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Reasons Why You Should Move to the Countryside


Are you getting tired of the hustle and bustle of a big city? Do you miss being in touch with nature? Perhaps you are considering moving to a rural area. But if you’ve spent all your life in a city, such a decision might not come easily. After all, you are stepping into an unknown territory. Perhaps you will find the countryside too dull. Or maybe you will get bored. You might start missing the vivid lifestyle of the city.

        If you are considering moving to the countryside, but you’re still not completely sure, we might be able to help you. State to State Movers have put together a list of some of the biggest (and best) reasons why people find moving to the countryside is the right decision – and some of the downsides to consider.

Peace and Quiet

        This is definitely the most obvious distinction between a city and a village. Once you move, you will be waking up to the pleasant chirping of birds, instead of car sirens.

Downside: Some people find rural areas even a little too quiet. Especially if you have lived in the city all your life, the quietness of a village can sometimes be deafening.

Clean Environment

        Another great thing about the countryside is that it is way less polluted. The air is purer, and so are the roads. In fact, the difference is so big that at night, seeing the stars in the sky is way easier in a rural area.

Downside: Cleaner environment also means that animals, including insects or pests, prosper. So if you are one of those people who start screaming as soon as they spot a spider on the wall, you might want to reconsider leaving the city.

Slower Pace of Life

        One of the major things that attracts people to rural America is simply the fact that time seems to flow more slowly. Forget all about rush hours, running late for work, not having time to sit down for coffee… In the countryside, you will have the opportunity to enjoy every single moment of your day.

Downside: While a more peaceful life does seem attractive at first, many people don’t realize that that is the way things are 24/7. Very rarely does something truly different and exciting happen. Many people who move to the countryside, and especially younger generations, get bored of it quickly.

Healthy Food

        To some, this might not seem like an upside. After all, we all do enjoy a greasy hamburger at least once in awhile. But the truth is, once you move to the countryside and find that all the fresh ingredients you can think of are right at your doorstep, you will forget all about fast food. After some time, even your body will adjust to the healthier nutrition, and you will stop craving junk.

Downside: If you do end up craving a Big Mac, more likely than not, you won’t be able to get it. The first fast-food restaurant will be dozens of miles away, and you will have to do with what you have.

Family-Friendly Environment

        Can you think of a better place to raise your children than the countryside? Yeah, neither can we. Once you move, your young ones will be given the opportunity to freely explore the world around them, have adventures, and a lot of fun. Soon enough, they will forget all about computers and video games. In addition, the countryside has much lower crime rates than the city, so you can feel free to let you kids roam around without supervision.

Downside: While you kids will be more active and healthier, their education might suffer. Most rural areas don’t really offer that many schools to choose from, and sometimes, the only school in the area isn’t necessarily a very good one.

More Space

        On the more practical side of things, you will be able to get more living space for the same amount of money. Forget all about cramped apartments, small rooms, and narrow streets. Once you move, you will be given the opportunity to live in a house with a yard, garden, and maybe even a pool, for the same money. You will be able to grow vegetables and fruit right in front of your doorstep.

Health Benefits

        Yes, we know that we already mentioned healthy food. But food is not the only health benefit to country life. Once you move, you will most likely have way more physical activity every day than in the city. And we can guarantee, you will be enjoying it so much that you won’t even notice.

Downside: A larger house also means more cleaning and maintaining. In addition, growing a garden requires a lot of hard work pretty much every day.

Tight-Knit Community

        It is a general rule of thumb that people in rural areas are much closer to each other than in the city. Just think about it, so many New Yorkers don’t know a thing about their next door neighbor. Well we can guarantee you that that is not the case in Gillespie, Texas. You will be automatically integrated into the community once you move, and your neighbors will welcome you with arms wide open.

Downside: Be prepared to have uninvited guests drop by pretty much every day. Your neighbors aren’t necessarily trying to be rude, they are simply used to that etiquette.

Have you reached your decision? Are you ready to leave the big city behind and move to a quieter area? If so, feel free to contact State to State Movers and let us make your dream come true. We will do everything in our power to make your relocation stress-free and pleasant. Feel free to ask our representatives for additional details regarding our services, such as:

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We are looking forward to helping your rural dream come true!