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Moving from Chicago, Illinois to San Diego

Moving from Chicago, Illinois to San Diego, California with State to State Movers

So, you’ve made the decision to pack up all of your stuff and move across state borders. Making the decision to move from Chicago, Illinois to San Diego, California was the easy part. Now comes the process of planning for the big move. So why not make it easier with State to State Movers? The key to a successful long distance move is planning in advance, more than anything, and we know that. With State to State Movers, you will reduce the stress of relocation. We are an expert long distance moving company. Our interstate moving services includes a free moving estimate, loading, unloading, driving, fuel, taxes, tolls, packing materials, free climate controlled storage and more. We guarantee the safety of your things. Our professional packers work with discretion and great respect for your personal belongings. With us, you won’t have to worry that your valuables might get damaged, broken or stolen. Feel free to contact our representatives and we will schedule your moving day and will also give you the best moving price estimates. State to State Movers can provide you auto transport as well. As you can see, we can arrange your whole relocation process. Read on to find out more information about the San Diego, the city you are moving to.

San Diego, California

San Diego is a major city in California, located in San Diego County, on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. With more than 1.37 million people, San Diego is the eighth-largest city in the United States and the second-largest in California. The distance between San Diego and Chicago is approximately 2,774 km, and the first thing you will notice when arriving in California is the weather. After Chicago, with four distinct seasons, you will enjoy in more than 260 sunny days per year in San Diego. California’s other cities also enjoy mild weather, but none of its peers can quite match San Diego's cocktail of the 70s and sunshine day in and day out. In San Diego, every day is picnic day. In San Diego, you will never see trees lose their leaves or even change colors, not to mention the snow. Here ice cream is appropriate all year round.

Economy in San Diego

The largest sectors of San Diego's economy are defense, military, tourism, international trade, and research. Since the founding of San Diego, the city's economy has been tied to San Diego Bay, a natural harbor which today is one of California's five major ports. It is an important link in the nation's international shipping trade.
The top employers in the city are:
-United States Navy  
-University of California, San Diego  
-Sharp HealthCare  
-San Diego County  

Education in San Diego

When it comes to education in San Diego you will find a lot of opportunities. The majority of the public schools in the city are served by the San Diego unified School District, which includes 11 K-8 schools, 107 elementary schools, 24 middle schools, 13 atypical and alternative schools, 28 high schools, and 45 charter schools.

All in all the two cities are very different from each other. If you have already decided to change the state and move to San Diego call State to State Movers and our expert moving estimator will be happy to assist you in calculating all your interstate moving costs.

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