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Moving to Hoboken

   Moving to Hoboken, New Jersey with State to State Movers

Perhaps you're planning to move to Hoboken, New Jersey, but the tasks involved in moving to a new state may take months. Although the process is long and involved, it doesn't have to be a nightmare. If you contact State to State Movers, the journey will be more of an adventure and less of an uprooting. With everything you have to think about during your upcoming relocation, you shouldn't have to worry about the actual move itself. You'll be glad to know that we take into consideration all your demands and requests and work around them to make the process of relocation fit your schedule and requirements perfectly. State to State Movers will map out a trajectory and will make a detailed check-off list which will ease the difficulties associated with a long-distance move away from your familiar home state. 
Packing in and of itself can be an arduous task, but if you hire our company we will provide full-service packing and moving, and moving supplies. State to State Movers will provide boxes and packing materials for simple reimbursement and all your household belongings and surfaces will be protected, wrapped, padded and covered. Also, we will offer you storage anytime during the moving experience, so you can take all the time you need and be prepared for the unexpected. You have the option to store at your location or in one of our secure storage centers, in your current city or in Hoboken. And it’s not all, State to State Movers can offer you corporate relocation services and auto transport services. We will move your vehicle to Hoboken safely. You can choose among the following services to see which one suits you best:
- Nationwide auto transport
- Enclosed auto transport
- Open auto carriers,
- Door-to-door auto transport services


Hoboken, New Jersey

Hoboken is known as a vibrant urban destination, embracing its rich history and offering considerable cultural, recreational and commercial development. It is a city in Hudson County, New Jersey.Hoboken is often referred to as Manhattan's six boroughs since it lies on the Hudson River directly across from Manhattan. Hoboken's unofficial nickname is the "Mile Square City" but it actually covers about 1.25 square miles of land so you won’t need a car to get around in Hoboken once you arrive. According to the most recent demographics data, the city s has 52,452 population which is the 4th in population out of 10 total in the area. The racial makeup of the city is 80.82% White, 4.26% African-American, 0.16% Native American, 4.31% Asian, 7.63% from other races, and 2.78% from two or more races. Furthermore, 20.18% of the total residents also consider themselves to be Hispanic or Latino. 


The unemployment rate in Hoboken is 2.60%, with job growth of 2.03%. Future job growth over the next ten years is predicted to be 41.46% and these facts are among the strongest in New Jersey.
Hoboken is home to one of the headquarters of publisher John Wiley & Sons, which moved from Manhattan in 2002.
Hoboken enjoys a diverse economy that includes well-represented sectors such as education, finance, healthcare and private companies. Here are top employers:
- John Wiley & Sons  
- Marsh USA  
- Hoboken University Medical Center  
- Stevens Institute of Technology  
- Academy Bus Tours  
- Guy Carpenter and Co.  
- Mindlance  

Education in Hoboken, New Jersey

In Hoboken, more than 27.2% of residents hold high school diplomas, with 77.5% having graduated from college and 27.2% completing a postgraduate degree program.
Hoboken's public schools are operated by Hoboken Public Schools, and serve about 2,575 students at five schools. Schools in the district are:
- Salvatore R. Calabro Elementary School  
- Thomas G. Connors Elementary School  
- Wallace Elementary School  
- Hoboken Middle School   

What to do in Hoboken

Grab some friends and follow the Hudson River along River Street. Along the way, you will find enticing parks and outdoor diversions. The four parks were originally laid out within city street grid in the 19th century were Church Square park, Columbus Park, Elysian Park and Stevens Park. Four other parks that were developed later but fit into the street pattern are Gateway Park, Jackson Street Park, Legion Park and Madison Park.
Visit Hoboken Historical Museum  or visit the birthplace of Frank Sinatra. A brick arch and bronze star on the sidewalk at 415 Monroe Street marks the location of Ol’ Blue Eyes birthplace, although the original building no longer stands.
Catch a new movie release at Clearview Cinema’s  new state-of-the-art theater.
Experience Hoboken’s art scene with open studio days and live music, theater and film screenings at the Monroe Center for the Arts .
Take a kayak for free in the Hudson River and explore Hoboken from the water.
Enjoy the international cuisine including Mexican, Cuban, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Irish, Greek, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Thai, Malaysian, and much more.
Who knew you could fit so much fun into a square mile? Call us at State to State Movers and start packing immediately. Our staff will help you with as little stress as possible. Whether you need help with packing or car shipping, our professional employees will meet all your needs and requirements.

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