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New Mexico’s largest city has more than 310 sunny days a year and savoring each one should be your top priority if you are planning to move there. To be able to enjoy the blue skies and the Sun on your skin as soon as possible, hire Albuquerque movers and ensure the relocation is done within the shortest time possible.

State to State Movers Will Provide You With the Best Moving Services in Albuquerque

If you’re ready for New Mexico living, you should hire professional movers in Albuquerque to provide you with moving services that are transparent, affordable, and, most importantly – efficient. There is absolutely no safer and faster way to move (not to mention without stress) than hiring professionals to help with interstate moving. If you agree with us, let us introduce the best company on the market – State 2 State Movers, as well as our standard moving packet, so that you can know what to expect when hiring us.

We provide all our customers with a truck free of charge we will load and unload. You can also expect our company to pack up all your furniture and basic appliances without a cost and will make sure everything is insured. Additionally, if you require storage space to place in the surplus of your home inventory, we’ll give you one to use for a month without any charges as well.

Contact Us on Time to Obtain a Free Quote and Plan Moving State to State Accordingly

It is true that there are companies that scam people and devastate their savings. However, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with top-notch services whose costs are transparent and affordable. And you can come to see that for yourself too with just one phone call. All you have to do is call us and obtain your quote.

In it, you’ll find our billing process detailed and laid out in a systematic manner. You will also see that we take your home inventory as the main reference for charging. That being said, with us, you won’t have to worry a minute – we won’t surprise you with any hidden or additional fees. What you see is what you get – and it’s nothing short of relocation perfection.

Our Albuquerque Movers Supply Customers With Multiple Packing Options

It would be difficult to consider our moving company one of the best on the market if, other than our all-encompassing relocation service, we didn’t provide our customers with more specific types of assistance as well. In this way, we ensure that anyone can find a service that corresponds to their needs and preferences so well, it feels like it’s tailor-made. That being said, you should keep in mind that our experienced crew is more than happy to provide anyone relocating with ultimate packing services. With our company, even the most detested part of relocation – packaging, becomes an easy endeavor.

Find a Packing Option That Suits Your Needs and Budget Best

When it comes to packaging, not everyone has the same quantity of items they require help with. Likewise, financial capabilities may be different for those embarking on the journey of independence for the first time and for those with a long career, family, and stable income. That’s why we provide multiple options to choose from, and they go something like this:

  • Partial packing service – Those with a more minimalist inventory or those relocating alone will probably find our partial packaging service as a convenient solution to successfully protect their belongings. This assistance entails up to fifteen boxes which will be packed with utmost care.
  • Full packing service – If you’re in need of more than fifteen containers, full packaging will work perfectly. We will pack up everything you own or the number of items you are comfortable with. All we are going to need is a detailed packing list, and the rest you can leave up to us.

Additionally, if you’re planning on transporting your extremely expensive, rare, or valuable items that can’t fit into standard boxes, you might be interested to know we can provide custom crating services as well. These wooden crates are perfect protection for any object that requires a sturdy shell to keep it safe.

If There Are Any Items You No Longer Need, We’ll Keep Them Safe in Our Storage for Free

If you’re ready to say goodbye to some of your stuff, but you still haven’t found them a better home, you might be in need of storage. We provide a storage service that will keep your stuff safe and sound in the best possible conditions. Even more importantly, we provide the first month of storage free with the purchase of our moving services.

For more information on the ways in which we can help you move and store your belongings, we urge you to contact our professional support team that will gladly explain everything about storage, as well as resolve any other doubts you may have.

There’s No Need to Drive All the Way to New Mexico if We Can Ship Your Vehicle

Driving over state borders or to another coast is never an easy task, let alone amidst a move. So you’ll be much better off letting us deal with your car while you calmly travel via plane. After all, we are true professionals when it comes to auto transport service and will make sure your vehicle is safely delivered to the address of your choice. Whether you decide to have the vehicle towed to your future home or one of our many pickup venues across the US.

Decide on the Type of Shipping Trailers You Want Our Albuquerque Movers to Deliver Your Vehicle in

Whenever you’re transporting your belongings, it’s crucial to be informed about the terms under which the items will be shipped, and the same goes for cars. Additionally, with our company, you not only get the information about shipping, but you get to choose how the process will look. Specifically, you get to decide in which type of trailer will your vehicle be transported:

  • Open trailer – This is our most popular option, given that it’s the cheapest one. Your vehicle will be stored with up to 8 others, so this is a perfect way to ship multiple cars. However, since the trailer is open, the vehicle may be exposed to weather conditions. In case any damage may arise, know that your car will be insured for any external damage up to $100,000.
  • Enclosed trailer – All the car lovers who drive and own cars that are vintage, luxury, or brand new may be better off with enclosed transportation – just for safety measurements. Your vehicle will be insured up to $500,000, although external damage is practically impossible in an enclosed trailer.

We’ll Keep Your Things Safe and Insured as Well With Our Mandatory Insurance

We always supply our customers with mandatory insurance provided free of charge. Although the chances of anything happening to your objects in our truck are slim, we still want to ensure you feel safe, and your things are that as well. You’ll be provided with a liability packet that covers 60 cents per pound of the damaged inventory we packed and loaded onto a truck. And if you don’t find that this is enough, upgrade the basic insurance to the full value replacement insurance for a small fee.

Don’t Think Twice About Relocating to the Sunniest and Largest City of New Mexico

If you are one of those people who struggle with meteoropathy, living in Duke’s City is a great choice, given that the weather is perfect. The climate is dry and mild, and although you’ll easily and vividly distinguish the four seasons, you’ll also enjoy around 310 sunny days a year. Because of low humidity, even when it’s hot out, the weather is very comfortable, and you can walk around visiting the amazing art scene or get a beer in one of the many local breweries.

Consider Housing and Living Costs Before You Move to One of These Fantastic Areas

Although the city is known for having quite affordable living standards, we do recommend researching the housing and living costs thoroughly so that you can be sure you will afford a comfortable life amidst the sun.

Basically, to be able to bask in the sunshine on weekends without pressure, you should have an income of about $42,500. With such a paycheck, you’ll easily afford the median monthly rent of around $800. And we would suggest getting an apartment in one of the following cool neighborhoods:

  • Nob Hill – Although it is a famous dining and outing area, it’s also a beautiful historic neighborhood. The neon vibes and Route 66 vibes will have you feeling like you’re in a movie, but you’ll also find many beautiful streets filled with locally-owned shops and cafes that will make you fall in love with Nob Hill.
  • University Area – If you are a student who just started studying at the University of New Mexico, you may want to find a place near the campus. You’ll have thousands of peers as your neighbors and live in a lively area just on the old Route 66.
  • Eastside – All those sporty folks might best enjoy living near the Sandia Mountains. The nature of Eastside is mesmerizing and one of a kind, with sunsets that can’t be matched. Not only will you be living in an area with great schools and wonderful nature, close to hiking and biking trails, but you’ll get to enjoy amazing restaurants and breweries as well.
  • Westside – Living in Westside is truly one of a kind experience since not many people can say they share their neighborhood with volcanoes (don’t worry, they are dormant). Although the area is on the outskirts of the town, it is still lively and provides its residents with chances to explore not only restaurants and breweries but ancient sites, such as the Petroglyph National Monument, as well.

We Can Move You Out of Albuquerque Too if You Wish

On the off chance that you are ready to leave the wonderful Burque or even the beauty of New Mexico altogether, don’t think you’ll have to do it on your own. Our relocation company will be by your side whether you’re coming or going. All of the services that are listed above will be available to you, you’ll just have to let us know about the move in time so we can point our truck in the right direction. Once you know your destination, all that is left to do is get your free quote and, of course, book a date of your move. The rest, you can leave up to us.


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