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If your search for a new home, or a temporary retreat somewhere out of Phoenix, we at State to State Movers want to offer some suggestions and take the responsibility for your long distance relocation. You can come to us if you aren’t sure where to go, or what awaits you in a certain city of your choice. You can also come to us if you’re looking for reliable long distance movers, moving supplies, moving trucks, large moving boxes, etc. Phoenix moving company is a dedicated cross country moving company, whose goal is your satisfaction. Here are some other services we can offer you:
-Full residential moving
-Corporate/business relocation
-Providing additional storage
-Offering moving advice
-Professional packing service
-24/7 shipment tracking
-Vehicle transportation
-Moving quotes
-Moving budget assistance
and a lot more! 
Did you hear about our amazing auto transport options? If no, let us give you some general information. Basically, we can ship your car to any place of your choice. There is no need to spend numerous hours driving towards your new residence. Hire our auto transport service and enjoy the entire relocation process. Our long distance movers will provide high quality auto transport service and as you already know, your Phoenix moving company is ready to tailor any service to meet your requirements. We have a wide array of auto transport options, you can choose from the following ones: open auto carriers, enclosed car carriers, door to door auto transport services.
Now, we would like to move on to the broad information about the city we suggest can be your next stop, or a permanent home. We at Phoenix moving company hope our efforts to familiarize you with the city of Santa Ana will yield some positive feedback on your side, so be sure to contact us and let us know if the article was helpful. State to State Movers hope to turn your attention to vital details prior to your long distance move to Santa Ana. Here is our take on the differences between the city in the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, and the fourth-safest city of over 250 thousand residents, Santa Ana, CA.

Santa Ana

Although second largest in the county, the city of Santa Ana has the honor of bearing the title of seat for the Orange County. It is situated in Southern California, with a population total of 342 thousand people. Packed on a relatively small stretch of land, this makes Santa Ana one of the most densely populated places in the US, just behind New York City, Boston and San Francisco. The location of this city is very favorable, as it is in close vicinity to the California coast, some 10 miles away, as well as rivers, motorways, mountains and such. Santa Ana is nested on flat, low-lying plains with little land elevation change. Nearly 31% of the population of Santa Ana is under 18 years old, which makes it officially one the youngest cities in the nation. In addition to this, Santa Ana is also a financial center, with 25 banks and 57 savings and loan associations. The city’s motto states: ’Education First’.
Here are some of its most notable attractions:
-Downtown Santa Ana Historic Districts – this is obviously, as the name states, an old city core within Santa Ana, with numerous historic buildings which date from the late 1870s to the post-earthquake reconstructions of 1934. It’s had its place in the National Register of Historic Places since 1984. The district is characterized by a number of buildings in the Art Deco style as well as two old movie houses. The Dr. Willella Howe-Waffle House and Medical Museum is also in this area and it is now home to the Santa Ana Historical Preservation Society. The County's first theater, Walker's Theater, was built in 1909 on Main & Second streets adjacent to the old City Hall.
-Kidseum - is a science museum in Santa Ana, California, with more than 100 hands-on science exhibits designed to spark children's natural curiosity.
-The Artists’ Village - a thriving area of 40-plus galleries that throw open their doors for the First Saturday Art Walk. As the sun sets, the neighborhood springs to life, with twinkling trees and musicians playing along the Second Street Promenade while you peek inside studios and design workshops.
-Fairhaven Memorial Park - Fairhaven is one of the oldest full service cemeteries in Southern California. Although an unusual attraction, Fairhaven was designed to be enjoyed by the living. Fairhaven`s park-like setting features well over one thousand trees from around the world and Fairhaven is a member of the coveted American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta.
-Discovery Science Center
-Bowers Museum of Cultural Art

Weather and the Surrounding Area

Researching the surrounding area of the city, you can discover a very peculiar occurrence. Namely, the city isn’t the only geographical entity that carries the name after Saint Anne. There are toponyms in the area such as the Santa Ana Mountains, Santa Ana River, there once was a Santa Ana Valley, but nowadays there is the Santa Ana Interstate (I-5), even the Santa Ana Winds! The city has a hot, semi-arid climate, with hot and dry summers you won’t miss from back home. Contrary to Arizona’s desert-like climate, Santa Ana has winters, although consisting almost entirely of rainy days, and snow being the once in a blue-moon type of occurrence.
Season          Min Temp.      Max Temp.
Winter               55:3°F                75:0°F

Spring               59:0°F                73:0°F

Summer           68:0°F                 81:6°F

Fall                    54:0°F                73:3°F
You will surely be looking for a professional and reliable moving company to help you out with your relocation, no matter where you end up moving to. An experienced moving company like State to State Movers can take care of the whole moving process for you. Our aim is to make the whole ordeal go as smoothly as possible, with as little hassle for you, the customer. We can provide you with a variety of moving services, whether you’re moving a house or moving offices. Like we’ve mentioned before, we also offer some of the most reliable car transport services, if you need your vehicle transported too. Besides those moving services, we can help you with moving supplies, and our staff can also provide you with moving tips and moving assistance if needed. Once we’ve properly handled your entire moving process, you’ll see why we’re among the best moving companies in the business.
We hope that this article here provides you with enough initial information, and if you happen to seek more about certain topics, don’t shy away from giving us a call. Contact us immediately to set up your moving day, the specific requirements, or to help you organize your time in the most efficient way possible. Our crew of long distance movers would want nothing else than to feel useful and show you how to make the best out of your moving experience. If you’ve enjoyed our services, and want to tell someone, be sure to leave a feedback down below, so our future customers will know what to expect. Any contribution is welcome. State to State Movers crew waits for your call.

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