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Glimmering cityscapes, ocean waves, beaches, surfing, great entertainment, and no income taxes are the main reasons why thousands of Americans choose to move to Magic City every year. If moving interstate is in the stars for you, too, here is how our Miami movers will make your wish come true!

State to State Movers in Miami Provide a Wide Range of Superb Moving Services

Are you planning to relocate soon and want to book all moving services to make the relocation process easier and have a stress-free experience? If so, State to State Movers is here to organize your interstate move and provide you with any additional assistance needed.

Not only are we rated as one of the best moving companies in Miami because of our special approach to calculating your relocation costs, but also because of our dedication to top-quality service. Inventory lists are the most accurate and fair way to form the final price for our customers, and what’s even better, you can change yours until a day before the relocation date. This way, we succeed in providing our clients with guaranteed prices, which means you won’t have any additional costs after the relocation.

Need Professional Support for Boxing Stuff Up? We Provide Exquisite Packing Services, Too

Putting your whole life in a couple of boxes doesn’t sound easy, nor quick, especially when it comes to breakable and valuable stuff or family heirlooms. For that reason, choosing the right packing services is the best way to relocate all your belongings.

The best thing of all when it comes to professional packing assistance is that all the basic help is already included in the quote, which means you won’t pay additionally for this. The professional moving team will not only load and unload boxes for you. They will also disassemble all furniture pieces in order to transport them more easily and reassemble them again once your belongings are delivered.

How to Decide Whether to Choose Partial or Full Packing Services?

In case you need additional assistance aside from the basic one described above, then going for partial or full packing services will be the best option. Both services imply that our team of long-distance movers will pack the items you decide. The only difference is in the number of boxes packed.

If all the stuff you designate to be packed by our professional team can fit into 15 boxes, it means you’re using a partial service. In case this number exceeds 15 boxes, it’ll be counted as the full service. These numbers are a great way to keep an eye on your costs and be in complete control of them.

If Any of Your Belongings Cannot Be Packed in Standard Boxes, Our Movers in Miami FL Will Make Custom Crates

Pianos, sculptures, antique furniture pieces, or custom furniture pieces are the most common items on every packaging list that give our customers a headache. However, if you go for our custom crating service, this won’t be a problem at all! Our professional team in charge of your relocation will create a special custom crate that will guarantee full safety to your items and ensure they are delivered whole and undamaged.

Take Advantage of Our Car Shipping Services And Enjoy Driving in Sunny Miami

Taking your car to the next destination you plan to live in is definitely a great decision, and undoubtedly you’ll need reliable long-distance movers in Miami to provide you with an auto transport service.

State to State Moving and Transport Company specializes in shipping all types of vehicles, and our friendly staff will be more than happy to plan it with you. Here is some basic information you should keep in mind when organizing the interstate shipping of your vehicle.

Our Company Provides Both Open and Enclosed Trailers – Ask for a Free Quote!

Every type of vehicle requires different shipping methods, and for that reason, we provide our customers with the possibility to choose the type of trailer for their car. Open trailers are known as the more affordable solution, and the majority of people go for this option. It is entirely safe, but the vehicles are exposed to the elements and road debris, so your car might not be as clean when you pick it up as it was when you left it.

If you have a bigger or luxurious vehicle like a Jeep or Masserati, then you will definitely have to choose an enclosed trailer. Although enclosed trailers are 40% more expensive than open trailers, the price is worth it if you want your exotic machine to arrive at the destination in impeccable condition. The greatest advantage of shipping with enclosed trailers is that your vehicle will be entirely protected from any weather or road conditions, which reduces any potential for damage to the minimum.

Agree on Pick-up and Delivery Details With the Designated Agent

Once you schedule auto transport, the next big decision will concern the pick-up and delivery location. State to State Movers offer door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal pick-up and delivery options, so you can decide what suits you best.

The door-to-door option is the more convenient one since you won’t have to lift a finger – we will pick up the car from your old address and deliver it to the new one. On the other hand, if you have enough time, terminal-to-terminal pick-up and delivery will also be a great option. However, you’ll be required to take your car to and from a regional terminal, which could take more time, especially if you’re relocating to a big city with a lot of traffic.

Our Storage Facility Is at Your Disposal Free of Charge for the First Month

Our company takes care of every aspect of your relocation, which includes storage units. Here is what you get free for the first month, and at a special price afterward, in case you need to extend the usage of the storage unit:

  • 24/7 video and guard surveillance,
  • Electronic barcode labels that are automatically read every time the good is received or shipped,
  • GPRS devices in all our trucks,
  • A temperature control system that keeps the temperature and humidity in a perfect balance in the storage and protects your belongings from moisture, and other damages.

Insurance Is Also a Part of Our Moving Services in Miami

Once loaded on our trucks, all your belongings are insured with a mandatory liability insurance policy which guarantees reimbursement of 60 cents per pound of damaged goods. This mandatory policy is included in the quote and is free of charge.

Of course, if this doesn’t seem like enough protection for your belongings, you can always go for an upgrade and take a full value replacement insurance policy. This policy grants reimbursement in the full value of damaged goods, and it is an especially good solution for all valuables and luxurious stuff.

We Insure Your Vehicle for Free as Well

If any external damage occurs, which happens rarely but is possible, all cars shipped on open trailers are covered for $100,000, while vehicles on enclosed trailers are insured for $500,000.

Welcome to Miami, Florida! A Splendid Mixture of Natural Beauty and Modernity

Miami is one of the most desirable destinations to live in all around Florida and the US as a whole. The reasons for this are diverse, from beautiful, golden sandy beaches, an abundance of sun, and crystal waters to no state income tax. Other pros of living in Magic City are:

  • Great infrastructure – there are two international airports in the vicinity,
  • A solid job market,
  • Diversity in people, cultures, food, and entertainment.

All these combined make a perfect choice for young professionals in search of good career prospects and great fun too.

Attractions That Speak of Diversity in Magic City

Aside from the mainland, Magic City is situated on natural and artificial islands with beautiful beaches. Besides, there are many other attractions you’ll enjoy every day after you relocate there. Venetian Pool, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, the most romantic spot in Miami, Fairchild Tropical botanical garden, one of the most gorgeous gardens of this kind in the US, Little Havana, and countless sandy beaches are only a few of the sights that represent the city’s spirit in the best way.

What Jobs in High Demand Are Worth Moving to Magic City?

Although tourism is definitely the prevailing industry here, as well as in the rest of Florida, finding work outside of the tourism and hospitality industry isn’t that difficult, either. Other fields that provide vast work opportunities are finances, media and telecommunications, international trade, and agriculture.

When it comes to specific positions, here are the jobs in high demand:

  • Nurse practitioners,
  • Physician assistants,
  • Software developers,
  • Psychiatric technicians,
  • Animal caretakers.
job interview

What Are the Living Costs and Housing Options?

Living costs in Miami are 14% higher than the national average, but they’re still bearable. The greatest difference compared to the national average is noticeable when it comes to housing prices. The typical home price here is around $450,000, while a home price on the national average equals $312,000.

Despite this difference, the beneficial climate, the ocean, and the aura of the greatest tourist destination in the world give a lot of potential for investments and in some way define the real estate market.

If Buying a New Home Is Still Not Your Option, Consider Renting an Apartment

Moving state-to-state is not an easy process. In case you’re at the beginning of your career or want to explore the city and its opportunities better before you definitely move there, then renting an apartment could be an acceptable option. The median rental price in Miami is $2,600, but depending on the neighborhood and the size of the apartment, this amount will differ. Here are some neighborhoods to consider when choosing your new home:

  • Brickell is definitely the most popular neighborhood in Magic City. It is a financial center, in the approximate vicinity of downtown, and the most urban part of the city that provides many luxury apartments. The average one-bedroom apartment rent is $3,300, while a 2-bedroom apartment costs $4,700.
  • If you thought Brickell is the most expensive neighborhood in the city, you’re wrong. Park West Miami is one of the most expensive and luxurious neighborhoods here, even if it is 15 miles away from downtown. Here, the average rent price for a one-bedroom apartment amounts to $3,300, while a two-bedroom apartment costs $6,000 on a monthly basis.
  • One of the most affordable neighborhoods is Brosnwille, only 6 miles away from downtown. Here, the median monthly rent costs $890, while the median home value is $160,000. So if you’re looking for a new home and affordable prices, this will be a perfect fit for you!
empty apartment ready to be moved into

Our Moving Company in Miami, FL Will Make Your Dream to Move Out of Miami Come True, Too

If your long-term plan includes moving out of Miami, our company can provide you with assistance in this matter, too. All you have to do is to inform us on time about your plans, and we’ll organize every aspect of your move.


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