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Moving from Charlotte, North Carolina to Dallas, Texas with State to State Moversa

Do you feel the need to change something in your life? Do you feel like you have experienced all that Charlotte has to offer and that you could use something new in a new city? Maybe you are moving because of your job or a relationship? The reasons for leaving a place that you have lived in for some time are numerous and are not always easy, but when the time comes it is best to do it well and not have any regrets. That is why it is always advisable to hire the services of a reliable moving company so that you save yourself all the added pressure that comes with a cross country move. Charlotte Moving Company is the company you are looking for, we have helped all our clients relocate to their new home anywhere nationwide and have countless flawless moves under our belts. We are the company to call if you want to get to your new home and not have to worry about your property.
State to State Movers is always looking out for our customers and we are a business that is committed to meeting all our customers moving needs. That is why we always approach each move with the same level of dedication and effort, and treat all moves, no matter the size or distance it has to cover, the same. This is how we ensure that the same quality long distance moving service is provided to each of our clients. Working with us, you will have time to focus on the other parts of the move such as calling other agencies, leaving good impressions at work and with your friends and anything else while we take care of the heavy lifting and get your furniture, moving boxes and all other items organized into our moving trucks. Working with us, you will have a range of services available to you all made to make your move from Charlotte go without a problem. Our services include moving and auto transport, both of which are carried out by trained professionals with vast experience. 
- Residential and corporate relocation
- Professional moving services
- Provision of moving supplies and moving tips
- Free storage facilities
- Auto transport
- Vehicle logistics
- Open auto transport
- Enclosed auto transport
- Delivery
- Door to Door option
- Terminal to terminal option
Do you need auto transport services? Are you lost in the sea of different long distance moving companies and you feel puzzled at the one you should choose? Let us take that burden from your back. Choose State to State Movers and our auto transport services. That’s right. It is not only the reasonable pricing but also the efficiency and effort that we invest in providing you with the top-notch auto transport services. In a variety of auto transport options, we provide you with open auto carriers, enclosed car carriers, door to door auto transport services. It is just a matter of choice. First, consider your budget and your needs for the long distance moving option, and then you can reach our representatives at Charlotte moving company and learn on the moving costs.
If you want any more information about our services do not hesitate to contact Charlotte Moving Company and our customers will gladly provide you with any information you may need.
Once you decide and on what service you need and have planned your move a little more, it is always useful to get as much information about the place that you are moving to, especially if you have never been there before - we at Charlotte moving company know the right path. That is why State to State Movers has decided to provide you with some basic information about Dallas, one of the most popular moving destinations.

About Dallas

Dallas is located in north Texas and is one of the major cities in the state. It ranks as one of the top ten in the United States when it comes to population and is third in the state of Texas, behind Houston and San Antonio. The city has always been economically strong, even its history has it established as an economic giant due to its Oil and cotton industries. Nowadays Dallas is ranked as one of the biggest economic centers and is still going strong. The year round great weather, the rich and diverse cultures the spectacular food and sports scenes, top that off with a growing economy and lower unemployment rates and it is clear why people are flocking to live in Dallas. 

Economy and job opportunity

When it comes to a strong economy, Texas is one of the best places to be. The strong economy that is able to withstand recessions and bounce back really quickly is one of the main attraction of this state. Thanks to this solid economy, Dallas is doing extremely well in employment and is a great place for all those looking to start or continue their career.


Just like other aspects of Dallas, you can be sure that education is doing great as well. In the last couple of years a lot of improvements have been made to an already good educational system and because of this Dallas has some of the best schools in the state.


Dallas is just like any other place in the state of Texas, meaning it can get really hot. Thankfully Dallas is less humid due to its positioning. During the year you can expect it to be warm most of the time, during the winters you can occasionally experience some snow but it is rare. If you are looking for a nice warm climate and a beautiful city then Dallas is for you.
You can always count on State to State Movers to help you with your moving process, no matter where in the US you’re moving to or from. Charlotte Moving Company is among the best moving companies, and we’ll gladly by at your side during the entire moving process, and you shouldn’t hesitate in giving us a call. Our helpful representatives are there to answer your questions, and can provide you with moving tips and moving assistance as well.

You shouldn’t be afraid to contact us, especially if you’re moving cross country and hiring professional movers for the first time. Once we’ve reliably handled your entire moving process, you’ll see why we’re one of the best moving companies in the country.
Is the great city and great economy of Dallas something that you are interested in? If you see yourself living in Dallas then it Is time to make it happen and schedule your move today, contact State to State Movers for a reliable interstate move and get a free price estimate of your long distance moving venture from Charlotte. What are you waiting for? Start your moving process today.

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