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The largest city in California has much to offer, from local, grassroots community areas and events to the luxurious hills of Hollywood. This multiethnic, multicultural place attracts thousands of new residents every year, and you could be one of them, too. Check out why we’re the best Los Angeles movers and how to prepare for a new chapter with our services.

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Get Only the Best Moving Services from State to State Movers

We know interstate moving is overwhelming, which is why we’re passionate about providing the right help to make our customers feel better about it. Our movers to Los Angeles are trained to pack and prepare customers’ belongings according to the highest standards. Despite what many people think, our moving services are affordable because there are many options to choose from.

When you book a professional crew for relocating long-distance, some essentials are integrated into the standard moving service. Loading the transportation truck at your old home and unloading at the new one, as well as the truck transport itself, are free. Besides that, there’s mandatory insurance, storage unit usage, and basic furniture and appliances packaging.

You can contact us by submitting a free quote on our website, or simply call or email us to arrange the details of your move. After submitting your form, our customer support team will contact you to create a household packing list to determine the relocation costs. If you wish to make changes to this list, you can do so before relocation day, and the price will adjust.

Our Company Offers a Premium Packing Service and Many Benefits Alongside It

We’ve made it easier for anyone relocating with State to State Movers to not only save money but choose how much they wish to participate in their relocation process. It depends – maybe you don’t have enough time to pack all your belongings, cancel utilities, and take care of things at work; this is normal. We have packing services for people like that and those on the opposite side of the spectrum who want to be there for the details.

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With Our Moving Company, You Can Get Different Kinds of Packing

Our professional movers in LA can do full and partial packaging for all customers’ needs. Partial packaging is cheaper and for up to 15 boxes of items. Furniture and bulky things aren’t part of this service, but they’re packed under the standard relocation option or, potentially, in custom crates.

Full packaging is more expensive but ensures everything you want to bring gets packed, or better said, everything that can fit into more than 15 boxes. Again, furniture doesn’t fall under this type of packaging, but it all goes together in the relocation truck. We determine the full and partial packing quote after you submit a detailed inventory list.

Professional Movers Pack Valuable Belongings Into Custom Crates, Too

Many people who move have valuables and pricey items that cannot simply be put into a cardboard box or truck. These things require a bit more care and attention when it comes to packaging, which is why we offer custom crating for them. The crates are wooden and tailored to the items’ dimensions, so don’t worry – there’s no jamming things into smaller containers or getting oversized packages that don’t provide any protection.

Feel Like a True Angeleno by Getting Car Shipping and Driving Around Town

Moving to Los Angeles likely means you’re ready to drive everywhere. Still, if you aren’t, getting car shipping services is the first significant decision when relocating to LA. It is notorious for being busy with cars and traffic, and, unfortunately, not very bicycle-friendly. However, no one moving interstate has even thought of cycling in LA because the wide streets make it easier to drive.

To save yourself and your car the trouble of long-distance driving, State to State Movers can offer you auto transport services, for which you can also choose between a couple of options. On the one hand, you have transportation, and on the other, pickup and delivery choices. It’s up to you how your vehicle arrives at the new home.

Get a Free Shipping Quote, and Choose the Type of Pickup and Delivery

As we offer a relocation quote, we also provide a car shipping quote on our website as we offer a relocation quote. These two things are separate, but there aren’t reasons for not saving money on auto transport, too. If your door or driveway is accessible by truck, our long-distance relocation crew can provide door-to-door pickup and delivery. This option offers peace of mind but could weigh more on the wallet.

If it’s impossible to approach your street by truck, or you simply don’t choose the door-to-door delivery option, the long-distance relocation crew will offer to pick up and deliver your car to one of our terminals. Since we cover many places, we likely have a terminal and destination at your origin.

State to State Movers Let You Choose Between Two Transportation Options, Too

Because it wouldn’t be enough to save money on pickup and delivery only, we also provide cheaper and more expensive options for car transportation – open and enclosed trailers. The trailers are carriers onto which we load vehicles, and both have advantages and disadvantages.

Open trailers are cheaper and can fit more vehicles, but when loaded on the trailer, they are at risk of getting dusty and dirty. External damage isn’t typical, but dust and dander are since long-distance driving can’t always be clean.

Enclosed trailers are more expensive but more convenient, too. They protect your car from dust and external damage completely, so it arrives intact and clean as a whistle. Since open trailers are safe and well-equipped, and our long-distance drivers know how to handle any weather, they’re as good as the enclosed trailers. It depends on your preferences and budget, most of all.

The Free and Modern Storage Service Can Turn Out Useful for Your Move

A Los Angeles moving company wouldn’t be complete without storage units for customers to keep their belongings in. You may initially think you don’t need storage, but when you start packing and prioritizing, you’ll see some things simply cannot come along. Still, if you’re not prepared to throw them away, you can use the free storage services of our company.

Maybe you want to look around LA before settling in, too. Our storage units are protected 24/7 and have modern equipment, so while you take a stroll and get to know your new home, the belongings you pack will stay safe.

Moving Insurance Is a Given for Anyone Moving State to State

The most important thing our Los Angeles moving service couldn’t exist without is the mandatory relocation insurance. All items you and the relocation crew pack are insured with the mandatory liability coverage of 60 cents per pound of damaged goods.

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If you choose to insure your belongings with a bit more, our company offers the FVRI option, short for Full Value Replacement Insurance. You can get this type of insurance if you feel that some items need more protection or are worth refunding fully, but remember that you can only apply it to the items professional movers have packed.

Car transportation is also insured, but the sum depends on the type of trailer you go for. Vehicles on open trailers are insured for up to $100,000, and on enclosed trailers for up to $500,000. This applies to external damages only since the drivers in our company don’t interact with the vehicles on the inside.

Los Angeles, California – The City of Angels and Gnarly Surf Waves

When people think of LA, they think of Hollywood, surfing, Venice Beach, and year-round sunshine. This isn’t far from the truth since it is considered to have optimal weather all year and the best climate conditions in the US.

If you’re relocating to LA from the East Coast, you’ll have a lot to adapt to – from laid-back, slow-speaking to simply never being in a particular rush to do anything. Yet, despite being generally relaxed, LA is the second-largest city in the US, with 3.9 million residents and a very dense traffic system.

Some more interesting facts about Los Angeles are:

  • Its name is of Spanish origin, and it directly translates to The Angels; some of its nicknames include LA, The City of Angels, La-La-Land, and Tinseltown,
  • Like in many cities in California, the territory of LA was first home to indigenous tribes Chumash and Tongva, also known as Gabrieleños,
  • It was founded in 1781 and got its city status in 1835,
  • The current acting mayor is Eric Garcetti,
  • People from LA are called Angelenos,
  • LA has the third-largest GDP in the world, after NYC and Tokyo,
  • There are more artists, filmmakers, writers, dancers, actors, and musicians earning a living in LA than in any other city at any other time in history,
  • It has the highest number of museums per capita in the country – 841 overall,
  • Its sister cities include Nagoya, Japan, Berlin, Germany, and Giza, Egypt.

Glitz and Glamour, or Community and Convenience? The Costs of Living in Los Angeles

Before deciding to hire a moving service to Los Angeles, make sure you have all the information about housing quality and affordability. It isn’t easy to choose where to live in such a prominent place, but if you work with a reasonable budget and follow it well, you won’t regret relocating.

Depending on the number of bedrooms and location, apartment prices can range from affordable to awfully expensive. Outside of the center, you can expect to rent a one-bedroom apartment for an average of $1,600 and a three-bedroom apartment for twice that, $3,200. There’s more price competition within the center, with one-bedrooms ranging from $2,200 and three bedrooms at $4,400.

These are average prices, so you may come across cheaper real estate, too. The median home value is around $640,000 if you wish to buy. However, a bigger percentage of the population are renters. The line between glamour and convenience is not thin at all; in LA, you see the true reflection of California and its appeal. Ensure you’ve planned the move well.

How to Pick a Neighborhood In LA – the 5 Best Rated Areas Around Town

There are numerous neighborhoods in LA, so picking the right one can be a bit tough. We’ve gathered some information based on Niche.com’s neighborhood ratings, and here are the top 5 we think are worth considering:

  • Beverlywood – this was voted as the best neighborhood to live and raise a family in LA, but its real estate can be a bit more expensive than expected. Still, it’s praised for having a warm and welcoming community and being generally quite diverse and multiethnic,
  • Westwood – this neighborhood is the home of The University of California (UCLA,) so it’s convenient for those relocating for studying and careers in education. It has quick and easy access to many hiking trails and beaches,
  • Sawtelle – described as the best neighborhood for young professionals, it is also home to a large Japanese community. The metro is nearby and typically a stop away from all the important places in LA. It’s also considered very safe,
  • Los Feliz – another excellent area for young professionals and anyone who enjoys having amenities within walking distance. It’s right next to Griffith Park, which has many hiking trails and the famous Griffith Observatory,
  • Palms – listed within the first ten neighborhoods to live and raise a family in, and for finding a job, Palms has all the convenience necessary. It isn’t just one of the coolest, safest, and most comfortable areas to settle in, but it’s also one of the most affordable compared to so many.


Trying to Escape from LA? Our State to State Movers Can Help You Achieve That, Too

Snake Plissken escaped from LA, so it’s possible for you to do it, too. If any aspect of LA living seems burdensome and challenging, it’s normal to consider leaving and starting anew elsewhere. Our professional movers in Los Angeles provide relocation to other areas, too; you can choose the same services and options or save up by combining them well. Leaving a city you’ve been in for a long time is difficult, but change is a normal part of life. Still, State to State Movers company is here to help whenever the tough times hit, as one of the most reliable moving companies in Los Angeles, California.

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