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If Midwest, Ohio, and Columbus are your choice when it comes to setting up your new home, here is how Columbus Movers can help you experience stressless relocation. State to State Movers is a full-service moving company able to provide you with all necessary relocation assistance and impeccable services too. With our support, moving interstate will be a child’s game. Here is what we can do for you.

State to State Columbus, Ohio, Movers Provide the Best Moving Services

If you’re looking for a long-distance company specializing in all types of moving services, you’re at the right place! State to State Movers offers all help you may need to relocate safely and efficiently to your next living destination.

The thing our customers appreciate most when it comes to our service is a fair and guaranteed price. Since we base our pricing on inventory lists, calculating the accurate final cost won’t be a challenge for us. Moreover, our online inventory system gives you an opportunity to customize your inventory up to 24 hours before the moving date and be updated about the cost of your move by your designated agent.

Let Our Professional Packers Provide You With Impeccable Packing Service

All those who are preparing for interstate moving know that packing is the most difficult part of the move. Since our company is dedicated to alleviating the whole relocation experience, packing services are also part of our offer.

Our basic packing service includes:

  • Help with disassembling and reassembling your furniture pieces,
  • Loading and unloading of all your stuff,
  • Protecting your bulky possessions with all necessary packaging supplies.

Aside from this assistance, there are also available upgrades that will meet all your requirements and facilitate the whole boxing-up process.

What Packaging Assistance Will You Choose? Partial and Full Packing Services Are Options Our Long-Distance Movers to Columbus Offer

Our highly trained and experienced long-distance movers can provide you with partial or full packing assistance. This service implies they will pack all the belongings you designate. In case that your possessions can be packed in up to 15 boxes, it will be counted for partial assistance, while everything above that number will be considered full assistance. Of course, you will go thoroughly through all the details with your dedicated agent once you contact us.

Custom Crating Service Is Offered to All Those Who Have Some Bulky but Precious Possessions On Their Packing Lists

Do you want to incorporate a valuable painting or huge antique mirror into your new home interior? There won’t be any limitations for us since we know the safest way to ship it to your new household. If any of those items are listed in your inventory, we will create a special crate designed according to the measurements of the specific item. All you have to do is to note that to your dedicated agent in advance, and we will handle it safely along the way to your new living space.

packing delicate items

Auto Transport Is Another Specialty of State to State Movers

If selling your four-wheeler isn’t an option, then going for our auto transport services is definitely something you need. We provide various solutions when it comes to your auto shipping, so everything you’ll have to do is to provide your dedicated agent with all details. The agent will guide you through the whole process that includes choosing the type of trailer and choosing the pick-up and delivery points. Furthermore, in case you have any additional questions or dilemmas, our team will be happy to answer them all!

Book an Open or Enclosed Trailer for Your Vehicle’s Safe Transport

Depending on the type and size of your vehicle, you’ll be offered the right auto-transport solution once you contact your dedicated agent. In general, you should keep in mind that open trailers are perfect for standard-sized vehicles, which implies that any larger four-wheelers can not be accepted on this type of trailer.

If you possess a car like a Jeep, Lamborghini, or an old-timer, then choosing an enclosed trailer will definitely be a must. Except for the fact that enclosed trailers are larger and able to accommodate bigger vehicles, they’re also safer for transporting these types of more expensive vehicles. A completely closed and protected from all weather or road conditions, this trailer will be more than enough to get your car delivered in perfect condition. Although enclosed trailers are up to 40% more expensive than open ones, if you have any type of expensive or luxurious vehicle, it will definitely be worth it.

Choose Pick-Up and Delivery Option that Suits Your Schedule and Wallet Best

We know that time is precious, and it will be even more important once the relocation starts. For that reason, we provided two solutions when it comes to your vehicle’s pick-up and delivery.

Door-to-door pick-up and delivery is perfect for all those with too many tasks on their plates or those who simply don’t want to deal with driving during the move. This service implies our professional team will come right to your address to pick up or deliver your car, which is the best shipping method.

Terminal-to-terminal pick-up and delivery is an excellent solution for all those who want to keep an eye on their budget, have enough time, and don’t feel uncomfortable when it comes to unfamiliar driving conditions. This service implies that your four-wheeler needs to be delivered and picked up on your own from the terminal we designate in advance. That is the main reason why it is relatively more affordable.

Car Shipping Quote Includes Free Car Insurance Policy

Once you book auto transport with our long-distance movers, you can also expect a car insurance policy that comes free with a car shipping quote. This type of insurance covers any external damage that occurred during the shipping process. It covers all vehicles shipped on open-trailers with a sum of up to $100,000 or $500,000 on enclosed trailers.


Free Storage Unit for First 30 Days Is Regular Offer Intended Exclusively for Our Customers

Are you moving state to state, waiting for your house to be renovated, or are you still looking for the next one and need a storage unit to store belongings for some time? If so, State to State Movers provides 30 days of free usage of storage units for all our clients.

Fully protected 24/7 storage units, equipped with video surveillance, a temperature control system, and an automated system for recording goods are something you’ll get free of charge! In case you have to extend the period of storage usage, you’ll be charged per day. Of course, you are able to ask for your stuff at any moment, and our team will deliver them to you.

Every Item We Handle Is Insured In Case of Damage

Moving insurance is something we provide for each item handled by our professional team of movers. No matter if you want us to pack glasses, books, or your clothes, all goods are covered with an amount of 60 cents per pound of damaged goods. That is mandatory liability coverage, and it is included in all our quotes and is free of charge.

In case you want an upgrade that will guarantee reimbursement in the full value of damaged items, then the full value replacement option is the best option for you. This policy is extra charged and available to be purchased within other moving services, so don’t hesitate to contact your agent about further information.

Welcome to Columbus, the State Seat and Place Named After Christopher Columbus

Low living costs, the booming tech industry, stable job market, vibrant culture scene, and foodie heaven sound like enough reasons to decide to move to Columbus. The Biggest Small Town in America is situated in the heart of the Midwest, it is the Ohio state capital, and it represents the second-most-populous city in the area.

Lush nature, rivers, family-friendly atmosphere, high-quality schools and colleges, an art district, and a famous German Village with bakeries, bookshops, and narrow European-like style are definitely things you’ll love most about Columbus.

Besides, the Biggest Small Town in America is known for its festive atmosphere, too. As its residents say, just name it, and there will be a festival in Columbus to celebrate it! Oktoberfest, jazz, butterflies, food trucks, 4th of July, or some cultural event, there will be plenty of options for entertainment in the diverse Biggest Small Town in America.

Living Costs Are Low, and the Same Is With Housing Prices in OH

The thing people love most when it comes to life in the Biggest Small Town in America is low costs that are almost similar to the national average. To manage all the costs on a monthly basis, a single person needs $937 (without rent) while a family of four needs $3,250.

The median home sale price in Columbus equals $237,000, and for this price, you will typically get a three-bedroom realty. Of course, depending on the specific location, the prices will differ. The good thing is, however, this price is lower than the national average. Walkable neighborhoods, the vicinity of downtown, and many high-quality schools are other perks of choosing this city for your residential base.

Rental Prices Are Quite Affordable Too, and Worth of Moving to the Biggest Small Town in America

The average rent for one-bedroom apartments in Columbus equals $840 on a monthly basis, while two-bedroom rental prices range from $600 to $2,400. Depending on the neighborhood, vicinity to downtown, and other amenities that the realty itself offers, the prices will differ. The good news is that those prices are pretty acceptable, though.

Vast Employment Opportunities And Stable Economy Is Another Reason to Consider Columbus for Your New Home Base

Broad employment opportunities both in the private and public sector, a great entrepreneurial community, and the growing tech industry put Columbus high on the list of desirable destinations to live. No matter if you want to find employment or to start your own business, the Biggest Small Town in America provides enough chances for all.

The jobs in the highest demand are related to banking, education, government, technology, healthcare, hospitality, retail, defense, energy, food, and other industries.

Are You Looking for Reliable Movers in Columbus, Ohio, to Relocate You Out of the Biggest Small Town in America?

If you need to relocate out of Columbus for any reason, the State to State Movers’ team will be there to give you all the necessary information and support with this matter too. Our company operates all across the US and is capable of managing all relocation requests. Contact us today to explore your options and get a quote!


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