as additional storage and helping you plan your moving budget. Not many interstate moving companies have the ability to transfer you car as well as your belongings, but with State 2 State, you don’t have to hire anyone else, since we can offer you services like car shipping and vehicle transportation, for a very affordable price. You can check out our ’Blog’ page for more of our moving services and packing tips for moving out of state.
Moving from Albuquerque or moving from out of state is a huge and rather complex undertaking, especially if you haven’t done it before and aren’t sure who to contact about it. That is where State 2 State Movers come in to save the day. We are a reliable interstate moving and auto shipping company with years of experience. We will make sure you have all the information, that you have no doubts left and that all your precious belongings are safely transported to your destination. In order you help you decide or just add to some of your knowledge, here is one of our top picks for the moving destination, Santa Cruz, California.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz lays on the edge of Monterey Bay and according to the latest census has around 63 thousand inhabitants. The name has a meaning of ‘Holy Cross’ in Spanish. The city is its county seat and largest city in the area. In the late 19th century, Santa Cruz established itself as a beach resort community. . Tourist attractions include the classic Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk on the beach, the redwood forests in the Santa Cruz Mountains above the town, and Monterey Bay, which is protected as a marine sanctuary.


Santa Cruz has mild weather throughout the year, enjoying a warm-summer Mediterranean climate characterized by cool, wet winters and warm, mostly dry summers. Due to its proximity to Monterey Bay, fog and low overcast are common during the night and morning hours, especially in the summer.


Santa Cruz used to be an industrial area prior to the tourism expansion, that predominantly dealt with lime, lumber, gunpowder and agriculture. Santa Cruz is known for its moderate climate, the natural beauty of its coastline, redwood forests, alternative community lifestyles, and socially liberal leanings. It is also home to the University of California, Santa Cruz. Nowadays, those resources are widely exploited through tourism, and agriculture still remained on of the top economic branches in the area. Santa Cruz is a center of the organic agriculture movement, and many specialty products as well as housing the headquarters of California Certified Organic Farmers.


- Santa Cruz is home to several state parks and beaches:
- Seabright State Beach
- Lighthouse Field State Beach
- Twin Lakes State Beach
- Natural Bridges State Beach
- Santa Cruz Mission State Historic Park

You can also visit and enjoy other attractions like :

Seymore Marine Discovery Center - a collection of interactive natural-science exhibits that include tidal touch pools and aquariums. Guided one-hour tours happen at 1pm, 2pm and 3pm daily, with a special 30-minute tour for families with younger children at 11am. https://seymourcenter.ucsc.edu/
Santa Cruz Beach Broadwalk – is the West Coast’s oldest beachfront amusement park. Famous thrills include the Giant Dipper, a 1924 wooden roller coaster, and the 1911 Looff carousel, both National Historic Landmarks. All this topped with the sweet smell of cotton candy mixed with the salt air. https://beachboardwalk.com/
Mystery Spot - is an old-fashioned tourist trap that includes sloping hillsides, compasses that seem to point crazily, mysterious forces pushing you around and buildings that lean at silly angles. Santa Cruz’s Mystery Spot has scarcely changed since it opened in 1940. Get your reservations now on: https://www.mysteryspot.com/
Our team at the State to State Movers is ready to take you there! Closeness of the beaches, rising economy, low population rate, it has everything that a small coastal city needs to thrive. The only thing missing is you. Don’t let anything stop you from calling us and scheduling your moving day today!

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