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All you need to know about safety when moving

Where to find free moving boxes

Are you wondering about how you can increase your safety during relocation? You have come to the right place! We have some amazing tips for you that will definitely help you stay safe during your relocation process. However, apart from making sure that you’re safe, it is also important to make sure that your belongings remain safe too. Our belongings are the most vulnerable during the transportation process. By applying proper packing techniques, you can make sure that everything stays intact! Continue reading to learn more about how you can ensure your safety and the safety of your belongings while moving.


How to make sure that your belongings are safe during transportation

One of the questions that people most commonly ask is how can you make sure that your dishes, glasses, or even expensive art, doesn’t break while it’s traveling to your new home. Well, the answer is quite simple. Damage and breaking occurs most often because of improper packing. The key is to make sure that your belongings are not moving inside of the moving box. This movement is what generally leads to cracks, scratches, and damage. In order to ensure that nothing is moving inside of the moving box, it is important to pack the boxes properly, even if that means investing a bit more time and money into the process. Remember that it will be worth it in the end!

So, what are the best packing methods? For paintings, make sure that the glass is secure by taping it to the edges in an X shape. Place a piece of heavy cardboard on top of the glass for extra protection. Wrap the painting into as many layers of bubble wrap as you want, and place it into the moving box. Proceed to seal the box. For china and glassware, use styrofoam block to make the edges of the moving box a bit softer. Place lots of packing peanuts or bubble wrap inside of the moving box to ensure that nothing is moving around. Before sealing the box, do a shake test.


How to handle moving in bad weather conditions

Moving in bad weather conditions is probably the most dangerous, for several reasons. First of all, if it’s raining outside, it may influence the way you pack your belongings. You will probably need to insulate the boxes containing items that may be affected by water. For example, your metal dishes may rust if any water enters the box. Similarly, mold might form inside of the moving box, which is definitely not something you want. There are many ways in which you can insulate your moving boxes. For example, you can use insulation materials and cover the entire inside of the box with it. A cheaper option would be to use styrofoam blocks inside of the box. Insulation is also great for preventing any insects from entering your boxes.

When it comes to bad weather, there is another important thing to take care of. If you’re going to be transporting all of your furniture between your home and the moving truck, it is important to make sure that your pavement and sidewalk are snow and ice free. Tripping and falling over on ice is definitely not pleasant on its own, so just imagine how bad it could be if you happen to be holding a large piece of furniture as well. Apart from making sure that your sidewalk is ice free, you should also make sure that you’re dressed warm enough. Woollen gloves will definitely help!


Is moving heavy furniture on your own a smart idea?

The answer is definitely no. If you have lots of heavy, bulky pieces of furniture, make sure that you either have the appropriate equipment to handle it, or have a few friends over to help you out. Before you begin carrying the furniture outside, check if the furniture can be dismantled. This will make things much easier.

Regarding tools and equipment, search for dollies, hand trucks, and similar tools. These will make your life so much easier. It will also help prevent any back injuries and straining during the process. And if you can’t find any useful tools, a few friends will work just as good!


Car shipping companies: how can I make sure that my car will remain safe?

The truth is, choosing a car shipping company is never an easy task. After all, they will be responsible for the safety of your car from the moment they take it, until it arrives to your new address. However, there are a few things that can help in this situation. Before hiring anyone to ship your car, do as much online research as possible. Other people’s experiences will certainly be informative and helpful. Check if the shipping company offers any sort of insurance. If it does, make sure that you know the legal terms, and what makes you eligible for a compensation.

Before you give your car away to the shipping company, empty the gas tank, if they require so. Follow their instructions on how to properly prepare your car for shipping in order to ensure maximum safety.


Too much work? Hire a professional moving company!

Does this seem like a lot of work and unnecessary stress to you? We completely agree with you! Relocation is very demanding and time-consuming. Many things need to be taken into consideration, and sometimes we simply forget certain things, which in turn influences the outcome of our moving process. If you’re not willing to invest enough time and dedication into this relocation, we recommend that you hire a professional moving company! State to State Movers do not only offer top notch moving services – we also offer cross country car shipping! Whether you want your home or office moved, or perhaps you need your expensive car shipped to a different state, we can handle it all! Give us a call if you would like to receive more information on our moving services.