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The Heart of America and one of the largest cities in the country – Windy City is truly a place for seeking new opportunities. This metropolis is a home for almost 3 million people, and the number is rising. Many young professionals are looking for the best Chicago movers in the hope of making their dreams come true in this town of diversity and prosperity. Book our movers in Chicago and begin your adventure now.

Hire Our Chicago Movers and Get the Moving Services Tailored to Your Needs

With years of experience, a satisfied customer is our primary goal at State to State Movers. And we strive to make every move tailored to your needs. Once you become our customer, you will get an agent that will be in charge of your move from beginning to end. He will follow up on your relocation process entirely. With us, there will be no need for you to explain your previous requests or questions to different agents each time you make a call. Your agent will be completely devoted and dedicated to your relocation.

With Our Moving Services in Chicago, You Will Be in Charge of Price Making

Well, to be fair, you may not be in charge but in control. With us, there are no hidden costs. So how do we make a price? When searching for Chicago moving companies, you probably stumbled upon free online quotes on each company website. We have one too. This free quote is an excellent way to get an idea of how much approximately moving services will cost. But this will not be an actual price. We base our price on your inventory list. The list will be made once our movers in Chicago finish the in-home estimation of your move. And once the list is completed, you will get a real quote from our agent. You can change this quote if you add or remove items from your list. Just bear in mind that this can be done up to one business day before your move.

Leave the Packing to Our Moving Company in Chicago

Interstate moving of the entire household can be a daunting experience, which is why we offer to all of our customers free of charge packing service as part of the basic moving service. What does this mean? Our team of professionals will not only load and unload your belongings on a truck, but they will also protect and wrap each bulky and large item before putting it on a truck. Best of all, they will disassemble and reassemble all of your furniture, so there is no need for you to waste your time looking for old furniture manuals. Leave that to trained professionals.

Choose Full or Partial Packing With Our Company

If standard packing service is not enough for you and if you wish to have a move where all your belongings will be in the boxes carefully packed and shipped away, you came to the right place. You can hire us for additional packing services as well. There is a full packing service where our professional team packs and protects each item on your inventory list. Take this service, and you’ll feel like someone threw a pack charm from Harry Potter.

On the other hand, if you wish that our team only packs some of your items, such as fragiles, this option is also available with partial packing service.

We Have Long Distance Car Shipping Services

Moving from state to state without your car is hard to imagine. And if you are worried that you will have to look for a car shipping company, you can rest at ease now because we’ve got you covered. We offer top-notch auto transport service for a reasonable price. You can choose between two transportation options: open and enclosed trailer. If you have more than one vehicle to ship, the open trailer is what you should choose. With this option, all your vehicles will be insured up to $100,000 if any damages to the exterior of the cars happen. An enclosed trailer is a better option if you have an expensive car – it will be fully protected from any road debris, and the insurance will be higher (up to $ 500,000).

You can also choose how you wish for your car to be picked up and delivered. There is a door-to-door option where our professionals will come to your home and make the transition. The other option is terminal to terminal, where you will have to leave your car at the nearest terminal and pick it up the same way at your new location. Don’t worry, State to State Movers have terminals in every major city.

Use Our Storage Units for Free the Whole Month

If anything unpredictable happens during your interstate moving and you end up in need of storage services, don’t worry. We got your back. Our company offers to each customer free-of-charge storage service for the whole month. Our storage units have the best climate control systems and top-notch security with video surveillance. So you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe in our storage. And if you decide to book our storage for more than one month, we will make a fair deal, with the charge by the day.

You Will Move Safely With Our Moving Insurance

As you know, when moving interstate and long-distance, there is always a slight chance something gets damaged. For this reason, we insure all of our customer belongings with Mandatory Liability Coverage. If anything happens to some of your items, you will get a reimbursement of 60 cents per pound of damaged goods with this insurance. But if you wish to be even more protected, you can take our Full Value Replacement Insurance. With this insurance, you will get reimbursement or replacement of the damaged item in its full market value.

Let’s Take You on a Quick Tour Through the Windy City Before Your Interstate Moving Starts

Spreading on 234 square miles of land that used to be mud, where the nickname Mud City originated from, this amazing bustling metropolis is the third-largest in the country, and it is estimated that more than 2.7 million residents live here. It is the epicenter of the Midwest with thriving industries like higher education, transportation, health, technology, IT, and manufacturing. With its urban beaches on shores on Lake Michigan, the city is popular among young professionals, students, corporate executives, and many more. People from around the world call this town home, and you can see that from a variety of diverse neighborhoods, bars, and restaurants.

It is the skyscraper’s birthplace, and its architecture has influenced the entire world. But unique architecture is not the only thing where Windy City contributed to the progress of science, ingenious engineering, and construction. Did you know that the first atom ever was split at the University of Chicago? Aside from that, it is one and the only city that has a reverse-flowing river. The city is a pioneer in Nation’s open-heart surgery. Probably the most important invention for all people with a sweet tooth is the first-ever made brownie, as well as Twinkie, Hot Dog, famous deep-dish pizza, and many more.

We can all agree that once you move to this city, your culture will be appreciated, no matter where you are from, especially through food. One of the greatest landmarks of the Windy City is lake Michigan, one of the five Great Lakes of North America with its tropical azure blue color. This lake will make you feel like you are on some Caribbean island. The interesting thing about this lake is that 20 years ago it was green.

Living in Chi-Town Will Be Pretty Affordable and There Is Neighborhood for Everyone

Even if it’s called the Heart of America, and besides the fact that it is the third-largest city in the country, living costs are pretty affordable in Chi-Town. Medium home value is $258,000, and the median household income is $58,200. And if you are interested in renting a place, you can rent a one-bedroom apartment in the city center for $1,800 and outside the city center for $1,200. In essence, costs of living are 23% higher than the national average, but if we compare this with New York, where costs of living are %129 higher than the national average, we can conclude that Chi-Town is pretty affordable for a metropolis.

And even if it is large, getting around in the city is easy. They have excellent public transportation. You can commute by the Chicago Transit Authority or CTA, the second-largest city train system. The blue line is operating 24/7.

Aside from CTA, you can use Metra Rail high-speed trains that connect suburban parts of the town with downtown. There are, of course, Uber, taxis, and even water taxis you can use.

Also, if you are willing to stay fit and keep the environment safe, you can use the bike-share program. With 580 stations, 5,800 bikes, and 200 miles of protected bike lanes, this can be a great way to explore your new town.

Of course, there is an option for driving a car, but you will have to avoid major roads during rush hours and must learn the culture of “Dibs.” Here dibs on parking lots are actually a thing. You can call dibs on a parking lot you like. All you have to do is to place an old chair, traffic cone, or even a scary doll on a parking lot and call dibs this way. Everyone is doing this, and everybody is respecting the rules.  Here are some of the best areas in Chi-Town to buy a house:

  • Greektown,
  • Printers Row,
  • Mount Greenwood,
  • Edison Park,
  • Beverly.

No Matter What You Are Interested in, You Will Find Something to Do in Chi-Town

Chi-Town offers everything you would expect from one metropolis. The world-class cultural and art scene, a variety of diverse shopping districts, vibrant nightlife, and a lot of history and educational sights are just the tips of the iceberg. And don’t be intimidated by the harsh winters because there are tons of unique wintery things you must try, such as skating on the Maggie Daley Ice Skating Ribbon, a quarter-mile ice path. Or you can enjoy Christmas lights that illuminate the town each holiday season. To make your Christmas experience even more fairytale-like, you should go to a German-inspired Christmas market and try some seasonal food and drinks.

But the holiday season is not the only time when you can enjoy the wonders of this city. You can take a boat or even kayak tour on the Chicago River and see the skyscrapers from a new perspective. There is the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Science and Industry, and The Field Museum for history, art, and nature lovers.

We Can Help if You Are Moving From Windy City, Too

If you are thinking about relocating from Windy City, our professional movers in Chicago will make this possible. State to State Movers company operates in every major city, and if you need to relocate, we can manage that. Hire our team of professionals and have a smooth and stress-free relocation from Windy City. We will help you to make this experience exciting and adventurous.


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