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Moving from Santa Ana, California

Moving from Santa Ana, California to Austin, Texas with State to State Movers

You are moving from Santa Ana in California for business or any other reason and you chose the city of Austin in the U.S. state of Texas. You are now looking for the best long distance moving company to help you with the moving process? If so, you are at the right place because State to State Movers are the best choice for you. State to State Movers company offers the widest range of moving services. Our company provides even the packing services to its clients. The majority of people find packing the most difficult and stressful part of moving. You have to decide where to pack everything for a safe transport, what you want and have to bring with you to another state and what you should leave behind. Moreover, if you have no previous experience in packing for the long distance moving you can risk causing damage to your belongings. You should rely on our professional packers to do everything for you! Our employees work fast and with great respect for your personal belongings. State to State Movers will provide you with all the necessary moving materials such as duct tape, mattress bags, TV covers, plastic wraps. You won’t have to leave even the fragile items from your home behind because our crew uses bubble wraps to protect the mirrors, antiques etc. Our company has invested in the quality moving materials and moving supplies because the safety of your belongings is our priority. State to State Movers offer storage services too. You won’t have to worry about your things until you can enter your new house in Austin because we will keep everything safe.
State to State Movers offer reliable vehicle transportation services. Beside the regular family cars our company can move any kind of vehicle to another state safely, such as vans, trucks, minivans, pickups, motorcycles, hybrids, sports cars, exotic cars. Our services include:
- Nationwide auto transport
- Direct connect auto transport
- Direct connect auto transport
- Enclosed auto transport
- Car shipping

Choose the best long distance moving company and you will avoid the stress caused by the moving process. Choose State to State Movers. To find out more about the city you are moving to read the following article.

Austin, Texas

Since you are moving from California to Texas you should adapt easily to the hot weather. Austin is the capital of the U.S. state of Texas. It is the 11th most populous city in the United States.


Austin has a humid subtropical climate. Expect long and hot summers and mild winters. Springs and falls are warm.

Tourist attractions

Some of the places and tourist attractions you should visit when you relocate to Austin are the following:
1. O. Henry House Museum 
2. O. Henry Pun-Off 
3. Austin Reggae Festival 
4. Kite Festival 
5. Art City Austin
6. Carnaval Brasileiro 
7. Pecan Street Festival 
8. Austin City Limits Music Festival 
9. Moonlight Tower in Zilker Park 
If you are ready to relocate to the city of Austin contact State to State Movers today to find out more about our services. Choose wisely, choose State to State Movers! 

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