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Moving from Arlington, Washington to Jacksonville, Florida with State to State Movers

Are you planning to move from Arlington, Washington? If you are and haven't already chosen a destination, let us suggest Jacksonville, Florida which just might be the city for you. But before you start packing for your move, you should know that an interstate move like this is usually a time consuming and stressful process. To make it easier what you need is a reliable and professional Arlington moving company. We at State to State Movers are just the Arlington moving company to help you to move to and from anywhere in the country. We offer an extensive range of affordable moving services, such as:
We are the Arlington moving company that will help you to move your vehicle to your new home with the help of our auto transport services such as our door to door auto shipping, terminal to terminal auto shipping, open auto carriers and closed auto carriers. If you want to see a full list of our moving services or just have any questions, get in touch with our representatives at State to State Movers who will be happy to help you in any way that they can.
In the article below we have provided you with a little bit about Jacksonville, Florida to help you get to know your soon to be home better.

Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville is the largest city in the state of Florida and the county seat of Duval County. Located in northeast Florida, it is a major seaport and the most populous city in the southeastern United States with a population of eight hundred and twenty-two thousand and a population density of 1 178 people per square mile. It is North Florida's cultural, commercial and financial center as well as A major military and civilian deep-water port. Jacksonville has a subtropical climate with hot and humid summers and mild and sunny winters. The average temperatures range from an average high of 79.3 °F in summer to an average low of 7°F in winter.
Jacksonville has an unemployment rate of 5.4 percent, which is lower than the national average. Jacksonville's real estate is good value compared to the rest of the nation. Average list pricing is $151,000 compared to the national average of $221, 000. Home values are rising, making this a good time to invest in real estate. Rental prices are also below the national average, with an average rental price of $980 here compared to the nationwide price of $1500. Whether you are buying or renting, Jacksonville is a good choice for you. Jacksonville has a strong job market compared to the rest of the country. Some of the largest employers include Bank of America Mayo Clinic, Florida Blue, Merrill Lynch, Citibank, and CSX.
Jacksonville has a sizable deepwater port, which helps make it the leading transportation and distribution hub in the state. However, the strength of the city's economy is in its broad diversification and is balanced among distribution, manufacturing, financial services, consumer goods, information services, biomedical technology, insurance and other industries. Jacksonville has plenty of things to keep you entertained, from museums and parks to bars and nightclubs there is always something to do. Some of these great places to visit are:
If you have decided to make Jacksonville your new home don't hesitate to call our State to State Movers representatives and schedule your moving day today, we are eagerly awaiting your call.

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