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Are you yearning for an immersive, genuinely Californian experience? Look no further than the Orange County seat of Santa Ana. This town was deemed the fourth-safest city, and it’s among the fifty healthiest places in the US. What’s not to like? Call Santa Ana movers and go on this adventure as soon as possible.

Moving Services to Santa Ana are Provided by State to State Movers

If you wish to book interstate moving services, look no further than State to State Movers. With us, you can get a free quote and a vast array of options for all your delivery needs. Our moving help is charged according to your household inventory list, which means you can get a free quote the moment you decide to move.

If there’s anything else you want to add to the inventory list before relocation day, you can – the cost will change accordingly. Additionally, you won’t ever see unexplained costs or fees because our business is straightforward and honest.

When you welcome a team member of our state-to-state moving company at home, they’ll assess the value of the household items you wish to bring. After that, you’ll get the quote and the option to discuss other benefits our company offers.

Santa Ana Movers Provide the Best Quality Packing Services

It’s never easy to pack. You may not know where to start and what to do with the bulkiest furniture in your home, which could significantly delay the relocation process. That’s why it’d be much easier, and likely less expensive, to contact the state-to-state relocation company and get them to take care of everything through the packing service.

If for whatever reason, you cannot (or don’t want) to spend the entire budget on packing services, you can always choose between two options – full and partial packing. On the other hand, if the valuables at your home are too valuable to risk packaging them alone, we offer custom crating to every customer. There aren’t any black and white scenarios where you have to choose only this or that. It’ll be easy to decide what’s best for you.

Full vs Partial Packing – What’s the Difference?

Because every customer has different preferences and priorities, we offer options for those who wish to be involved in more than just observing the move. If, by chance, you want to pack some of the more important items and belongings, help yourself. The rest, according to the list, will be packed by the long-distance relocation crew. This is a partial packaging option, and the team will be able to pack up to 15 boxes this way.

Say you’re relocating with small kids or pets, or you have a lot of other obligations to take care of and very little time to handle packaging by yourself. In this situation, it’s possible to book a full packaging service; this is when the relocation crew packs more than 15 boxes.

Of course, the cost is different for both these options, so picking one depends mainly on your budget and preferences. The long-distance relocation crew will only expect you to deliver a detailed household inventory list, so nothing gets packed by mistake, or worse, forgotten.

Moving Valuable Items In Custom Crates Is a Life-Saving Option

For any customer relocating for the first time, keeping valuable items safe during transport is likely the most crucial part. Anything from expensive TVs to antique vases dating back to before you were born is deemed valuable, and in that case, warrants a special package.

Our custom crates are wooden and labeled as ‘fragile’ so that every team member working on the relocation knows how to handle the items. You don’t have to worry about anything breaking or being mistreated and misplaced. Ask the company’s customer service about these crates and their costs, and arrange custom packaging for your long-distance relocation, too.

Don’t Move Anywhere Without Getting Our Car Shipping Service

Moving interstate with your car is tough, and so much so that it must have occurred to you that it’d be easier to simply sell it and then buy a new one after relocating. With our car shipping services, that wouldn’t even be a thought in your mind because we have a few options for this part of the process, too.

We at State to State Movers are, besides moving, known as an auto transport company, meaning we specialize in shipping cars and delivering them intact. As with any long-distance relocation aspect, you can also expect different costs for every type of car transport and delivery.

State to State Movers Ship Vehicles In Two Ways – Open and Enclosed Trailers

With two possible ways to transport vehicles, we feel there’s enough flexibility and safety for everyone’s taste. The methods are using either open or enclosed trailers. They both have insurance attached to the service and, of course, their pros and cons.

Open trailer transport is the cheaper method of transportation, but there’s a catch, and it’s in the name itself. The trailer onto which we load cars is open, making them susceptible to the elements during transport. If you’re unsure about using open trailers, check our car shipping service reviews and see for yourself how safe open trailers really are.

Enclosed trailers shelter the vehicle from the elements, so they’re beneficial for cold seasons. These are the more expensive trailers to go for, but if your car is brand new and you wish it to stay looking that way, opt for enclosed trailer transport.

Door to Door vs Terminal to Terminal Delivery Services Explained

We know you want your car delivered right to the doorstep, so you’ll rejoice in hearing we can do that. The one element that could prevent a door-to-door delivery will be if the street your home is in is too narrow or somehow inaccessible by truck.

In case that is true, then opting for terminal delivery and pickup is also available. We have a few terminals in the city of your choice, including Santa Ana, so you’ll be able to still see your vehicle shipped properly and intact at the end of the journey. This option is also cheaper, so you could save some money and take a drive around the new city.

We at State to State Movers Have Top-Notch Storage Units and Service

It’s normal to overestimate the number of items you can bring to a new home; moving state to state is never easy nor completely stress-free. If it seems like you brought too much or simply have belongings that you can’t carry but don’t want to throw, ask our representatives to provide you with storage services.

Our storage units are top-notch and of the highest quality; the most convenient and coolest part is that storage keeping your belongings is free for the first 30 days.

Having Moving Insurance Makes It Easier to Venture Into the Unknown

The movers to Santa Ana won’t offer relocation services without mandatory insurance. No matter what options you choose for packing and car shipping, your belongings will be safe and insured throughout the trip. However, just like with every part of the move, insurance has a couple of options too.

Mandatory liability insurance is the one that applies to every single packed item, and it’s 60 cents per pound of damaged goods. If you wish, you can insure your belongings with a Full Replacement Value Insurance or FRVI. While this type of coverage offers full value replacement, it only applies to the parts of the cargo that got packed by the relocation crew. You can insure your custom crated items separately.

Additionally, vehicles in open trailers are insured for damages of up to $100,000, while those in enclosed trailers are covered for damages up to $500,000.

Santa Ana, or Saint Anne, Is the Orange County Seat and the Diversity Capital of California

Santa Ana is the Spanish name for Saint Anne, which the locals sometimes call it. This town is the second most populated and the seat of Orange County (OC). According to some statistics, in 2011. Saint Anne was deemed the fourth safest city in the US, an incredible title to carry.

The town hasn’t just stayed safe to this day, but it has become one of the most diverse places in the country. For some, it’s considered the diversity capital of California because of the attractions and fun activities that cater to wide ranges of audiences. The Santaneros love their town because of its eclectic entertainment choices by night and culturally diverse restaurants by day.

Here is some other, basic information about Santa Ana:

  • The city’s population is around 330,000,
  • It’s located in Southern California,
  • As the OC seat, Saint Anne is located in the Los Angeles metropolitan area,
  • It’s adjacent to the river and mountain range of the same name,
  • The city is four-fifths Latino,
  • The motto is Education first,
  • The city was founded in 1769 by a Spanish explorer called Don Gaspar de Portola, established as a city in 1886 and declared the OC seat in 1889,
  • The climate is dry, with hot summers and mild winters.

Costs of Living in Santa Ana, California

While it’s located in one of the most expensive metropolitan areas in the country, Santa Ana doesn’t follow in others’ footsteps so easily. Los Angeles has quite the costly real estate going for them, but it’ll be easier to find more affordable housing options in the Orange County seat.

According to, Santa Ana is a mix of urban and suburban residences. It’s closely divided between renters and owners, with 54% of the population living by renting out their homes. If you’re looking to rent, too, expect a median of $1,500.

However, if you’re looking to invest in a property and be a homeowner in Santa Ana, the average home price is around $491,000. Considering that home prices in LA are around $630,000 on average, Santa Ana seems like a cheaper alternative that’s also quieter, easier to commute, filled with greenery and parks, and has some of the highest quality schools in CA.

The 5 Best Neighborhoods of Santa Ana

A few prominent neighborhoods in the city seem to stand out more than others by their living and housing quality and entertainment and employment opportunities. They are:

  • Fairbridge Square – deemed the #1 neighborhood for young professionals and #2 for a family. These statistics give Fairbridge a number one rank on the list of Santa Ana neighborhoods,
  • Meredith Parkwood – this neighborhood is considered the greatest to raise a family in, and within walking distance, you can find the Foothill High School, one of the most acclaimed public schools in California,
  • South Coast – this neighborhood is on the border with Costa Mesa and has lots of parks, including the large Bomo Koral Park,
  • Portola Park – voted as the most diverse neighborhood in Santa Ana, here you can find the Orange County School of the Arts and a variety of shopping areas,
  • Concord – this area is considered one of the safest and sunniest in the city, but it’s also one of the priciest.

If You’re Leaving the OC’s OG town, Our Movers from Santa Ana, CA, Can Help You With That, Too

If you’ve been living in Santa Ana for a while and wish to move somewhere else, you’re in luck. We are also a Santa Ana moving company that can help you leave with our state-to-state moving and auto transport services. While the dry summers and Orange County life are appealing for some, it’s alright if it’s not the same for you.

With our relocation crews, it’s easy to leave the OC and head for greener pastures of your choosing. You can contact our customer representative or read reviews online and check why we’re the best in the game, no matter where you wish to be. Don’t hesitate; go state to state.


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