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Moving from Detroit, Michigan to Houston, Texas with State to State Movers

Are you thinking about leaving Detroit, Michigan and moving to another city? Are you, perhaps, thinking about moving to Houston, Texas? What a wonderful idea! Houston is a well-developed city and it has so much to offer to its residents; we’re sure you’ll enjoy it there. If you want to relocate to another place, there are many things that have to be pre-arranged and you will need the help of professional long distance movers. One such Detroit moving company which has many years in the long distance move is State to State Movers.
As your trusted advisors, we will guide you through the relocation process and provide high-quality services for level-headed amounts. Anytime during the move, you can get in touch with our knowledgeable representatives and require some moving tips. Our skilled packers will do the loading and unloading of your goods, wrapping each one of your delicate items. Your goods will be transferred safely. Should you need some additional space, we will provide storage units. You can use our containers for as long as you need it. Our skilled team members have been helping people move all over the country. With the right equipment and top-quality moving supplies, everything will be done efficiently. As we have mentioned before, you can choose the packing service, and our long distance movers will finish this tiresome process instead of you. We will use different moving supplies and material to make sure every item is safely packed and loaded into our moving truck. Our long distance professionals pay special attention to fragile and valuable items. Organizing a successful cross country move isn’t possible without a proper plan. So, we recommend you to make a moving checklist so you can keep track of everything that is going on during the moving process. Besides that, think of your expectation and wished and contact us. We want to have a happy customer because that means that did the job well. After you tell us your demands, we will do everything to include them in our plan.
Have you been thinking about hiring auto transport services maybe? If yes, we have great deals for you. Instead of driving that far on your own, you can board your car with some of our long distance auto transport options and relax while we handle the transit. Going that far on your own can be tiring and even exhausting. To save you from that, Detroit moving company offers long distance auto transport without stress and anxiety. You can choose between our open and enclosed auto transport and have your vehicle delivered directly to you with our door to door service or have it delivered to a terminal near you and pick it up yourself with our terminal service.
Since your quest is finished and you have your long distance moving company, read on to learn more about the city that you are about to start calling your home. Detroit moving company has put together some interesting and useful pieces of information that we believe you should know. 

About Houston, Texas

Houston is one of the highly important cities in the U.S. state of Texas and its most populous city at the same time. With around 2.239 million people calling it home, Houston ranks as the fourth-most populous city in the United States. As you can see, the number of residents is significantly higher than that of Detroit, which counts 677,116 residents. Don’t get scared off by these numbers – it might take you some time to live in a more populated city, however, once you do, you’ll realize there’s a reason why Houston attracts so many people. Being the center of the Harris County, Houston is highly developed with respect to various areas, including entertainment, technology, science, education, medicine, fashion, culture etc. Thus, there are plenty opportunities you’ll have the chance to explore once you move there.
Another interesting fact about the city you are about to start living in is that it ranks as the most diverse city in Texas, so there’s one more reason why you can be sure you have made the right choice – you will blend in with the people there before you know it. It has been estimated that more than 90 languages are spoken in Houston. If you want to learn more about the people of Houston, click here.

The Climate of Houston, Texas

In addition to some basic information about the city, its history and development (or something else you find interesting), you should also check what its climate is like, sometimes it can be quite different than that of your current city. When it comes to Houston, its climate is categorized as humid subtropical (unlike Detroit’s humid continental), which means that it experiences hot and humid summers. As for winters, they are normally mild to cool, but not as nearly cold as in Detroit. With the average temperature in January dropping only to 11.7 °C, snowfalls are rather rare in Houston.

Where to live in Houston, Texas

Another highly important thing you should consider before moving to another city is which part of it suits best your needs. In order to make this choice, you need to learn about the city’s best-ranked neighborhoods and what they have to offer. To save you from that quest, State to State Movers has prepared a list of some of the best suburbs in Houston about which you should learn more before you make the final decision. Take a look at the following list and check the links in brackets for more specific information.
- Richmond 
- Sugar Land 
- The Woodlands 
- Manvel

For a longer list and more details, click here.
Are you ready to get your relocation process started? After all, you just need to call our representatives and let State to State Movers take care of everything. This Detroit moving company is here to make your dream come true - do not waste your time. Grab your phone right now and give us a call. Once again, we’ll be more than happy to answer all of your questions.Start planning your long distance move with the best interstate moving company.

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