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Many people yearn to live in Southern California, specifically SD, because of its sun-soaked Pacific coastline and innovative industries. Your planned move to SoCal’s second most populous city can go with ease with reliable San Diego movers. Contact State to State Movers today, and you’ll soon be enjoying the sun with great food and a cocktail in your hand.

If You’re in Need of Moving Services San Diego, State to State Movers Are the Perfect Choice

Moving state to state never comes easy because it’s complex, tiresome, and time-consuming. That’s why enlisting proper help and investing in the best possible interstate moving services is essential. But finding the right professional help among the moving companies in San Diego is tricky. To avoid being scammed, you should thoroughly look at online reviews left by the customers and get recommendations if they are available to you. However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t settle for the lowest quote offered, as these kinds of offers usually carry some hidden and unexpected costs down the road.

State to State Movers company is very transparent when it comes to the pricing of our professional services. We always base our free quote on the inventory list our customers present us with. This list can be changed and updated until one business day before your move-out date. Contact us today to get a free quote for your upcoming long-distance relocation.

Packing Is Among the Things We Do Best

While some people look at the whole relocation process as something that comes hard in all aspects, others only dread some parts of it. But all of them agree on the point that packing is probably the hardest thing to do. But with our professional service, you shouldn’t be worried about anything. Our movers will provide you with all the help you need and handle everything in the best possible way. They will secure all the appliances and take care of bulky furniture by disassembling and later reassembling it. It’s all part of our standard packing services, which is calculated in the quote.

State to State Movers Provide You With Partial and Full Packing Services

No moving interstate can be done without packing your whole household into boxes, and to be honest, it’s hard work and takes a lot of time. But you shouldn’t worry, as our moving company in San Diego will provide you with all the help you need. We can offer partial and full packing for an additional price, depending on the number of boxes, and charge you accordingly. If you have less than 15 boxes for us to pack, it’s considered partial service and more than 15 full.

Use Our Auto Transport Service Instead of Driving a Longer Distance

Our company strives to make the whole relocation run smoothly for each customer, and that is why we offer a punctual auto transport service among our other relocation solutions. Driving a vehicle by yourself over a longer distance, such as another part of the country, takes time and effort, which can be used differently. Most of us consider our cars a valuable asset and wouldn’t want to damage or strain them too much. To avoid it, you can choose between different transportation options for your vehicle, as well as different pick-up and delivery options.

Choose How You’ll Ship Your Vehicle to SD County

Whether you want us to ship a new vehicle right to your doorstep or you want auto transport service in a bundle with other relocation solutions, you can choose between two options. Open trailer shipping is a more affordable and more available solution. We can ship up to nine secured cars this way, but since the carrier has no roof or walls, your wheeler will be in need of a quick wash afterward.

Shipping on enclosed carriers is usually chosen by the owners of classic and show cars or any other type of expensive vehicle. Because these trailers are closed from all sides, it’s also a suitable solution for shipping in winter. We can transport up to five cars this way, and they will be secured and safe from all the weather and road conditions.

Decide Between Different Pick-Up and Delivery Options Based on Your Time and Money

When opting for our state-of-the-art car shipping, you will have an opportunity to choose how you want us to pick up and deliver your vehicle. Although the pricier option, the door-to-door service is the most popular one, because of its convenience. If you choose it, our team will arrive at your doorstep and take over the vehicle, which will be delivered to your new address later on.

The terminal-to-terminal solution is the more affordable one and is usually chosen by our customers that have a bit more time on their hands. The pick-up is done at a designated terminal location, to which you drive your car and leave it in the hands of our trained team. Later on, it will be delivered to a terminal that’s closest to your new address.

For Anyone Looking for Storage Services in the Area, We’ve Got You Covered

Our relocation package comes with a storage service which is free for the first 30 days. This is a convenient solution for any move, as your belongings will be kept in a secured unit until you get settled. It’s much easier to figure out the arrangements for your new place before you clutter it with your goods. Even if you require storage for a long period of time, our units are available, and we will charge by the day. Everything that you want to be stored will be kept under camera surveillance in a climate-controlled unit free of moisture, so you can relax knowing everything is safe and secured for as long as you need.

Our Insurance Will Give You a Peace of Mind

Our team is highly trained and vetted in handling all kinds of items. We have years of experience in the relocation industry to back us up, and everything we do, we do with care. But nonetheless, accidents may happen, so to allow you to have peace of mind, we are providing you with mandatory liability coverage that covers 60 cents per pound of damaged items. Since this type of coverage isn’t suitable for your more valuable possessions, we always encourage our customers to take Full Value Replacement. It comes at an additional cost from a third party, and it’s eligible for your belongings explicitly packed by our professional team.

If you have decided to let us ship your vehicle to the new location, we are happy to tell you that our insurance will cover any exterior damage that might occur. Shipping on open trailers is covered up to $100,000, while cars that are transported on enclosed carriers are covered up to $500,000.

Welcome to San Diego, the Birthplace of California

There are plenty of reasons for interstate moving to California’s Beach City. There’s no other place in the US with the same laid-back attitude, surrounded by natural beauty and a deep-water harbor. Because of it, many Americans recognize it as “America’s Finest City.” Who would mind the beauty of miles of white-sand beaches, pristine weather almost all year round, and various attractions?

Living in a fantastic climate is one of the city’s biggest perks, but recently, SD also became a healthcare and biotechnology development center. The key takeaway is that it used to be known for several things – for its early aviation growth, naval bases, and proximity to Mexico. The main powers of the city’s economy also lie in military, science, tourism, and manufacturing, and now it’s one of the rapidly expanding cities in the US. Additionally, it’s home to a variety of sporting teams.

Before a San Diego Moving Company Packs You, Get To Know the Costs and Housing Prices

Most of California’s places have a high cost of living, and it’s no different with SD. While healthcare costs are somewhat lower than the nation’s average, and the utilities are near the median price, housing prices are what makes the city so expensive. A median home in the city will cost you around $810,000 as opposed to the nation’s average of $290,000. The rent for a one-bedroom apartment is around $1,700, and a three-bedroom one will cost you $2,900 monthly. But relocating here is well worth it, because of great job opportunities, and above all, a less tense environment than most cities in the country.

Choose Between the Different Sun-Soaked Neighborhoods

There aren’t many places that can claim they offer both beach communities and urban enclaves like SD does. You can take your pick between these neighborhoods, whether you came here looking for surfing or a job in the biotech industry, or both. Here are the most notable ones:

  • Carlsbad is a somewhat modest district at first glance, located north of downtown. Basically, it’s a bedroom community that has lovely beaches and a growing drink and food scene. It’s also quite popular for families because besides having a walkable village, the neighborhood encompasses several great schools.
  • Carmel Valley is perfect for those who love planned communities. Families here enjoy the fact that the district offers fantastic public schools, and professionals highly appreciate the short commute to jobs in the nearby Torrey Pines Mesa and Sorrento Valley.
  • From the pedestrian-friendly and scenically beautiful downtown area to some of SD’s most breathtaking beaches, La Jolla is a gem of a neighborhood, offering even more. It also has good schools, great shopping opportunities, and fine dining spots, and on top of it – popular hiking trails.
  • Don’t let the fact that Mission Hills is home to million-dollar homes fend you off; it has something for everyone. With a residential area lined with dining spots and plenty of cafes and mom-and-pop shops, this neighborhood can be your next home.
  • Neighboring the small district of University Heights, Normal Heights is hip in every meaning of the word. Besides being home to many trendy restaurants, bars, and coffee shops, the neighborhoods’ Adams Avenue is the main spot of the action. It’s home to many festivals and outdoor events like Art Around Adams.
  • Hillcrest is the center of the city’s LGBTQ+ community, with beautiful Spanish-style houses and many Craftsman homes. Dining options here primarily focus on ethnic cuisine, and besides restaurants, there are a plethora of bars. This neighborhood is in proximity to the San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park.

Wherever you look within the city’s vicinity, you will find idyllic choices. Take your pick based on your preferences – there are neighborhoods affluent with nightlife or ones with high-ranking schools, and together they make a perfect blend that is SD.

Moving Out of the City With San Diego Movers Will Run Smoothly

Although most people enjoy and thrive within this city full of blue skies and white sand, if you are looking for movers in San Diego to help you pack up and leave, our company is here to help. State to State Movers will back you up all the way and be your partner during the relocation, enabling you to have a smooth transition.


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