By selecting the State to State Movers as your cross country movers of choice, you would get free 30 days storage facility at the origin state.

Like high-quality moving and packing service, we provide stress-free storage to our customers’ possessions. If you need any secure place for your valuables after moving – don’t worry. Along with packing in high-quality custom made moving boxes we are absolutely capable of storing your belongings safe until you settle. Give us a call today to see what storage options we can offer!

Our storage facilities are climate controlled and thus immune to the temperature extremes and other weather related threats. Our professional security experts supervise the site 24/7 to safeguard your belongings.

We maintain a reputation of the most affordable cross country moving company throughout the years because of our high concern to the safety and security of customer’s valuables. Each storage building is regularly checked and maintained by expert security officers to ensure the complete shelter from environmental hazards. Furthermore, our storage facility team performs routine visits to guarantee that all storage items are in order.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need a storage assistance!

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