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Moving to and from Downey, California

Moving from Downey, California to Miami, Florida with State to State Movers

Are you thinking about moving from Downey, California? If you’re uncertain about your new location, we have some great recommendations for you! State to State Movers is a reputable, professional Downey moving company which offers top-notch moving services to and from any location in the United States. Ever since we started our business, one of our top destinations that our customers chose to move to was Miami, Florida. Miami is not only a beautiful city, but it also offers a plethora of different job opportunities, it has a good education system, and a highly advanced transportation system! All of these things combined make Miami, Florida a dream city for everyone! If you’ve decided that you would like to move to Miami, Florida, here are the moving services that State to State Movers as your Downey moving company can offer you:
-Corporate and residential moving plans
-Transportation of all of your furniture and other belongings
-A packing crew, which consists of experts in disassembling, assembling, packing and unpacking services
-Moving supplies: moving boxes of all sizes, packing materials, sealing tape, etc.
-Car shipping services for both regular vehicles and exotic vehicles (including enclosed car shipping)
-Moving strategists to help create a perfect relocation plan for you
-Moving estimates, which are completely free!
As you can see, even if you need to transport a highly valuable car which requires full protection, we as your Downey moving company have got you covered. For those of you who want to save some money, there’s open car shipping. Plus, we provide both door to door and terminal to terminal auto transport services.
Are you interested in our moving estimates? You can calculate your free moving estimate on our website, at any time. We currently offer three different types of estimates: a full estimate, which is perfect for calculating the closest price to the one you will get at the end, a quick estimate, which only takes a couple of minutes, and an auto estimate, which is intended for car shipping prices only. For more details and any additional help, please do not hesitate to contact our representative team, which will be at your disposal at any time. All you need to do is simply give us a ring! Before you start preparing and packing, would you be interested in learning more about the beautiful city of Miami, Florida? We’ve got your covered! Our team has searched for useful information and compiled this short guide about the city. Continue reading!

About Miami, Florida

Miami is definitely one of the most beautiful cities within the United States, and one of its main attractions is the famous Miami Beach. Apart from that, Miami is also known for having the 3rd tallest skyline in the United States - it has more than 300 high-rise buildings! Miami serves as the seat of the Miami-Dade county. Did you know that the urban area of the city has nearly 5.5 million residents? That makes Miami one of the most populous metropolises in the United States. Miami is also a very popular tourist destination - take a look at some must-see locations in the city:
Freedom Tower
Villa Vizcaya
Miami Tower
Virginia Key Beach
Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts
American Airlines Arena
Port of Miami
For more interesting and useful information about Miami, click here.
Are you excited for your long distance move to finally set off? We are too! Contact us right away to get the best relocation date we currently have available. Don’t forget to calculate your free moving estimate on our website. We can’t wait to join you during your journey to Miami, Florida! You have one of the best cross country movers in the US at your disposal, so there’s nothing to worry about - we are here to make your long distance move a pleasant experience.

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