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Moving to Boston is one of the greatest decisions you can make. The City isn’t only the cradle of the American Revolution but also home to world-class high education and natural sights that’ll make you forget you’re in a state capital. Keep reading to learn more about our Boston movers and why we’re the best in the game.


Hire State to State Movers for the Best Long-Distance Moving Experience

At State to State Movers, we’re proud to provide relocation services that give customers options and the ability to balance between budget and needs. You can contact our movers to Boston in a couple of ways – online, via a free quote on our website, or by giving us a call – either way, our customer support team responds quickly.

By booking our standard relocation services, you get some perks for free. One is that our workers pack, disassemble and assemble the furniture and appliances at your old and new home.

Truck services, loading, and unloading also come into the price, as well as insurance for all the packaged items. Finally, if anything unexpected happens and you can’t unpack right away, our standard relocation services entail free storage use.

Your household inventory list determines the relocation price, and no new costs will be added to it before the time to move out comes. You can change the list, so the price will be adjusted correspondingly.

You’ll Be Happy With Our Professional Packing Services and the Choices

Another reason why we’re one of the most affordable moving companies in Boston is our packing service. The most crucial part of moving state to state is having everything packed to stay safe and well-protected during transport. Our relocation workers are professional in packaging everything from the smallest details to the most essential, bulky furniture.

Besides the standard furniture and appliance packaging, you can choose and pay for additional options for securing your belongings – custom crates and full and partial packing.

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The Full and Partial Packing Options Allow You to Prioritize

With our two fantastic packaging options, you can combine convenience and budget, and both will be worth the time and money you invest. The partial packaging option is helpful for the customers wishing to save up and do some of the packing alone. It means our team will package up to 15 boxes of items, and you can handle the rest.

The full packing option mainly provides comfort. You won’t have to worry about handling most of your belongings since this option means our team will package more than just 15 boxes. Of course, when you contact us, our representatives will tell you all about which items should be packed and carried by you, and which our workers wouldn’t be able to pack at all.

Moving With Priceless Items? Take Advantage of Our Custom Crating

Custom crating service is another available option and applies to very valuable items. That could be a flatscreen TV, a grandfather clock, or any kind of expensive item you wish to protect doubly during transport.

We have custom-made wooden crates available for special items. Our crews have the necessary skills to design the containers according to measurements, wrap the belongings well, and protect the crates themselves once they’re ready for shipment.

Transport Your Vehicle Safely With State to State Movers’ Car Shipping Service

Boston is quite a pedestrian and bike-friendly city, but having your car there at the same time won’t hurt. You may be able to explore the city on foot on the weekends, but commuting to work is always more convenient and tolerable by car. You don’t have to worry about transporting your beloved four-wheeler because our movers in Boston can do that for you, too.

Our long-distance car shipping service also has a few options that give the customers a chance to choose the most convenient ways to move. You can also ask for a free quote for car shipping and determine its price in advance.

The factors that could decide the shipping cost are weight, size, and sometimes the make and model of the car; besides these, there are transport and delivery options you’ll hear about when our customer support calls to help you organize.

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Our Long-Distance Transport Options Provide Comfort, Safety, and Flexibility

Before you hand us your car for shipping, you have to decide between open or enclosed trailer transport. These long-distance transport carriers are equally safe and protect vehicles from significant damage, but there are some differences between them.

Moving interstate with open trailer auto transport means shipping your car on an open-air carrier. This option is more affordable and can guarantee safe delivery but poses a risk of minor external damage such as dust and dirt.

The enclosed carrier option eliminates the possibility of your car catching any dust and dander, but since it’s fully protective and closed, it’s a bit pricier. No matter what kind of trailer you go for, you will get valuable car protection and transport with our company.

Movers Can Pickup and Deliver Vehicles to the Place of Your Choosing

Another auto transport option is the pickup and delivery method. These also come in twos, with a more affordable and more convenient option to choose from. The first one is terminal-to-terminal pickup and delivery, and it means you will have to drive your car to the local company terminal and wait for it at the terminal in Boston.

The latter, more convenient option, is door-to-door pickup and delivery, which doesn’t require you to drive or go anywhere. If our company truck can approach your street or driveway, we will pick up and deliver your car there. If not, we will simply pick up and deliver it to the nearest street or area accessible by truck.

Learn the Benefits of Storage Services and How to Store Your Belongings in Our Units

Sometimes, unpredictable events happen during relocation, and it’s no surprise at all. It’s better to count on these sorts of things happening so you can be prepared for the unexpected in advance. Our storage service is a way to stay ready and have a plan B in case of emergency.

Since we mentioned that storage use is a part of our standard package for moving in Boston, you won’t have to worry about it too much. With our company, storage use is free for the first thirty days.

Your belongings will be stored in safe, climate-controlled units which are under constant surveillance. Our customer support will help you by giving more information on what’s possible to keep in those units and what happens if you need them for longer than a month.

No Long-Distance Move Would be Complete Without Moving Insurance

No interstate moving trip should be made without some sort of safety, and as part of our essential relocation package, you’ll get insurance for all your stuff. We provide mandatory liability insurance that’s 60 cents per pound of damaged goods, and this premium is free.

If you wish, you can also pay for extra insurance to make sure your valuables are fully protected. This would be the Full Value Replacement Insurance (FVRI) policy, but it would only apply to the stuff packed by our company. You can also add the full value protection for your custom crated things, which would be a logical step to protecting those valuables completely.

Since we are a serious auto shipping company, too, we offer car insurance for vehicles we transport. Vehicles on open trailers are insured for external damage of up to $100,000 and up to $500,000 on enclosed trailers.

Welcome to Boston, The Home of the American Revolution and the Best Baked Beans

Boston is Massachusetts’ capital and most populous city; it is also one of the oldest cities in America. Its significance for the American people goes beyond the state borders – many global history books have written about the famous and historically relevant Boston Tea Party protest in 1773, which ultimately led to the American Revolutionary War.

Today, Boston’s nicknames are The City, The City on a Hill, and even occasionally, Beantown. While the baked beans are a sure way to get to know the traditions of this place, you may be equally happy to learn it is one of the greatest cities to get higher education in and thrives on scientific research and communities.

There are around 5,000 startups in the city, and according to, the highest paid are legal occupations. At the same time, the most common are management, financial and administrative jobs. Registered nurses are the second-biggest group of graduates.

Some more interesting facts about The City are:

  • Boston is one of the oldest cities in the US; it was founded in 1630,
  • The population is around 694,000, while the metropolitan area has as many as 4 million residents,
  • The locals speak in a Boston accent and have their specific slang and humor,
  • There are more female students than male ones in The City,
  • The City’s Fire Department is the oldest in the country,
  • Boston’s subway system transports, on average, a million people daily. The railway system is called “the T,”
  • There are around a dozen national park sites near downtown Boston,
  • Some famous people from Boston include the historic figures Edgar Allan Poe and Benjamin Franklin and more modern faces such as Matt Damon, Chris Evans, and Uma Thurman.

Is It Worth Moving to Boston? The Cost of Living Statistics

While Boston is known as one of the pricier cities to live in, the advantages of living there outweigh the costs for most locals. A lot depends on your choice of neighborhoods, so if you don’t mind living outside the central area, you’ll have great chances of finding the perfect home.

If you’re looking for a one-bedroom apartment, you’ll need around $1,900 outside of the center and $2,500 in the center for monthly rent. In relocating with family, you may need a three-bedroom apartment instead; these go, on average, from $3,000 outside the center up to $4,300.

Our advice is to look for roommates or a shared home if you think your budget wouldn’t handle the first few months of living in Boston; of course, that is if you’re relocating alone. Families will do better if they rent a place since statistics show that 65% of Bostonians are renters.

The Best Neighborhoods Boston Has to Offer to New and Old Bostonians

Boston is known for its numerous neighborhoods. Out of 23, there must be one that could suit you, too. We’ve found the five best-ranked neighborhoods, according to, that might suit everyone:

  • Longwood Medical Area – ranked as the number one Bostonian neighborhood to live in, but would also benefit families with children and college students. The neighborhood is abundant with hospitals and schools,
  • West End – ranked as the best neighborhood for young professionals. There are museums, research centers, and the Massachusetts General Hospital. It’s also on the riverbank, so residents can relax at the park or riverside and practice some outdoor activities,
  • Brighton – according to, this neighborhood is the number one area to raise a family in. The locals praise its diversity, safety, and access to amenities for all ages (parks, restaurants, and schools)
  • Beacon Hill – one of the pricier neighborhoods but close to the city’s heart. It was ranked as the best neighborhood to raise a family in, and locals say it’s a great mix of the urban and suburban feel,
  • Dorchester – the most diverse neighborhood with friendly and tolerant locals and a wide variety of restaurants. You can move here if you wish to experience diversity and city living; there may be some nice places for affordable rent, too.
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If Saying Goodbye to Boston Is on Your Agenda, State to State Movers Have Your Back

You can also hire our movers in Boston, MA, to take you out of the city. We’re here to help with anything our customers need. It’s alright to wish to move away from Boston while someone else is researching how to move to it; if you have the opportunity to experience life in another place, we think relocation is a great idea.

We’ll show you why State to State Movers is one of the most professional and efficient moving companies in Boston. All you need to do is contact us either via phone or email. Better yet, ask for a quote, and our customer support will assist you in planning the perfect move. Leaving Boston will be tough, but with our help, you’ll be able to focus on fitting in and settling down.


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