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Moving from Los Angeles, California to Seattle, Washington with State to State Movers

Are you thinking about leaving Los Angeles and moving to another city? Are you thinking about moving to another state? You want to move from Los Angeles, California to Seattle, Washington? That’s great for you, as Seattle is constantly developing and it has a lot to offer to its residents. However, the city itself is not a problem. What might turn out to be an issue is the relocation process. We are not going to lie to you, this can be a rather complicated and time-consuming process, but, when you find professional long distance moving assistance, everything can go smoothly. That’s why State to State Movers are here for you – we provide you with high-quality moving service so that you don’t have to worry about various problems you would probably come across otherwise.
By hiring a reliable moving crew, you will be spared from all the responsibilities regarding the relocation procedure. Contact us and finish everything with just one call. If you are not sure what moving services you should choose from our list, feel free to ask our professionals. They will need some information from you and based on your needs they will help you make the decision. One more important factor is your budget. You will have to tell our long distance movers your limit. All of our services have very competitive prices, and that is just one of the reason why people hire us. However, there are some more affordable option and some of them that are slightly more expensive. So, if you want a cheaper solution, you will choose terminal to terminal delivery instead of door to door delivery. Also, an open carrier is less expensive than an enclosed carrier. Continue reading, and you will gather some useful information about our moving options.
Our long distance moving company offers you a wide range of services, including residential moving, car shipping services, packing boxes for moving, and many others. You can relax now, you finally found a reliable company which will help you move across country. When you let Los Angeles moving company take care of your relocation process, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings. We’ll prove it to you that this intricate process can actually be completed stress-free with experienced long distance movers. 
Did you perhaps think about long distance auto transport? If yes, we have a perfect solution for you as we at State to State Movers offer some of the best auto transport quotes in the nation. That’s right! You can get what you want for a reasonable price while at the same time handled professionally and efficiently. In the wide array of auto transport options we place an emphasis on open auto carriers, enclosed car carriers, door to door auto transport services. If you have some special requests, we are at your disposal to help you undergo this long distance move without any stress caused.
What you need to do is contact our representatives and we’ll be there, at your disposal, anytime you need us. Don’t waste any time, call Los Angeles moving company and schedule your moving day. Let us help you move from Los Angeles to Seattle.
Before you start packing, read on to find out some useful information about the city you will soon enough call home.

About Seattle, Washington

Located on the west coast of the United States, Seattle is one of country’s important seaport cities. Its development as a shipbuilding center started back in 19th century, while today it is highly developed in respect to various areas, primarily as a technology center. With 686,800 residents, Seattle is the largest city in the state of Washington, but, compared to Los Angeles, which counts 3,971,883 residents and ranks as the second most populous city in the country, Seattle is actually a much more pleasant place to live in, as you don’t have to put up with the hustle and bustle you are exposed to in your current city.

The Weather in Seattle, Washington

When it comes to Seattle’s climate, you should know that it is quite different than that of Los Angeles. Before you start packing your clothes, remember that in Seattle there aren’t as many sunny days as in your city. In case you haven’t heard it so far, Seattle is popularly known as “Rain City”, which means you will have to make peace with the fact that there will be quite a few rainy days throughout the year. However, don’t look at this as a bad thing – everyone needs a change from time to time, and you might as well start to enjoy those rainy days, just like the locals do. Besides, the city normally experiences only light drizzle, so you don’t have to worry about heavy rainfalls. Finally, once you get through wet autumn and winter, you get to enjoy warm and dry summer.

Where to live in Seattle, Washington

Once you have decided to move to Seattle, it’s time you began thinking about the part of the city you want to live in. There are plenty of wonderful neighborhoods in Seattle, but we have put together a short list of top five you might want to consider before you can say you have made your choice. Take a look.
- Madison Park – This is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Seattle, so you should check the prices before you move so as to make sure you can afford living there. Needless to say, prices are high for a reason, as Madison Park has a lot to offer. For more info click here.

- West Seattle – If you are not sure whether or not you can afford living in a glam part of the city, remember that you don’t have to move somewhere where you’ll barely make ends meet – you can choose a neighborhood which offers more reasonable prices, and that’s without a doubt West Seattle. Read more here.

- Queen Anne – Located on the highest hill in Seattle, Queen Anne is a perfect choice for you if you want to live downtown. If you want to find more specific details about it, click here.

- Ballard – Ballard is the part of the city where you’ll feel safe and have the opportunity to visit various cultural events, as it is the traditional center of Seattle. Learn more about it here.

- Capitol Hill – If you’re moving to Seattle with your family, you will without a doubt enjoy living in Capitol Hill. Read more about it here .

If you need more ideas, follow this link.
All ready to move from Los Angeles to Seattle? Call our professional movers and get your long distance move started. State to State Movers are waiting for you.

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