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Moving from Atlanta

Moving from Atlanta, Georgia to Minneapolis, Minnesota with State to State Movers

If you are looking for the experts in the long distance moving route to help you relocate to the city of Minneapolis from the city of Atlanta State to State Movers are the best choice for you. State to State Movers are rated among the best long distance moving companies in the nation. Our company provides all kind of professional moving services. We even offer the packing services to help you undergo this long distance relocation with ease. Most customers fear the packing process even more than the entire long distance moving experience. You have to decide what to bring with you to another city and what to leave behind. We understand how hard it must be to manage everything on your own. For that reason, we suggest the services of a reliable long distance moving company - State to State Movers. Our Atlanta moving company provides you with experienced packers who use only the quality moving material and unique moving supplies. Our moving boxes come in all shapes and sizes. In addition, Atlanta moving company uses all the necessary moving materials such as TV covers, duct tape, plastic wraps, mattress bags etc. with one purpose only - to protect your belongings! The safety of your stuff is our top priority! 
State to State Movers offer storage services as well. We will take care of your stuff until you can move everything to your new home in Minneapolis. Our professional packers will be glad to help you unpack everything. Choose wisely and you will avoid the stress caused by the moving process.
State to State Movers can move not only your house but your business and your vehicle to another state as well. When it comes to our reliable auto transport services you can choose among the following:
- Nationwide auto transport
- Direct connect auto transport
- Direct express auto transport
- Car shipping
- Enclosed auto transport
Besides the family cars, our company can move motorcycles, vans, trucks, minivans, pickups, exotic cars, hybrids, sports cars. We have different auto transport options and you can choose from the following ones: auto carriers, enclosed car carriers, door to door auto transport services. The cross country moving cost varies with the traveling distance and service you request. There is no need to drive long distance when you can apply for an auto transport service that is designed to match your needs. If you have some special requests, make sure you reach our representatives. They will tailor a service to meet your requirements.
Feel free to request additional help if you are confused with moving and packing tips during the long distance moving process. The quality of our services is high and our prices are level-headed! Choose wisely and you will enjoy a smooth relocation with our Atlanta moving company. Choose State to State Movers! To find out more about the city you are moving to take a look at the following article.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis is the city in Hennepin County in the U.S. state of Minnesota. Minneapolis is the largest city in Minnesota and 46th largest city in the United States.


Minneapolis has a hot-summer humid continental climate.


Some of the places of interest and tourist attractions you should visit when you relocate to Minneapolis are the following:
If you are ready to relocate to the city of Minneapolis contact State to State Movers to get your long distance moving process organized! 

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