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The best way to experience big city living is by moving to NYC. The most populated city in the US attracts vast numbers of people from all over the world every year, and living there is undoubtedly a life-changing and defining experience. You can learn more about our New York movers and how to prepare for the long-distance relocation process without losing your mind.

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The Best Moving Services are Provided by State to State Movers

As a New York moving company, we at State to State Movers like to provide only the best service for our customers. Since relocating to NY is chaotic, doing it all alone could be anxiety-inducing and more complex than it should be. That’s why all the money you saved up for relocating will be worth investing in our interstate moving services that include many benefits and packages.

The standard relocation service isn’t just about our crews appearing at your door; it entails truck transportation, loading and unloading, packing all your basic furniture and appliances, storage unit safekeeping, and mandatory liability coverage, also known as insurance. You can contact us by either calling our customer support or going to our website and submitting a free quote form.

The free relocation quote you get will be based on your household inventory list, which is how the cost of long-distance relocating is determined. If you decide to change that list before relocation day, you can – and the price will also adjust accordingly.

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Moving Interstate is Next to Impossible Without Our Packing Service

Moving without well-coordinated packing services is a recipe for disaster. The most important part of most moves is packing, which is easier to mess up than it seems. Professional long-distance relocation workers are trained to pack everything from a wardrobe to a pen, and they do it safely with professional packing materials.

As mentioned before, the company determines the cost of relocating according to your packaging list, but there are other ways to take advantage of our packaging service – you can pack with either a full or a partial option. They weren’t only created with the money-saving customer in mind, but the one that doesn’t have enough time to think about packaging, too.

Moving and Choosing Between Full and Partial Packing Options

The partial packaging option is there for any customer that wants to save some money and participate in packaging themselves. This applies to packaging up to 15 boxes of items, which entails those that can fit into standard relocation boxes; furniture packaging is part of the standard relocation.

The full packaging option is for the customer that doesn’t have the time to think about every aspect of the relocation, so they give the full reign to professional relocation workers. Of course, this means packaging more than 15 boxes of items that can fit into standard boxes, furniture excluded.

If you have things that can’t fit into a standard box or are too valuable to pack with the rest of your belongings, you can pay for additional custom crating options. We pack special items into wooden crates tailored for them. The movers providing a quote will discuss with you what should be treated and packed with more care.

The Best Car Shipping Is With the State to State Moving Company

While many would say that you won’t need a car in NY, it’s still necessary to get from point A to B somehow, and there’s usually no better way than driving. If you’re ready for moving state to state, but not for taking the train every day, our company offers a car shipping service, available as an integral part of your long-distance relocation. We’re also known as an auto transport company, so you can ensure that we have high-quality transportation and safety measures.

Our Open and Enclosed Trailers for Auto Transport are Safe and Reliable

As with packaging, we thought of the money-savers with car shipping, too. There are two ways to ship your cars with us – with open and enclosed trailers. Open trailers are cheaper but equally reliable transportation options. Their only disadvantage is in the name – they’re open, which means the cars on them are exposed to the elements and more susceptible to external damage.

Those who have more expensive vehicles or simply don’t want to even imagine a scratch on their cars can opt for enclosed trailers. While being more expensive, their price is reflected in the safety they provide. There’s no exposure to the elements nor scratching, but, of course, at a price. Cars are insured in both transportation methods, so there’s no significant difference between them.

Expect a Swift and Professional Vehicle Delivery to Your Doorstep or a Terminal

Another way to save money with car pickup and delivery is to choose between door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal options. The first option is more or less self-explanatory – we pick up the car at your doorstep (or driveway) and deliver it to the one at your new home; you won’t see any additional steps in this process, but you may need to cash out a bit more. The one time a car shipping crew wouldn’t deliver to your doorstep would be if your street or driveway isn’t accessible by truck.

The latter, the terminal-to-terminal option, requires a bit more effort on your part. You’d drive or deliver the car to the terminal in your town and leave it for us to pack there. Later, when the vehicle arrives in NY, you’d pick it up at our company terminal and get to drive around town for the first time.

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Don’t Pass the Opportunity to Plan Your Move With the Help of Storage Services

As part of the standard relocation services, our New York mover crew can also offer you storage services to take advantage of. Typically, people leave their belongings in storage units when they don’t know where to put them or don’t want to throw them away just yet. You can do this, too; if you need more encouragement to do so, the storage service is free for the first 30 days of safekeeping, while the units are modern and supervised 24/7.

Mandatory Relocation Insurance Is There to Provide Peace of Mind

The New York moving companies that offer long-distance relocation services have mandatory liability coverage as part of their standard package. This applies to all items packed by you and the relocation crew. The mandatory liability coverage is 60 cents per pound of damaged goods.

Additionally, cars you ship with our transportation service are insured, too. Cars on open trailers are insured for external damages of up to $100,000, while those in enclosed trailers are insured for external damage of up to $500,000.

If, by any chance, you want to ensure your items are insured for their total value, you can pay a little extra to get the Full Value Replacement Insurance. This option, however, applies only to the items packed by the relocation crew. You can also insure the items packed into custom crates with the FVRI plan and leave the worrying to someone who didn’t think of everything.

New York City – the Big Apple with Big Ambitions and Many Opportunities

Many young adults daydream about relocating to NYC, and how could they not? The city of opportunities never ceases to amaze and surprise even its locals, let alone anyone who moves there. However, with the highest population out of all the cities in the US (around 8,800,000,) it can turn out overwhelming and tiring. People who come to New York City from the Midwest or even the West Coast take time to adapt to this wild ride of a place.

This place isn’t just the most important location on the East Coast, but it carries a lot of cultural, political, and economic weight globally, too. It’s one of the forty megacities of the world, neck and neck with Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Seoul, South Korea. If you want to be a part of a global economy and work your way up the ranks of NYC streets, you’ll love staying here.

Some more interesting facts about NYC are:

  • Its metropolitan area consists of around 20,000,000 residents,
  • It is divided into five boroughs – Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island,
  • 800 languages are spoken on NYC’s territory,
  • As many as 3,2 million residents of NY were born outside of the US, being the largest foreign-born population of any city globally,
  • The largest number of billionaires lives in NY,
  • NY’s original name was New Amsterdam, and it was founded in 1624 by Dutch colonists; the current name dates back to 1664, and it was an homage to the Duke of York,
  • The Statue of Liberty belongs to the neoclassical art movement and represents the Roman goddess of liberty called Libertas,
  • NY’s nicknames are The Big Apple, The City that Never Sleeps, and Gotham, among a few,
  • The NY Public Library has the largest collection of books in the US and serves three boroughs – Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island.

Will You Go Broke While Living In New York? The Costs of Living in NYC

Any young adult who moves to NY has difficult experiences with housing and accommodation; this is because it is one of the most expensive cities in the US (and even in the world). While having limitless housing options, some of them are below the basic living standards. Still, this is all a matter of budgeting and prioritizing – if you want a lot for little money, you won’t be happy with the results. Adapting your lifestyle and budget to NY’s speed is the only way to live to tell the tale.

The average home prices are around $600,000, while rent averages at $1,400 per month. There aren’t any suburban neighborhoods in the metropolitan area, so the area is densely urban; because of this, 67% of NY’s population are renters, while 33% are homeowners. Around 56% of residents claim that there’s enough home variety in NY, but only 12% feel there’s enough parking available.

Which Neighborhoods Should You Pay Attention to? 5 NY Areas to Settle In

The five boroughs are divided into different areas and neighborhoods, so if we recommended Brooklyn, its 2,7 million residents would ask – where exactly? Crown Heights, Flatbush, or Bushwick? We’ve narrowed it down to the five highest-rated neighborhoods, which are:

  • Battery Park City, Manhattan – voted as the best neighborhood in all of NY, it’s also considered the best area to raise a family. This is because of the unlimited access to high-quality education and entertainment, as well as it being one-third parkland,
  • Hell’s Kitchen, Midtown Manhattan – the best neighborhood for young professionals in NY, and the most diverse when it comes to the LGBTQ+ representation and business opportunities; numerous, multiethnic venues serve food and drinks and provide entertainment,
  • Prospect Heights, Brooklyn – one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in NY, and very well-connected in terms of train lines and transportation. It’s also considered very safe and full of educational and extracurricular opportunities for children,
  • Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn – considered to have a friendly, small-town feel with more traditional families, this area is near the piers on the Hudson River and filled with brownstone houses,
  • Riverdale, the Bronx – another family-friendly, riverside neighborhood that’s easy to commute by bicycle for anyone not interested in driving; it’s also close to trains that directly connect it to Manhattan.

Leaving NYC? State to State Movers Have a Solution for That, Too

If you feel like Gil Scott-Herron, who sang “New York is killing me” a decade ago, you can contact our movers in New York to help you move out. It’s OK to want to change environments since fast-paced and chaotic living isn’t for everyone. At State to State Movers, we offer the opportunity to leave NYC and get our high-quality relocation services whenever you want. All you have to do is contact our customer support or submit a free quote on our website. Moving interstate isn’t easy, so it’s better to make this significant life change with professional movers’ help.

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