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California is famous for many things, from Hollywood to surfing. However, there’s one gem more and more people are discovering there – the state capital, Sacramento. Dubbed as the most diverse city in America, it’s also one of the best places to move to in CA. Call our professional Sacramento movers to relocate without a hitch and live life as a Sacramentan to the fullest.

Get the Best Moving Services With Our Movers to Sacramento, CA

If you’re eager to move out and start anew, our professional movers to Sacramento can make those dreams come true. At State to State Movers, we work hard for our customers because their happiness means our job is done right. We provide interstate moving services to many cities and areas across the US and make sure each customer knows the many options available.

If you want to learn how moving with our company works, check out our website, contact a customer service representative, or simply send us an email. You can get a free quote on the website by simply filling out a quote form.

The free quote will be tailored to your household inventory list, meaning that the price of the move depends on the number of items you need packed. The list you create at the beginning of the process can be changed and adapted until relocation day. The price will, of course, adjust accordingly.

The standard relocation package includes packing of the basic furniture and appliances, such as couches, chairs, stoves, and washing machines; basically, anything larger than a box. Besides standard packing, the relocation truck transport, loading, and unloading are free, as well as storage safekeeping and mandatory insurance coverage. It’s a great deal you don’t want to pass on.

Our State to State Moving Company Offers Many Options for the Ultimate Packing Services

Moving interstate seems like a life-changing process, and it usually is. That’s why it can get overwhelming quickly and cause you to make mistakes with packing and shipping your belongings. That’s why State to State Movers is here for you – we offer a calm, stress-free relocation process with our packing services and their many forms.

Everyone relocating with us can choose a package that takes their budget and preferences into account equally. You have the full and partial packaging options available and custom crating for valuable items. One of our representatives will come to your home and assess the moving costs according to the items list, or you can even do a video survey if that’s your preference.

Choose Between Full or Partial Packing Services

The full packing option means packaging more than 15 boxes for the move. Essentially, the relocation crew can pack everything you want to bring and have your efforts reduced to a minimum. This is the more expensive option but promises a no-mistake relocation.

On the other hand, the partial packing option means packaging fewer than 15 boxes of items, which gives you some leeway. Combine the partial packaging option with doing some of the preparations yourself, and save up for other aspects of the move. Both options require a detailed inventory list because the workers know what box is suitable for every household item.

Moving Is Made Easier and Safer with Custom Crates

Sometimes we have valuable and priceless items for shipping. Whether it’s family legacy or the big screen TV from the living room, both can be packaged into sturdy custom crates explicitly designed for them.

You’ll have to emphasize what must be custom-packed beforehand because the pricing is different. This is because the crates take time to build and assemble, and they’re treated differently than other cargo. Relocation crews have instructions on handling fragile and valuable items, so you won’t have to worry about anything at all.

Auto Transport Will Be a Breeze With Our Car Shipping Services

Of course, we wouldn’t be known as the number one movers in Sacramento if we didn’t offer a high-quality car shipping service. Our company is called State to State Moving and Auto Transport, which means a huge part of our business revolves around safely transporting vehicles across the country.

It isn’t easy to sell your old car and buy a new one; it’s way easier to simply book our auto transport service and see your trusted four-wheeler safely land in Sacramento. Getting to know the streets of your new home will be easier in a car you’ve driven before, so rely on us to deliver it safe and intact.

State to State Movers Transport Cars Safely With Open and Enclosed Trailers

As with packaging options, you have long-distance car transport options available, too. There’s the choice between open and enclosed trailers, and both have advantages that are hard to overlook. If you’re not sure how it works, contact us via email or the free quote form for car shipping.

If you’re trying to relocate at the minimal expense possible, open trailers are a great choice. They’re cheaper and more efficient because they fit more vehicles. The one downside is that cars on open trailers get more exposed to the elements, so the vehicle will likely feel it if it rains or snows. Enclosed trailers protect cars from all that. They’re safe and keep the cars intact throughout the journey. Their only disadvantage is that they’re pricier than open trailers.

Save Time With Door-to-Door Delivery, or Money with the Terminal-to-Terminal Service

If you thought that’s it from our multitude of relocation choices, wait till you hear about car pickup and delivery. If you choose, we can pick up your car right at your doorstep at the old home and deliver it directly to the one at your new home. All you need to do with this option is tell the long-distance relocation crew if your driveways are accessible by truck.

If the driveway or building cannot be accessed by truck, terminal pickup and delivery is also an option. You either can’t have the truck in front of your house or don’t want to – saving money is still a vital aspect. We respect money-savers and our customers’ budgets, which is why we have terminals in every major city we serve.

Don’t Bring too Much to Sacramento, CA – Movers Offer a Storage Service for Safekeeping

Of course, it’s normal to over or underestimate the size of your long-distance move, especially when going to a smaller home (or vice versa). And what kind of interstate movers would we be if we didn’t offer a solution for this sort of problem, too? Storage services help those who pack too many things or don’t know what to do with the rest of their belongings.

The best part of our storage service isn’t that the storage units in our warehouses are modern, professional, and equipped with the best protection technology, but that they’re free to use for the first 30 days. This is the one part where you don’t need to worry about the budget; go for the storage units and decide what to do with your belongings later.

Moving State to State with Insurance Means Relocating with Confidence

No move would be complete without insurance. Moving state to state is a long process that requires planning. However, no matter how much you plan out a move, there’s no way to predict accidents; that’s why we have relocation insurance. Mandatory liability coverage is 60 cents per pound of damaged goods. This applies to the cargo packed by both you and the long-distance relocation crew.

You can add some more money to your budget for the Full Value Replacement Insurance if you like. This applies only to the things the relocation crews pack, and you can add it to separately insure the custom crates, too. It may be pricier, but it can eliminate the fear of relocating almost completely.

As long-distance movers to Sacramento, we also provide insurance for the vehicles we ship on our trailers. Vehicles shipped by open trailers are insured for damages up to $100,000, while those in enclosed trailers are insured for damages of up to $500,000. Note that vehicle insurance applies only for exterior damage.

Sacramento – the Californian Capital and America’s Most Diverse City

Sacramento is an unlikely state capital. The more famous cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco remain popular among young people relocating to California. Still, Sacramento has been quietly persisting as one of the state’s best cities to live in. That’s not just because of its administrative and political center titles, but because with a population of around 525,000, it offers all the perks of a metropolis without being imposing or overwhelming.

Also known as Sactown or, simply, Sac, it was initially the living area of the Californian indigenous peoples. The area was conquered by numerous Spanish and other European conquerors throughout history until its establishment as an American city in 1850. Currently, Sacramento is considered the most diverse city in America, continuing the legacy from the earliest days.

Some other interesting facts about Sac are:

  • It’s the ninth-largest capital city in the US and the sixth-largest in CA,
  • Its name is the Spanish equivalent of the word ‘sacrament,’
  • It is California’s major healthcare industry center, as the seat of the UC Davis School of Medicine, and Sutter Health, the non-profit health delivery system,
  • Besides the title of the most diverse city, it’s also considered the fastest-growing and the most hipster city in America,
  • It’s a cultural hub with many museums, visual arts and film festivals, and hubs for the LGBTQ+ community,
  • It has 5,000 acres of parkland and recreational centers,
  • Some of its sister cities are Manila, Philippines, Valencia, Spain, and Matsuyama, Japan.

How Much Money Will You Need to Live in Sacramento?

Appearing on the map of the most suitable places to call home, Sactown doesn’t fall behind other Californian cities regarding the quality of housing, living, and amenities. Whatever you can get in LA or SF, you can get as much, if not more, in Sac.

Compared to the average house cost in LA ($630,000,) Sactown offers more affordable housing at an average price of $337,000. The urban and suburban real estate mix provides various opportunities to rent, too. Moreover, claims that around 52% of the city’s residents rent their places at an average of $1,200 per month. 32% of residents agree that the real estate prices in Sactown are affordable, so hopefully, this can help you decide on relocating there.

Sacramento’s Neighborhoods – the Best and the Most Popular Areas to Live In

To narrow down the options before you contact a relocation company to help you move, here are the highest-ranked neighborhoods in Sac:

  • Boulevard Park – considered the #1 neighborhood for young professionals and raising a family, Boulevard park has a lot to offer in terms of diversity and education. The only downside might be pricey real estate,
  • Midtown / Winn Park / Capital Avenue – this triply named neighborhood is the second-best to settle in Sactown; it’s filled with eclectic venues, year-round events, and shopping areas,
  • New Era Park – a calm, crime-free neighborhood with the most resemblance to San Francisco, according to the locals,
  • East Sacramento – an excellent area for college students and those seeking employment in the educational sector; it also boasts a large number of family-owned businesses and families, in general,
  • Alhambra Triangle – the area with the oldest houses in town, dating back to the 1920s, but still giving the metropolitan feel with the A+ ranked nightlife and diversity.

Looking to Move out of Sacramento? State to State Movers Can Help With That, Too

It’s also possible that you’re looking to leave Sactown soon. If you desire a change, our Sacramento local movers also offer relocation options from the city. The process is the same as if you’d be settling in, so there aren’t any different things you’d have to do or criteria to fulfill. The most important thing is to make relocation easier for yourself by hiring State to State Movers to help. All you have to do is trust our professional teams to do all the hard work and get ready to have the time of your life after leaving the Californian capital.


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