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State to State Moving and Auto Shipping offers a variety of packing services for each customer. Our team of experienced movers is completely trained to give your belongings the extra special care. Many years of packaging from regular household items to the most precious heirloom or collectables gives us the edge to put action in our words.
We only use heavy duty boxes and packing materials. For your fragile antiques or other valuable assets, custom made wooden crates will be utilized for safety during shipping process.
We aim to remove the stress and frustrations out of moving. Our packing services is merely one of the ways State to State movers work hard at making your moving day free from frustration and stress. We are happy to provide the extra pair of hands you need to relieve you of these tasks.

Not sure about utilizing our packing services?

It is no secret that moving is not on everyone's top list of must dos. This is why State to State Moving and Auto Shipping takes pride in being the helping hand in packaging of all your household belongings.

If you are like most people, some things are just a nightmare to pack. Not for us, as we have the years of experience behind us to ensure that every piece of your belonging is packed exactly as it should be to keep it safe and sound until it is in its new home. Allow us to make your moving experience a pleasurable one!

Have a concern about fragile or antique items?

Not an issue at State to State. We have all the professional packing materials to pack the smallest fragile pieces to the largest antique artwork. Custom wooden crates are made to size and utilized to give your special piece a temporary safe haven until it is safely put in its new destination.

Handling all type of fragile items is our specialty. With our certified team of movers, any worry of handling your precious valuables will be safely put onto our shoulders. Give State to State a call today, and we’ll lift the stress off your shoulders!

Worried about the packing of electronics?

Since our moving experts have the knowledge to pack all your electronics in the highest quality packing materials accessible, there is no need to worry about any possible damages.

Our trucks are specially designed to keep all of your belongings safe of the weather elements, as well as safely minimizing any shifting possibilities. No matter how big or small your electronics are, we can take care of them as if they were personally ours.

Which one is right for you?

Here at State to State quality is what we strive for. Offering each customer the best customized packing and moving services is our key to success. Treating your personal items as if they are ours allows us to give you the peace of mind in knowing your belongings will be handled with extra care.

We understand you work hard for each and every piece. We realize your time is just very valuable. Let our highly experienced team take care of those pieces and free up your time.

At State to State Moving and Auto Shipping, our customers are our best asset. 

Adding to our growing list of satisfied customers, we strive to provide the best customer service each and every day. Holding ourselves to a higher standard of work with every box we pack to every piece of furniture placed in its new home, we make sure to provide the most reasonable rates for our services.

Having every customer home with all their belongings safely in place is job well done. That is what keeps us on top of our game in our industry, making us a leader worth following.