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How To Move To A New State With No Money

How To Move To A New State With No Money

How To Move To A New State With No Money

There is no denying that moving to a different state or moving anywhere, in general, is a task difficult to accomplish even with enough time and resources. But, what happens if you really need to move somewhere but the resources just aren’t there? How realistic would it be even to consider relocating if you lack serious funds? We are answering all this, and more, in the following blog:


You may not realize it, but when it comes to the somewhat complicated process of moving house, good timing always proves to be a fundamental factor that can increase the relocation success rate significantly. The timing of the move can affect its price, and if you are not in a major hurry to move instantly, try asking for some estimates for the next several weeks. It could save you a bunch of cash if you are just a tad more patient.


Of course, some moves cannot wait, and if you are facing one such move, it won’t hurt to look for a job on the go. Use every spare second to look for a gig in the new state, something that you can rely on when you arrive there. Bear in mind though, that, unless you get really lucky, job hunting is a rather slow process, and it may take months before you are even contacted and invited for an interview. Don’t get easily discouraged.


Ask friends and family to help you move to save on the cost of professional movers. If you have kids or pets, ask a friend or family member to watch them the day of your move so that you don’t have to pay for child care or a pet sitter. Thanking your family with food and drinks can help make the day fun, and still, cost you a minimal amount.

Here’s a secret:

In reality, the trick to having a fairly successful move with no money and possibly no job is to reduce the items you’re taking with you to their absolute minimum. This might mean leaving behind some things, and it can also mean trying to sell as many of the items as you can. If you can sell off some old pieces of furniture for a relatively good price, you can bear the cost of the move for essential items. Later you can replace those when the funds start growing.

Improvise with moving material

Use boxes you can borrow from the grocery store nearby, ask a friend for their moving supplies or just contact a moving company that offers these supplies for free. You can check out the packing hacks and detailed descriptions on how to save on the moving material in some of our other blogs. Good luck and happy moving!