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Moving from Rosedale, Colorado to Salt Lake City, Utah with State to State Movers

Have you decided to relocate from Rosedale to the capital of Utah? It is a significant change, and an interesting idea since Salt Lake City is a great city for professionals, families and outdoor enthusiasts. In this case, you will need a professional Rosedale moving company to help you relocate your household or your company belongings to another location.
Among many long distance moving companies in this industry, State to State Movers should be your choice. You don’t want some amateurs to mess up with your property since you don’t want anything to be broken, damaged or lost. That’s why we can recommend you to hire our skillful, experienced long distance movers to do the entire job without any problems, fast and smoothly.
State to State Movers make all long distance moves, whether they are residential or commercial ones. Our packers are reliable cross country movers, who come to your place as scheduled and do all the wrapping and packing with our supplying equipment, taking care everything is well protected. After the loading, our drivers will transport all your goods to your new address, and our crew will unload and unpack the boxes, reassemble all your big furniture and put it in their place.
Call State to State Movers now to schedule your moving date. Our agent will give you all the moving tips and details you need to know about the entire moving process. We can also provide you with free moving estimates. Our services include storage units and car shipping.
When it comes to car shipping, remember that our professional Rosedale moving company can safely deliver your vehicle to any US city. Whether you want your car transported on an open or enclosed carrier, we’ve got you covered. You can ask our team to ship your four-wheeled companion straight to your new address or to a local storage facility - whatever you find more convenient.
Just choose the moving services you need, and we will help you make a good budget plan.
Since you are considering moving to Salt Lake City, we have collected some useful info about this area.

About Salt Lake City, Utah

It will be easy to adjust to your new city, due to its healthy job market, many great schools, and easy access to entertainment and communities and great transportation system.

The climate is pleasant during fall and spring. However, summer usually become quite hot, while winters become extremely cold with regular snowfall from about December through February. For the weather forecast in Salt Lake City, click here.   
The population is around 191,000. It is a family friendly community with well kept and clean neighborhoods. There are about 50% LDS residents and 50% non-LDS residents, which means that Mormon culture is influential in the area. The most popular tourist spot is the Salt Lake Temple, created by members of the LDS (Mormon) faith in the 1800s. Downtown Salt Lake is rich with historical significance. The city is likely the most diverse in Utah. However, the diversity is well below the likes of other major urban areas in the United States. Though you can find diverse areas if you look for them, usually in the western part of the city. The outdoor recreation is readily available from Salt Lake via the freeways or the airport which can take you down to St George in a short time to get to one of Utah's parks.


The economy in Salt Lake City is based on transit hubs, call centers, and seasonal tourism. It is primarily service oriented. The largest employers are Intermountain Healthcare Medical Center, Salt Lake County, University Hospital, University of Utah, Discover Products, Inc., L3 Communications Corporation, Primary Children's Medical Center and ARUP Laboratories. In case you are searching for a job there, open the link


Salt Lake City is very much an academic community, with University of Utah nearby. Seminars, courses, and lectures take place weekly. The University of Utah in Salt Lake City offers over 100 undergraduate and more than 90 graduate degree programs. To see more info click here
As you know, Salt Lake City is a perfect place to start a new life. You can be a part of this amazing community soon. Contact State to State Movers today to see how we can help you settle in there. With us as your Rosedale moving company, you don’t have to worry about any aspect of your long distance move. 

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