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Making sure your belongings are safely packed

How to deal with your best friend moving away

Making sure your belongings are safely packedPacking all of your belongings can be quite challenging and time-consuming, especially if you own a lot of items that require special attention during transportation. Examples include china, expensive glassware, paintings, or anything else that is fragile and delicate. Water and insects pose another threat to our invaluable possessions during transportation, especially if you’re going to be moving in poor weather conditions. If you would like to learn how to properly pack your expensive belongings, as well as how you can insulate your moving boxes from water and insects, continue reading!


1: Preventing water or insects from entering your moving boxes

If you happen to have lots of items that may be sensitive to water damage, you may want to consider investing in some good insulation materials for your moving boxes. After all, water can cause rust, corrosion and mold, all of which are very annoying to deal with once they’re present. It’s much easier to prevent it from happening altogether! If you’re moving on a budget and you don’t want to spend a fortune on your relocation, some styrofoam blocks will definitely help prevent any water or insects from entering your moving boxes. However, if you own items that should not be exposed to water under any circumstances, you may want to invest in some insulation material, such as insulation box lining, mineral wool, or anything else that you may find. Whatever your preferred material may be, make sure that you line the box entirely before placing anything inside of it. Any sort of insulation that you use will serve as a good barrier for insects as well.


2: Pack your paintings the proper way

Packing your expensive art, such as paintings, is not as simple as you may have thought. There is a special method that should be applied in order to ensure that nothing breaks during transportation. If you have glass covering the painting, you need to make sure that it doesn’t come off and break, as the glass shards may damage the canvas. Use some masking tape in order to ensure that the glass won’t come off. You can make an X shape, connecting the opposite corners of the paintings. Then, place some thick cardboard over the glass, and wrap the whole thing in some plastic or bubble wrap. Now you’re ready to place the painting in the moving box you’ve chosen.


3: Expensive china or glassware – how to make sure it doesn’t break

One of the most delicate and fragile things to look out for during packing are all of your glasses, plates, china, etc. Since they’re made out of glass or ceramic, they’re extremely prone to damage and breaking. In order to ensure maximum protection, always use extra layers of cardboard in between your plates. You can do the same thing for glasses and pots, but instead of cardboard, you can use bubble wrap. Use as much packaging material (foam peanuts, styrofoam balls, old newspaper) to ensure that nothing moves inside of the box before sealing it!


4: Hire professional packers

If this seems like to much work for you, you can always leave it to professionals to take care of it! State to State Movers packing crew is equipped with all of the modern equipment, supplies and materials to ensure the safety of your precious belongings. Give us a call for more details on our services!