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Gorgeous winter, lush nature, vicinity to Erie lake, and vibrant city atmosphere are definitely things you’ll love most about America’s North Coast. If you’re looking for trustworthy Cleveland movers to help you organize the upcoming interstate moving, here is everything you need to know about State to State Movers’ services. Contact us to explore all your options and learn how moving state to state could be a pleasant and stressless experience.

State to State Long-Distance Movers in Cleveland Offer Exquisite Moving Services to Ease Your Relocation

Are you looking for a relocation company that can provide you with all the moving services you need to organize your move? You’ve landed on the right address since State to State Movers provides all your needs related to a seamless moving experience.

Besides granting safe and professionally handled moving, our company also has this special approach to creating prices. Namely, every quote is based on your inventory list, which means the number of items on your list defines the final cost of relocation. What’s even better, this way, you can be in complete control of your costs since all inventory lists are customizable and adjustable until 24 hours before your move.

You can add or remove items from the inventory list, and our system will automatically report it to us and change the cost calculation. So, once you get the calculation, there won’t be any further surprises in terms of the final price, and this is something our clients like most about our service.

Long-Distance Movers In Cleveland, Ohio, Have Special Packing Services Deals

Undeniably, boxing up will be a central part of your moving experience. Boxing up the whole household will take you a lot of time, so if you want to speed up the process or be entirely sure all your belongings are packed appropriately, the best solution is to go for packing services.

Letting the professional team take care of your possessions will not only ensure everything is handled properly but will also provide you with more free time. Our basic packing deal is free and implies our team will:

  • Get all necessary protective packaging materials and equipment,
  • Label all packed possessions with electronic barcodes,
  • Disassemble and reassemble your furniture pieces,
  • Load and unload all boxes and furniture pieces,
  • Rearrange them in your new household.

However, keep in mind that basic service does not entail any items going into boxes. In case you want additional support with this issue, here is how we can help!

Partial and Full Packing Services Are Designed To Help You Box Up Every Valuable Item You Have

No matter if you want our professional long-distance movers to take care of silverware your grandmother gave you, glasses, or a grandfather clock, we can do it! If you have only a few possessions that could be packed in 15 boxes, we will provide you with a partial packing service that will be enough to cover your needs.

In case you have more stuff that needs to be packed, and they require more than 15 boxes, it means you need full packing service, which is also a part of our offer. So, the moment you provide us with an inventory list and tell us what should be handled by our team, we will determine what packing service suits you best.

There Is Also Custom Crating Provided For All Your Bulky But Breakable Items

If any musical instruments, china, or pieces of art like sculptures or paintings are on your packaging list, we can handle them safely, too, by creating a special custom crate. Everything you have to do is give us exact measurements and book this service in advance, and our team will be ready to relocate your valuables.

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Car Shipping Is Also Something Our Company Does Superbly

We know that for many people, their four-wheeler is a top priority. That’s why State to State Movers made top-notch auto transport services, so you can be sure your vehicle will be handled safely and delivered in time to your future home address. Here are a couple of more details related to car shipping that will cover all your needs.

What Type of Trailer Is the Best for Your Vehicle Type and Size?

There are two types of trailers you can choose to ship your car – open and enclosed. The decisive factor will be related to your car size and type. If you have a standard car, choosing an open trailer is the best option. Furthermore, you’ll be able to save up to 40% compared to enclosed trailers.

However, if you own some sport or luxurious vehicle, an enclosed trailer will be the only suitable solution because of car value. Also, since those cars are more expensive, you’ll want complete protection for them in terms of weather and road conditions. And that’s why enclosed trailers are always the optimal solution for those types of vehicles.

What Pick-Up and Delivery Options We Provide?

State to State Movers can pick up and deliver your vehicle right in front of your doorstep, or you can drive it and pick it up from some of our regional terminals. The first solution is a door-to-door pick-up and delivery option, while the second is terminal-to-terminal. Both have many advantages in terms of time and money, so if you need any further information or advice, make sure to contact our agents and get a full explanation on this.

State to State Movers Will Store Your Stuff for Free in First 30 Days

If you think free usage of storage units in the first 30 days is the greatest benefit of our storage services, there’s more! Full protection in terms of 24/7 video and guard surveillance, a temperature control system that protects all stuff from moisture and other damages, and an automated system that records every check-in or check-out of the goods are only a few of the multiple benefits we provide in our storage units.

More Discounts Await For All Those Who Have to Extend Usage of Storage

In case you have to prolong the usage of the storage unit, you’ll get special prices and conditions. The storage unit will be paid on a daily basis, meaning you’ll pay only what you’ve used.

Every Item on the Truck Is Insured – Here Are Available Insurance Policies

When it comes to your items, we always strive to protect them in every aspect we can. For that reason, we provide three different types of insurance policies that cover any damage that may occur. Here is how our insurance policy plans look like:

  • Mandatory liability coverage grants reimbursement of 60 cents per pound of damaged goods and is always included in every quote we give. In other words, it is free of charge.
  • Full value replacement insurance is an upgrade to a basic plan and is extra charged. However, if any valuable item is on your list, going for this option is always highly recommended. If any damage happens, you’ll get full reimbursement for the item’s value.
  • Car insurance is also included in every quote and is not extra charged. Although damage in car transport is rare, in case they happen, you can count on reimbursement for up to $100,000 on open trailers and $500,000 on enclosed trailers. All those reimbursements are applied only for external damages.

Things You’ll Love When Living in America’s North Coast!

Cleveland is the second-largest city in Ohio, known as a cultural hub of the area. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, numerous museums, musical and art institutes, and urban atmosphere combined with unique historical European-like downtown characterize the city’s spirit. Combine that with magical winters, top-notch universities, low costs of housing and living, and broad job opportunities, and it’ll become clear why many young people choose to live there. If you’re one of them, here is what you’ll love most when it comes to life in America’s North Coast.

Great Job Opportunities and Prospects of Founding Your Own Business Are Worth Moving to Cleveland, Ohio

The presence of eleven Fortune 500 companies and reorientation to service and manufacturing industries pushed Cleveland’s job market and made thousands of new work opportunities. No matter if you want to work from home, set your own business, or find a job, Cleveland’s top industries you should focus on are:

  • Automotive manufacturing,
  • Banking and finance,
  • Electric and lighting,
  • Food processing,
  • Information technology,
  • Management of companies and enterprises,
  • Oil and gas,
  • Paints and coatings,
  • Metal production and fabrication.

Affordable Living Costs Are The Greatest Advantage of Living in Cleveland

The greatest perks of living in the Americas North Coast are definitely low living and housing costs. Namely, the living costs are 16% lower, while housing costs are 54% less than the national average.

Top-Notch Schools and Universities Are Among the Best in Ohio

Both public and private schools and universities are focused on providing top-quality education, which will be a decisive factor for all young parents who search for the best place to raise their children. As we have already mentioned, Cleveland is a culture hub, which is why many high schools and colleges are focused on art and music.

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Best Neighborhoods in Cleveland to Buy or Rent Your Future Home

Cleveland is known for its diversity, and the same is true when it comes to neighborhoods. Depending on the kind of lifestyle you search for, America’s North Coast offers an impressive range of different neighborhoods, and here are top-three areas within the city you should definitely consider before moving interstate.

Downtown Cleveland Offers Best Location in the City

Downtown Cleveland is the best choice for young professionals who like to be in the center of happenings. At the same time, it is one of the most expensive and most popular areas in the city. Unique architecture, the vicinity of Lake Erie, and a wide range of restaurants, bars, and entertainment are things people like most in Cleveland.

The median house sale price with two bedrooms and two bathrooms in Downtown is $238,000, and depending on the amenities and number of bedrooms, this price can go down. The rental prices are also quite reasonable. For a one-bedroom apartment you should set aside around $1,499 monthly, while two-bedroom apartments prices go up to $2,105.

Tremont Is Cleveland’s Most Charming Neighborhood You’ll Love to Call Home!

Tree-lined streets, Victorian churches, pubs, and many cultural sites, both classical and urban, are the best perks of this part of the city. The typical house sale price is $120,000, which is 50% less compared to Downtown, and the trend is quite the same when it comes to rental prices. A one-bedroom apartment costs around $1,025 on a monthly basis, while a two-bedroom apartment costs $1,400.

Kamm’s Corners Is Perfect Choice for All Those Who Want to Live Out of Downtown Hustle and Bustle

Except you’ll enjoy lush nature and some of the best views over the city, Kamm’s Corners offer some of the most affordable housing and rental prices in the city. Three or four-bedroom house is something you can easily find for $168,000, which is the average price of houses of this size in this neighborhood. Rental prices are even more affordable. For instance, the monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment costs $775. If you want to have a two-bedroom apartment, $1,095 will be enough to cover the monthly rent.

Want to Move Out from America’s North Coast? Cleveland Movers Can Organize this Relocation Too

If winter, snow, and north are not appealing to you anymore, and you want to change your residential base, State to State Movers can help you with this idea too! Our company provides all support when it comes to relocation organized out of Cleveland, so don’t hesitate to contact us and explore available dates.


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