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How to safely handle bulky furniture and household appliances

Do you have a lot of large, heavy furniture that you intend to transport to your new home? If yes, you may be wondering what are some good ways to ensure that you’re safe and that your belongings are safe. Safety during relocation is very important – moving around large furniture and household appliances is a serious task that needs to be executed with caution. We will cover some of the most basic steps to take in order to ensure a safe, injury-free relocation, as well as some essential tips for dealing with household appliances! Continue reading if you would like to learn more.


1: Lifting heavy, large furniture

If you’re going to move your furniture to your new home, there are two approaches that you can take. First of all, you need to decide whether you will try to do everything yourself, or have a friend lend you a hand. If you have a lot of heavy, bulky furniture, such as closets and beds, it may be a good idea to have 2-3 friends over, so that you can handle the furniture together and make the process much easier for yourself. Even if you’re having a couple of friends over to help you out, you should still make use of moving tools and equipment, for the sake of your own safety. Let’s start with hand trucks.


2: Using hand trucks for moving lighter, smaller pieces of furniture

Hand trucks are great for a variety of furniture items. They’re quite handy, especially for smaller and lighter objects, such as cabinets, drawers, and so on. Hand trucks make it really easy for you to move the furniture around with little to no effort. That’s because all of the weight of the object you’re moving falls onto the ledge of the hand truck, which is its base.


3: Using dollies for moving heavier, bulkier furniture

On the other hand, dollies are a great option for beds, closets, and other large pieces of furniture. They support the entire weight of the object you’re moving, thus making it very easy for you to move the dolly around. Dollies are great for household appliances, such as stoves and washing machines. We’ll cover the topic of household appliances, and how to properly dismantle them, next.


4: Handling household appliances

If you’re going to be moving your furniture, you’ll probably have to handle your household appliances as well. Handling your household appliances might be a bit more complicated than furniture. This is because the appliances always require more attention than furniture – after all, if not handled properly, they could potentially get damaged, or even worse, they may cause you harm. That’s why it is very important that you read the manual for the appliance you’re handling before you take any further action. Make sure that the device is properly switched off, and that there are no cables or wires plugged into the socket.


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