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Relocating to a California coastal city like this one will make you fall in love with the laid-back lifestyle and there’s no better way but with our Santa Barbara movers. We will make your move to the American Riviera effortless because we offer the best and most reliable moving services.

We Are the Moving Company That Will Provide the Most Reliable Services for Your Move

Many people are having second thoughts about hiring relocation companies because of other’s bad experiences, or even their own. Being scammed is very stressful especially if you’re moving homes long distance. So, avoiding the unprofessionals and scams should be one of the top priorities once you decide it’s time to move.

Know that with us you won’t have to worry about changing final prices and there will be no hidden expenses. Our state to state movers build the price according to the inventory list you make. That’s why there’s no room for last-minute added expenses or hidden fees.

Luckily, making the inventory list has never been easier with a few simple steps. You can get a quote by filling out the form on our website. Another way is to contact our support service and have a video call where you’ll go together through your belongings. No matter which method you chose, you can add and remove things from the list as much as you want. However, notice it’s possible to do it until one day before the agreed relocation date.

Professional Santa Barbara Movers Will Efficiently Pack Your Belongings

Probably the most tedious process of the whole relocation is preparing and packing your belongings. If not organized well, it can easily make your life a mess and you’ll just be too overwhelmed. With the boxes all over your home that suddenly all look like one another, worrying about the protection level of the precious possessions can only worsen things.

Don’t despair, there’s a way to avoid all this. Our efficient packers will deal with everything you want to bring to a new home. Check out the packing service we provide and have the house packed in no time. The good news is that we’ll take care of all the bigger appliances and bulky furniture.

In addition, if you choose our relocation company, know that experienced packers will disassemble bigger pieces of furniture, protect them in the best possible way and then load them into the trick. Once the truck arrives at the new location, our crew will assemble everything that couldn’t fit in a regular size box. All this is included in the free quote you’ll get after contacting us.

Full and Partial Packing Services – You Decide and Our Experienced Movers Will Do It

There’s nothing more reliable than having a firm recommendation from your family and friends, right? However, nowadays, online reviews are one of the most important factors in the moving industry. So, don’t mind visiting our website and reading thoroughly all the positive reviews we have from satisfied customers. Besides guaranteed safety with all boxes being labeled with barcodes and the possibility of tracking your belongings, the option of full and partial wrapping service is just one reason why customers are satisfied with our work.

So, if you need help from our trained movers in Santa Barbara County, with many years of experience, you’ll get a chance to choose between:

  • Partial option pack– if you need assistance with packing belongings from inventory, list up to 15 boxes.
  • Full option pack – our professional packer team will pack more than 15 boxes or everything from the inventory list.

If you need any additional information, don’t hesitate to contact our support team and ask everything that you wish to know. We’ll be more than happy to help you.

Have Your Vehicle Safely Transported When Moving Interstate

Driving all the way to a new destination can be a tricky thing to do. Especially after organizing the long-distance move. Moving state to state is exhausting on so many levels, and having to drive on your own to the West Coast is everything but not easy. So, taking advantage of hiring one of the relocation companies that will offer you safe auto transport is something you most certainly should do.

In fact, the most reliable ones will provide you with both open and enclosed retailers, including insurance. You never know what could happen during transport and sometimes roads are bumpier than expected. That’s why we give insurance for external damages on an open trailer up to $100,000 and for an enclosed trailer up to $500,000.

You’ll Get Two Types of Auto Transport With Our Santa Barbara Moving Company

Since we’re one of the moving companies in Santa Barbara County that offers you two types of trailers for your vehicle, let’s check which one will suit you more. Notice, both of them are safe but with some differences.

  • Enclosed trailer – service we recommend for luxury and vintage vehicles. As the name says, your four-wheeler will be completely protected from external damages during the transport.
  • Open trailer – if you don’t mind waiting a bit longer for your car to be delivered, then this more common variant is for you. It’s also a cheaper option, but know that your vehicle is exposed to weather conditions.

We Are One of the Long Distance Relocation Crews With Delivery and Pick Up Options for Your Car

Choosing also the type of delivery is just too good to be true? Not with our services that are made precisely for our client’s satisfaction. That’s why you can pick a door-to-door delivery that is a slightly more expensive option but nonetheless a more popular one. Our truck will load the vehicle at your doorstep and unload it in front of your future doorstep in no time.

However, if you don’t mind going for the car to the nearest pickup terminal, then the option terminal-to-terminal will be just fine for you. The only thing you should do is to agree with our driver on which terminal is the most convenient, and we’ll contact you when your car’s ready for pickup.

Use Completely Free Storage Facilities for One Month

When you contact us for the free quote, our sales representative will tell you one of the biggest benefits of hiring a professional relocation company such as ours – a free storage facility to use for one whole month (30 days). This is an extremely important thing to know, especially if you’re relocating on a budget or just want to save an extra buck.

Whether you’re opting to store some vintage furniture or smaller objects, the quality of the storage facility is probably on your mind. All of our facilities are secured and climate-controlled. That means all of your belongings will remain clean, dry, disinfected, and protected from vermin or humidity. In addition, each barcode on boxes will be scanned before entering and again after taking them out from the storage unit. That way, you won’t have to worry about losing your possessions. All you have to do is check our remarkable reviews and give us a call for a reliable offer.

Explore the Moving Insurance Options Our Relocation Company Provides

With all the professional help we offer, you probably think there’s nothing else to do for a safe and stress-free move. Well, we have another thing to offer – relocation insurance for your belongings. People tend to get attached to some material items, and it’s our job to do everything to protect them when you hire us for a long-distance move.

So, with our services, you’ll get already included in a quote mandatory liability coverage – 60 cents per pound for each item. On the other hand, we have a full value replacement for more expensive or those with sentimental value. Notice that it stands only for stuff our team packed.

Most Common Things to Know About the Gem of California

Santa Barbara County is located in southern California, and because of its location, it’s one of the most popular relocation destinations for both families and individuals. Many beautiful cities are to be explored and are located on the Golden State’s south-facing coastline, making it even more desirable to live here. Besides all the natural attractions you’ll be able to enjoy after the move, there’s another reason why people decide to live here – a strong economy and fantastic job opportunities.

If you didn’t know, California is also known as the Grape State. So, suppose you enjoy tasting good wines and breathtaking landscapes. In that case, this place with just under 100,000 inhabitants will provide you with a high level of education with Santa Barbara City College and the University of Santa Barbara.

Know that here you’ll find rich history, as well. This territory was populated around 13,000 years ago, and one of the oldest human fossils was discovered here. Also, the art lovers, be ready to explore all those beautiful Spanish-influenced architecture buildings. The oldest one is Old Mission, built in the 18th century.

Start Finding Your Place Under the Sun and Chose the Perfect Santa Barbara County

If you decide to call this coastal metropolis home, then you should do some research first and check where you’ll settle. There are a lot of neighborhoods, and you’ll indeed find the perfect surroundings that meet all your needs. It’s not just the beautiful beaches and architecture to admire. However, you’ll still have to pay rent and everything else all people do. That’s why checking the cost of living of the state or city you’re planning to move to is very important.

The median cost of living in the American Riviera is about $2,000. Although it’s one of the most expensive cities in California, the average salary here is $77,000 a year. So, prepare financially and take a look at the most popular neighborhoods you surely should check out:

  • The Mesa – being close to the city’s downtown, no wonder it’s one of the most popular places for tourists and residents. Another reason is the view and relaxing power it has on people – it’s situated on cliffs above the beach.
  • Carpinteria – it’s a suburb with probably the most beautiful beaches. The average rent here is $1,900. Which is cheaper than the rest of the neighborhoods.
  • Montecito – this area is known for its wealthy residents. For example, Oprah has a house right in this neighborhood. Besides beautiful beaches, this place stands as one of the most peaceful and quiet ones.

Our Professional Relocation Crew Will Help You Move From American Riviera

State-to-state movers will provide you with the same services if you opt to relocate from the American Riviera, as well. Our positive reviews from many satisfied clients will show you that having a fresh start is possible; you just have to pick the right relocation crew for a stress-free move. No hidden fees and an experienced team are all you need for a successful move, so don’t waste any of your time and give us a call.


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