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How to spend less on the packing process - State to State Movers

How to deal with your best friend moving away

Are you worried about how you’re going to financially handle your relocation? Many people who are on a tight budget worry about this too. However, we have some great tips that will certainly help you spend less money on your relocation. One of the most costly aspects of relocation is the packing process. After all, you need to invest a lot of money into the necessary packaging material and supplies. However, you can actually substitute a lot of these supplies with things you already have lying around the house. If you would like to learn some cool hacks to help you save up some money before your relocation, continue reading!

1: Use old shoe boxes and bins instead of moving boxes
If you can’t afford spending a fortune on lots of moving boxes, you can always use boxes which you already have at home. Some good examples are shoe boxes, old bins, and any other containers which may come in handy. Of course, this only applies for smaller items, such as clothes, makeup, jewelry, etc. If you happen to have any of the original boxes for your household appliances, or laptops, this is the perfect time to pull them out of your storage room and use them!

2: Use old gardening gloves for protection
It’s really important to be careful while packing and moving furniture around. If you don’t want to invest into new protective gloves, you can simply use old gloves that you have at home. It’s important that the gloves are thick enough to protect your hands. The best option are either cleaning gloves or gardening gloves made out of rubber, or some thick material.

3: Instead of buying handtrucks and dollies, have some of your friends help you out
Why waste more money on these dollies and handtrucks, when you can always have a few friends assist you while transporting furniture? Just make sure that all of your friends are communicating and have a clear idea of who is doing what. Also, it’s a good idea to tell everything to grab a pair of old protective gloves, just for good measure!

4: Use old towels and linens to protect floors and furniture
If you don’t want to invest into buying protective materials and sheets for your floors, you can simply repurpose some old towels and linens you have at home. These are a great, cheap alternative, and they will definitely work just as well as the store bought ones. Make sure that you properly protect your furniture while moving it around, as well as the floors.

5: Opt for our budget moving plan
If you’re still worried about your finances, you can always choose our budget moving plan. State to State Movers offers budget moving plans for all of their customers who don’t want to invest a fortune into their relocation! For more information, contact our representative team at any time.