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Moving to a New State Tips

Moving to a New State Tips

There can never be enough information you can gather on your new place of residence. When you decide to move, or change location, try your best to get to know the details about the community, the customs, traditions and what sets it apart from the rest of the US. In this blog, we would like to help you find out more about the hassle of moving to a different state, and teach you how to prepare.

In case this is your first time going there, don’t panic. Of course it would be better if you’ve been to visit once or twice, or for a quick check-out visit before the move, but if that’s impossible, don’t worry. Just do some research before the trip. Here is why: Before you move, inquire as much as possible about your new city. From restaurant suggestions and local businesses to recreational activities and social clubs, you’ll find a wealth of information about your new home on the internet. I also suggest visiting the area and exploring the city for yourself. Speak to locals, ask questions, look at maps, and drive around neighborhoods to get a real feel for the area.

After you’ve hired a reputable moving company, who will do all the heavy lifting, don’t forget to remind those responsible for maintaining your new residence of your upcoming arrival. This way they will have enough time to set  all utilities up and running within the first week of moving in. You’ll also need to call your current utility companies to make sure your cable, electricity and gas are turned off the day after you move out.

Don’t forget to pack important documents before the move in a separate and clearly labeled box or folder. These documents should include Social Security cards, birth certificates, tax forms, health records, school records, etc. Make sure all records are in a safe and secure place at all times. And once you’ve done that, remember to change the documents like driver’s license ID by updating it with your new address.