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City Park West Moving Company

Moving from City Park West, Colorado to Columbus, Ohio with State to State Movers

Have you decided to move from City Park West, a district of mostly single-family homes, small apartment buildings, and one very large hospital complex in the state of Colorado? Now, you are considering the Columbus, Ohio is the perfect place for you to live in. Your decision is final and you know the best way to do it is to call State to State Movers, a professional City Park West moving company with great experience in cross country relocation, so you can take all the time you need and be prepared for the new home. The basic of every moving process is residential relocation and our team is well trained to maintain the quality of this services. Our long distance movers and packers are here to ensure the safety of your belongings with their careful and professional packing and handling methods:
  • Packing: No matter if you want us to take on your packing or you want to do
  • it yourself, the important thing is that the packing is done right so your belongings make it to your destination in great shape.
  • Moving: The moving teams of State to State Movers are well trained to
  • manage the entire move process and ensure your belongings are handled and transported carefully and efficiently.
  • Delivering: Our service does not end when your packages arrive at the
  • destination. State to State Movers will also assist you with unpacking and placing of your furniture where you wish them to be. Our team of packers and cross country movers will be there with the right tools and expertise to arrange and assemble your items.
As part of our full array of professional moving services, State to State Movers also offers corporate relocation program. This relocation service may vary among companies due to size, need, or destination, but one thing will be the same always, all your office supplies and equipment, such as computers, projectors, or printers, will be safe with us. Our professional movers will handle your belongings skillfully and with care.
Finally, we should mention that, when you hire us as your City Park West moving company, you can count on reliable auto transport services, as well. We provide both open and enclosed car shipping, as well as door to door and terminal to terminal auto transport. Thus, you get to choose the service depending on the type of your car and your budget.
So, now that you know that there is a reliable City Park West moving company waiting for you, you can relax and learn something about Columbus, Ohio.

Columbus, Ohio

Situated in central Ohio in the drainage area of the Ohio River, Columbus is located on the Scioto and Olentangy rivers.The city was first laid out in 1812 and incorporated in 1816. Columbus was not the original capital. Today, the city is the leader in research, education, technology, and insurance. According to Inc.magazine, Columbus is a clean city, with good schools, reasonably priced housing, and a college-town atmosphere that helps attract and retain young people. Columbus is the state's largest city with a population of about 900,000 residents.
Weather in Columbus is changeable, influenced by air masses from central and southwest Canada, and can be defined as humid continental. Winters are cold and dry, and summers are hot and muggy. On average, there are 178 sunny days per year.

Education in Columbus

When it comes to the higher education, in Columbus you will find a lot of opportunities. Columbus is home to the Ohio State University, a major institution of higher learning with nearly 60.000 students.
Private institutions located in Columbus include:

Top Attractions in Columbus

Once you relocate to Columbus, you will find a lot of interesting places to visit and will need a lot of time to explore the city. Some attractions we can recommend are:
You do not have time to waste, call State to State Movers and we will organize your long distance move to Columbus! With us as your City Park West moving company, you can rest assured everything will go according to plan.

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