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Military move tips

Military Move After Retirement

Our blog is dedicated to quick and practical moving tips which will save you time, money and a lot of effort. Here are some simple moving solutions you don’t need to pay for:


1.Worried about moving cups? Get two paper bags, inset a cup or a glass inside and wrap it around tightly. There will be no ink-bleed like with newspapers, and each cup will have its own protection blanket!

2.Put those fitted sheets to good use. During moving, fitted sheets can be your best friend when protecting sensitive surfaces. They can act like large carriers for light items or for ensuring your clothes doesn’t get scattered everywhere. Put one on each side of the mattress for full protection and debris-free sleep.

3.Don’t forget to drain the tanks of fuel before you move. We all have a fridge, some of us a freezer and a lawn-mower, and moving them takes special caution because they might leak in transport. Drain them, let them dry for some time and then load them up in a moving truck.

4.Color the labels and never worry about misplacing boxes and losing track of what goes where. We all know to leave one box for emergency supplies, and to have a way of telling it apart, but why not take it one step further? With different colored duct-tape you can find at any Dollar Store, mark all the boxes and each color has a unique room!

5.Use towels and blankets as a safety cushion for your fragile items. When it comes to moving, you can never be too safe. If you are worried about some items breaking, for example, photo frames, you can wrap them in towels and place in boxes without feeling anxious about them damaging in the process.

6.Don’t leave out any free space. This applies to boxes and the moving truck. If you fail to pack them tightly, it means that things can move and possibly collide with one another. You need a good strategy when loading the truck, so no space is left for boxes to move, and the same principle applies for their insides as well!