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Moving with disabled children

Moving with childrenEveryone knows that relocation is not an easy procedure – there is so much to be planned and organized in advance. However, when you’re moving with a disabled child, things can get that much more difficult. After all, disabled children require a lot of attention and care, which is why moving with them may seem particularly challengings. However, there are things that you can do in order to make this transition as smooth as possible for them. Follow our guide to learn how!


  • Notify them in advance

    It is important to give your child plenty of time to prepare for this major change that’s about to happen to them. Disabled children may find it a bit more difficult to cope with the prospect of moving home.


  • Pick a suitable home

    If your child happens to have mobility issues, it’s important to find a house that will cater to their needs – preferably, a house that only has one floor. Similarly, you may want to search for a house in a quiet suburbs if your child is easily triggered by loud noises. For children with autism, who are known for their tendency to wander around, pick a house that will be a safe place for them to wander around.


  • Communicate with them

    One way to make things more pleasant for your child is to communicate with them and reassure them that this relocation won’t affect the relationship that you have with them. Let them know that things will still be the same – it’s just their surroundings that will change!


  • Find a suitable school

    You can do online research, or ask for a referral at the school your child currently goes to. It’s important to pick a suitable school, which means that the school should offer IEP (Individualized Education Program), if that’s necessary for your child. Make sure that the school has proper accessibility – for example, a wheelchair ramp, if your child is in a wheelchair.


  • Pick a good doctor

    You may want to ask for a referral at your current doctor’s office. If they can’t refer you to anyone, you need to do online research and see as many professional as you can before making your decision. You want your child to feel safe and relaxed when they’re with their doctor.


  • Let them adjust slowly

    Be prepared to allow your child to adjust slowly to their new life and surroundings. Make sure that you’re there for them in case they’re having any issues and explain to them that everything will be OK. Having a positive attitude yourself will definitely make your child more relaxed and accepting of the fact that you’ve moved home.

One last tip that we have for you would be to consider hiring a professional moving company for your relocation. When moving with a disabled child, you could really use some professional moving assistance. That’s what we’re here for – State to State Movers offer some of the best cross country moving services on the market. Our services are also quite affordable, which is great news for your family’s budget. In order to schedule your relocation with us, simply give us a call! We’ll be waiting.