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DIY projects for hipsters to make after relocation

How to deal with your best friend moving away

Relocation will often leave us with tons of packaging materials, boxes and other things lying around our home. You can choose to throw those away, recycle them or perhaps use them in a DIY project creatively. There are many things you can make yourself after your relocation with scraps you have left behind. This is already a great way to be more cost-efficient. By reusing these handy materials, you can make something creative for your new home. Follow our simple guide in order to achieve the best results! Of course, you can always get even more creative and come up with something new which is not included on our list. Enjoy!


Item No. 1: Make your own coffee table

If you love coffee and you consider yourself a hipster, a DIY coffee table is the perfect project to begin with. The things you’ll need will be an old crate, or something you used to transport your stuff during relocation, a piece of glass equal to the dimensions of the top side of the crate and any other decorations you might like, including strings, ropes, paint, etc. The first thing that you will want to do is measure out your old crate. Then, you need to get a piece of glass which will fit on top of the crate. You can decorate the crate with anything that you like and dye it any color that will suit the room in which it will be. If you don’t want to use paint, you can use any wood stain you’d like. Distress the edges of the coffee table in order to give it a rustic feel. The shallow part of the crate can be used to display any items you’d like, such as books, coffee mugs, etc.

Item No. 2: Make your own book shelves

Are you a bookworm? Then, this next DIY project is perfect for you! Just like the previous item, a bookshelf can be easily made from scratch. And you don’t need many things – just some wooden planks of your choice (good options are pine, plywood, cherry, koa, red oak, mahogany and paduak), a drill and some screws. You can also use any decorative materials that you’d like or you can paint the shelves before you nail them to the wall. Start by measuring out the dimension of the shelves and cutting them down in size if it’s necessary. After you’ve decided when they will be placed, make sure that you have enough space on the wall to fit them all. Proceed to decorate the shelves before you start drilling the wall. After you’ve finished decorating, you can finally place the shelves on the wall and then add your favorite books, or anything else you would like to display on them. How simple!

Item No. 3: Making your own home decorations

Are you feeling creative? The best way to let your creativity flow is to redirect it towards something useful, such as decor for your home. This will make the house feel more like a home. Here are some creative ideas for decorating your home with things you definitely have lying around after your relocation:

  • Simple rag rug which can be customized to meet the decor of any room
  • Decoupage lace containers which will add a delicate, vintage-looking touch to your home
  • Bottle cap tray which will help you make use of all of those bottle caps you have been collecting
  • Geometric painted rug: a little bit of painter’s tape goes a long way!
  • Love message board: easy to write and wipe off at any time!
  • Moroccan lanterns made from old jars you have been storing in your pantry for years
  • Paper covered votives
  • Bamboo orb pendant lights which will add a rustic and farmhouse feel to your home
  • No-sew grommet drapes: no needle or threat required!
  • Ribbon chandelier: all you need is some wire and ribbons!
  • Sunburst mirror using wood glue, shims and a mirror
  • Pom pom throw
  • Paper mache animal heads: if you like the lodge style look of mounted animal heads, this DIY project is perfect for you
  • Octagon mirror
  • Birch candle using paper, modge podge, twine and LED pillars
  • Stenciled drop cloth valances
  • Elephant booklends
  • Junk wind chimes
  • Decorative folding screens
  • Charger mirror


Are you ready to make your new house or apartment feel like a home to you and your family? We sincerely hope that these DIY projects and ideas have inspired you to be more creative with the materials you’ll have once your relocation process is done. You can search for helpful tips and more ideas on the Internet. Happy decorating!