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As one of the largest cities in the US, Dallas is the Southern powerhouse of America. If you’re planning to move here, it’ll probably be one of your best decisions since it’s growing and thriving as a diverse and economically stable place. Learn how to relocate with our Dallas movers and prepare for relocation successfully.

Professional Moving Services by State to State Movers Have Everything You Need

You can relocate with State to State Movers’ team of movers to Dallas, TX, for a great price. Our long-distance moving services provide a complete relocation experience, and you can even go further with extra options that will make sure all your belongings are safely transported.

When you contact our customer support team at the office, they’ll provide you with a free quote based on a packing list you put together. It’s possible to change this list before the day of the move, but know that the costs will be adjusted accordingly.

The Services That are Free In Our Standard Moving Package

The word on the street is that professional movers to Dallas are expensive, but that’s not the case with us. Our standard package includes many essential free services, so you don’t have to worry about breaking your budget for moving interstate.

The services included in the standard long-distance relocation package are truck use, loading and unloading, packing of the essential furniture and appliances in your home, storage unit use, and insurance for all the packed items.

You Can Choose from A Few Options With Our Packing Service

Besides the standard packing of furniture and appliances, our professional team also provides packaging services for all other household items. However, these options come at a charge, but they come in twos – the cheaper and the more standard-priced, or partial and full packing methods.

Options for Packing – Full and Partial Services, for Any Preference and Budget

If you want our movers to Dallas, Texas, to pack only some of your belongings, you can opt for partial packaging. This consists of packaging up to 15 boxes of household items. This is an excellent way to save some money and allocate the rest of the budget for another part of the move, and it allows you to handle your belongings without the interventions of people you don’t know.

Of course, if you’re pressed for time or highly stressed out by the concept of relocating, you can go for the full packaging option. It entails packaging more than 15 boxes of household items. We wish to note that the things we include in this service are those that can fit into standard boxes; if they can’t, they could be transported in custom wooden crates.

As one of the best moving companies in Dallas and wider, we give our customers the option to pack their most valuable items into custom-made wooden crates. These crates are sturdy and highly effective in protecting anything fragile and valuable, from heirlooms to high-tech TVs. Any way you wish to pack can be decided when you contact our customer support at the office. All we ask is for you to provide detailed packing lists so the long-distance move can be priced accordingly.

Our Car Shipping Service Is Crucial for Anyone Relocating to Texas

Most moving companies in Dallas, TX, would recommend customers to ship their vehicles to this city because of its transportation hub status. The Interstate Highway System was integrated into the city’s infrastructure, with four major interstate highways and one interstate loop. This is why it’s reasonable to get our auto transport service and commute by car around Dallas.

Our  Movers Offer Options for Car Pickup and Delivery

The services our company offers for auto transport come in a few different options. There are transportation options and pickup and delivery options.

For pickup and delivery, you can choose between door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal options. The first is pricier but more convenient since your car is directly picked up and delivered. You wouldn’t have to put any effort into it. However, sometimes this direct option isn’t available, and that’s mainly in the cases when your street or driveway isn’t accessible by truck.

The latter, terminal pickup and delivery, is cheaper but not as convenient as doing it all directly. However, depending on where you live, you may be close to our company terminals. We’d pick your car up at our terminal at the origin and deliver it to another at the destination. All you have to do is be there for the process.

Transport Trailers Come In Two Forms – Open and Enclosed

Besides having pickup and delivery options, transportation comes in twos as well. The cheaper option is open trailers, which can generally transport more cars. If you have multiple vehicles, this option would be more convenient. However, the downside is that cars on open trailers are exposed and susceptible to external damage. Dust and rain could dirty the cars, but it all depends on how long the drive is and the weather along the way.

If getting your precious four-wheeler dirty is out of the question, enclosed trailers offer convenience and full protection. Of course, this method is more expensive and packs fewer vehicles, but it has the safety that the open trailer method doesn’t. Just consider one thing – your car would get dirty even if you drove it, so the choice is yours.

Don’t Plan Your Move Without Considering How to Use Our Free Storage Service

State to State Movers is an interstate moving company that understands what it’s like to over and under pack. Anyone who’s tried to relocate on their own has experienced the hardships of skipping a vital process like decluttering. That’s why anyone who ignores or forgets this step has the option to use the storage service of our moving company in Dallas for free.

Our storage units are modern, safe, and equipped to protect belongings in cold and hot climates. What’s better than having a space like that, for free, for a month? If you hit a wall in your plan to move, make sure to take storage service into account.

Insurance Is Mandatory and Crucial for Long-Distance Relocation

Of course, our team of movers to Dallas wouldn’t offer moving state to state without providing mandatory relocation insurance. Long-distance relocating is tough, so it’s normal if one of your biggest fears during relocating is damage during transit. This is why we offer mandatory liability coverage that’s 60 cents per pound of damaged goods.

Additionally, protecting your items for their full value is also possible with the Full Value Replacement Insurance option. If it seems like 60 cents per pound isn’t enough protection, adding some money to your insurance plan is a great call. However, the FVRI option is only applicable to the items packed by our relocation team, while the standard coverage applies to all packed items.

And if you choose car shipping, you’re in luck because this part is covered by insurance, too. Cars on open trailers are insured for up to $100,000 and those in enclosed trailers for up to $500,000 in external damages.

Many are Relocating to Dallas, The Southern Core of America

Dallas, also known as Big D, is the largest place in Dallas County, where it also acts as a seat. It’s the ninth most populous city in the US, and the third-largest in Texas, with as many as 1.3 million residents.

Dallas’s origins are industrial – it was built for the purpose of constructing major railroad lines that ease the access to oil, cotton, and cattle depositories across northern and eastern parts of Texas. Today, Big D is a hub of information technology, transportation, and telecommunications.

Some more interesting facts about Big D are:

  • Dallas and Fort Worth share transportation hubs and highways, such as the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit,) and their combined metropolitan area is called the Metroplex,
  • In Dallas alone, there are nine Fortune 500 companies, while the Metroplex area counts twenty-two,
  • Big D is the largest metropolitan area in the US that doesn’t have any access to the sea,
  • In 2018, Dallas was named the fifth most diverse city in the US,
  • The city is divided into Central, East, and South areas, which all have many neighborhoods,
  • The indigenous people who initially lived on Dallas’s territory was called Caddo,
  • Big D got its city status in 1856,
  • The current acting mayor is Eric Johnson,
  • The locals are known by the nickname Dallasites.

How Much Will You Need to Settle In Big D? The Average Cost of Living for Different Realty

It’s nothing new that Big D is generally known for being home to many diverse communities. The southern area has a significant Latin American and Hispanic population. The eastern area has the most unified middle-class neighborhood called Lake Highlands, and central contains a variety of retail, nightlife, and restaurant venues.

On average, a one-bedroom apartment outside of the center would cost you around $1,100, while the same type of experience in the center would cost $1,500 per month. If you wish to aim higher and get something as lovely as a three-bedroom apartment, expect a monthly rent of around $1,900 outside the center and $3,300 in it. According to statistics, 59% of Dallasites rent their home.

If you wish to be in the 41% of homeowners in Big D, expect to pay an average of $190,000 for a property. Compared to many metropolitan areas in the US, this seems to be one of the most affordable, without sacrificing living standards, job opportunities, and amenities.

The Best Rated Neighborhoods to Call Home In Dallas

The Central, East, and North areas all have various neighborhoods. Finding a new home in one of these isn’t easy, but it depends on your budget and preferences. We found the best-rated areas in Dallas you might consider, which are:

  • Preston Highlands – ranked as the best neighborhood to live in and raise a family; it is situated in Far North Dallas known for high-quality schools,
  • Oaktree – one of the most diverse and most desirable neighborhoods in Big D. People love it for the friendly locals and a wide variety of both affordable and high-end amenities; located in Northeast Dallas,
  • Campbell Green – voted as the best neighborhood to raise a family in Big D because of many high-quality schools and high safety rates,
  • Wilshire Heights – considered the best neighborhood to buy a house in and among the safest on the list; located in East Dallas,
  • Greenland Hills – voted as the best neighborhood for young professionals; it’s also very diverse and historic – some of its oldest homes were built in the 1920s. Nearby, there are natural amenities like Glencoe Park, the Santa Fe Trail, and White Rock Lake. The neighborhood is located in East Dallas.

Leaving Big D Behind? Don’t be Sad; We’ll Help You Move Out Comfortably

While the soap opera “Dallas” had oil tycoons and whodunit plots, life in this city is not exactly the same experience, which is probably a good thing. Big D could easily be a place unsuitable for everyone’s taste, and that’s OK. If you’re one of those people, you’re probably thinking about hiring movers in Dallas to help you relocate elsewhere.

State to State Moving and Auto Transport is one of the most reliable and professional moving companies in Dallas, and we’re proud of being able to help our customers whenever they need us. You can contact us, and we’ll answer your call and all of the questions you may have. It’s time to leave the South and venture out into other sides of the world.


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