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If you plan to move to The Big Peach anytime soon, you have probably started looking at moving companies in Atlanta, GA. Finding the best Atlanta movers can be a challenge, but you’re in luck because you have found our professional interstate moving company. Check out which relocation services State to State Movers can offer you, and get your free quote. You will undoubtedly move with the most reputable relocation business if you book us for your relocation day.

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If You Need Atlanta Moving Services, You’re in the Right Place – We Have Outstanding Atlanta Movers

Even though there are many Atlanta moving companies, not all of them can provide you with such an outstanding, professional moving service as our state-to-state movers in Georgia can. Whether you need residential or commercial service, our company is one of the most reputable ones in the industry. We have been trendsetters for long-distance relocations for years. Having us by your side will 100% guarantee that your move will turn out to be a pleasant experience you’ll keep in happy memory. So, why bother moving interstate on your own when you can reach out to State to State Movers and get yourself the best relocation team imaginable?

Our professional workers will ensure that your household items arrive at their new home intact – boxes and furniture both. We will take care of your things – that’s one of our company’s traits that sets us apart from other residential or commercial relocation companies. Worrying about damaged or lost belongings isn’t something you will have to deal with when you move with us. After all, everybody experiences enough relocation stress even without this, don’t you think? The price will be determined based on the household inventory list, which you can change until the day before the move.

Why Choose Long-Distance Moving Services From Our Movers in Atlanta, GA, for Your Upcoming Relocation?

You can’t have a great company without great workers, which is why every team we have consists only of the best professional movers in the business. We pay a lot of attention to training and improving our movers’ knowledge of the latest industry trends and relocation hacks that can make every move better. Having careful and skilled long-distance movers is the most important part of residential or commercial relocation. With our team, you can rest assured that everything you need to move to the new home will get there – we know how to get the job done properly. You can rely on our help.

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Our Moving Company in Atlanta Offers Top-Rated Packing Services That Will Make Your Move Effortless

Nobody likes packing their entire home and shipping boxes and furniture across the country – it’s simply tedious and takes a lot of your time. The problem is that you don’t have enough of that when you’re planning a move, considering that every relocation to-do list is miles long, no matter the distance to your new home. Relocations are complicated, but they don’t have to be if you decide to contact State to State Movers – we can provide you with excellent packers who will pack everything you want to move. Our packing services will save you plenty of nerves and ensure you arrive at your new place relaxed and ready to enjoy your city.

If you’re not sure you want to book this service but still need a bit of assistance, we have the perfect solution for you. When you contact us for regular moving service, you will get standard packing included in the price. What does that mean? Our packers will take care of your furniture. They will disassemble the furniture and assemble it back up in your new home. Also, wrapping items bigger than box size is included in this. Naturally, this stands for both residential and commercial relocations.

Partial or Full Packing Assistance – What Shall You Choose?

Let’s say you want more than just standard wrapping – what do we offer in this case? As always, we have the perfect solution for all our clients’ needs. We do partial or full wrapping – what is the difference between the two? Partial assistance means that our packers will pack up to 15 boxes for you, and a full one means they can pack as many boxes as you want them to – there is no limit. So, even if you haven’t decluttered well and have plenty of stuff to move, we have your back – you don’t have to stress over wrapping and shipping.

Great Packers Who Are a Part of Our Team Will Take Care of Your Valuable Items

One of the most stressful parts of relocating state-to-state is planning how to ship your valuable possessions – will they arrive at the Big Peach in one piece, or will you have huge financial losses after the move? Worry not – our long-distance relocation business can handle even the most delicate items and ship them safely across the country. We provide custom crating for your valuables, so you can be sure they’ll be shipped effortlessly.

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An Essential Part of Every Long-Distance Move Is Car Shipping – Check Out Your Free Quote

What are you going to do about your car? Driving it across the country is certainly not an option, so it seems like you should contact somebody for auto transport. Make sure you reach out to the top-rated car shipping business – that’s us. State to State Movers will take great care of your vehicle and keep it protected in our trailer. Check out various options we offer for vehicle shipping and contact us.

Open and Enclosed Trailer – Which One Is for You?

People are often confused when choosing between these two options, so let us explain the difference. The open trailer will provide less protection to your vehicle, but it will also cost you less than an enclosed carrier. In most cases, an open carrier is more than enough for shipping cars. The enclosed carrier is used only for valuable automobiles or collectors’ items. It will protect your vehicle from road debris and weather conditions.

Delivery Options We Offer

One of the benefits of hiring us to ship your car is that we offer door-to-door delivery. Your vehicle can wait for you in front of your new residence, and if we can’t access the place, we will leave it at the nearest parking area. Either way, you will save plenty of time because you won’t have to go pick up your car. Still, keep in mind that door-to-door delivery is a bit pricier than standard terminal-to-terminal shipping. If you are tight with money, you might want to consider booking a terminal-to-terminal option.

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Storage Service With Our Company Is Free for the First 30 Days

It’s pretty hard to move without having a storage unit to keep your stuff for a while. People often don’t have their place completely ready when they move or have way too many things to store within the house. Whatever the reason, finding a storage facility is another thing you will have to do before settling in the Big Peach. Luckily, we have excellent storage you can use entirely for free for the first 30 days. That’s right, you won’t pay a dime for this if you become our customer. So, why not get a free quote for your move now?

Once those 30 days are over, you are welcome to continue using our storage facility for the standard price. If you don’t require our unit anymore, our workers can assist you with transporting your boxes and furniture to their new location. Naturally, you won’t have to pay anything retroactively if you choose to quit using our facility. Be sure to book our team on time and get this outstanding offer for a storage unit with our regular relocation assistance.

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Don’t Forget to Get Moving Insurance – We Can Provide You With Excellent Policies

When you move from state to state, you are required to have mandatory liability coverage for your boxes and furniture – it’s 60 cents per pound of damaged goods, and it covers everything that we will move, regardless of who packed it. If you feel it would be better to protect your belongings more than that and have more coverage, we also offer Full Value Replacement. This policy covers only things that our packers have packed, and we also require a detailed inventory list of things that will be insured.

If you have a few valuables you would like to insure separately, we can do that as well, but keep in mind that valuable items can be insured separately only if their wrapping was done by our packers and included custom crating. Car insurance is also available, and it covers only external damages to the vehicle. The policy is $100,000 for vehicles shipped by an open carrier and $500,000 for vehicles shipped by an enclosed trailer.

Why Is Living in Georgia Capital a Great Idea?

The Big Peach is known as one of the best places in the United States to live in, and it is growing rapidly – the development has brought many new jobs and business opportunities. That’s one of the reasons why the Georgia capital is one of the top-ranked cities for young professionals. However, it’s also a fantastic place to raise a family. Whoever you are and whatever you’re looking for, then chances are you will find it in this beautiful city.

The Real Estate Market in the Big Peach

About 55% of residents rent their place, which isn’t surprising considering that the median rent is $1,150 – that’s pretty close to the national median renting price and more than affordable for such an outstanding city. If you prefer buying real estate over renting it, the good news is that buying a house is also quite affordable – the median home value is $290,400 (the national median value is $217,500).

Neighborhoods and Amenities That Await for You Here

There is always something new to see or do in Atlanta – you will enjoy it and start feeling like a member of the community quickly. Countless great restaurants, bars, coffee shops, stores, museums, and malls will be more than enough to give you the highest standard of living and fulfill all your needs. Public and private schools are excellent, and the environment is suitable for raising children. The city has more than a few beautiful neighborhoods, the most popular being Atlantic Station, Morningside/Lenox Park, Piedmont Park, Midtown, Buckhead Village, East Atlanta, and Peachtree Heights.

In Case You Want to Move From the Big Peach, Our Atlanta Home Movers Can Also Help You

If you have to move out of this lovely city for any reason, our relocation business has got you covered as well. Our crew can assist you with relocating anywhere within the country and make a difficult period such as relocation an easy one. You have all of our relocation services at your disposal, and all you have to do is pick up the phone and call us. Don’t waste any more time – remember, the greatest crews are always booked first. If your move is approaching quickly, reach out to State to State Movers as soon as you can. Rest assured that we will more than fulfill your expectations – we genuinely care about customers’ experience.


    Thank you “State to State Moving and Auto Shipping” for timely and non-expensive relocation of our office. During our move, movers always quickly and effectively responded to all our requests; the company promptly provided transport and staff, taking into account all details. Movers brought the boxes in advance – so we could pack ahead ourselves. The boxes were a nice fit. Thanks to that, we were able to save time, as on the day of the move all workers had to do was load their truck.

    Bernard O.

    I am very satisfied from this company after they helped me ship my vehicle cross country. All along the way they were very supportive, transparent, reasonable with terms and fees and friendly. Especially their agent Tom.
    I’ll definitely turn to them again any time I need moving!

    Asi Shnabel

    Thanks to State to State I was able to carry out the move of a 2br apartment inexpensively and quickly. Friendly salesperson provided me with a free quote based on all the furniture and other items. On the day of the move movers were working together very harmoniously. From the very beginning I was properly asked about the amount of work and offered the appropriate price and truck option to transport my Nissan Murano. The movers arrived in time, things were packed quickly and accurately, we did not have to worry about the fragile things – my collection of vases, crystal glass table – they all made it to my destination safely. I will recommend to all friends!

    Adriano K.

    We moved with State to State back in May. The guys arrived on time, did everything correctly and quickly. Despite the fact that things turned out over the volume than expected, movers managed to fit everything into the truck. These guys proved to be truly professional. No complaints. The ratio of price and quality is optimal. Payment – according to the agreement. It’s nice to have a deal with a responsible company and professional staff. Thank you!

    John B.

    During the move, we have taken advantage of the free services of this company. We ordered an in-home estimate to make sure we are being quoted exact price. They also don’t charge you for any packing supplies, which is great, unless you want to order some supplies directly from their website. The movers were polite and neat, even though we had a few very heavy furniture items. In general, we are satisfied. Thank you for your assistance in moving, you’ve done a perfect job.

    Melissa A.

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