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Moving to a new state as a single parent

Moving to a new state as a single parent

Moving to another state is quite an ordeal. When you add being a single parent to the equation, the task only becomes all the more daunting. Depending on the age of your children, relocation can be quite stressful for them. This means that, on top of everything you should do, you also need to worry about their wellbeing. In order to help all of you single moms and dads out there, we at State to State put together some tips that can make relocation easier both for you and your little ones.

Plan Well In Advance

        Planning is important for any moving process, and especially when there are kids depending on you. Start preparing well in advance – sort out the things that you won’t be taking with you. By de-cluttering your home, you will not only make the subsequent packing process easier, but you will ease your kids into the idea of moving.

Talk to Them

        Communication is key to helping your children get through the shock of moving. Start talking to them about the idea of living somewhere else. Present to them all the good things that will come out of this. Tell them about all the great activities they will get to do. But even more importantly than talking to them, listen to them. Let them tell you what they think about it and don’t dismiss their feelings. Show them that you are understanding and welcoming to their ideas.

Let Them Partake

        Depending on the age of your kids, they might be able to help you with the preparations. Better yet, they are likely to enjoy it. Begin by assigning them with simpler tasks, such as notifying your neighbors and friends. They could also enjoy packing their own belongings such as toys, books, or school supplies.

Hire Help for the Moving Day

        Aside from moving helpers, you should also consider hiring a babysitter for the moving day if your kids are young. Alternatively, if you feel like they would behave themselves and not bother the movers, they might enjoy observing the process. In either case, if possible, let your kids see their new home at least once before the relocation.

Help Them Make Friends

        Once you move, your kids will find themselves in an unfamiliar environment full of unknown people. Propose that they make a welcome party at your new home and invite all of their new classmates. It might be an evening’s nuisance to you, but it will mean the world to them.

There are so many more ways in which you can help your kids overcome this big event. But the key to all of those is being open and honest with your children. If you need more tips on how to relocate as a single parent, don’t hesitate to contact State to State Movers.