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Shipping valuable belongings cross country is a long process that can potentially lead to damage to the objects you hold dear. Luckily, State to State Moving and Auto Shipping has a simple solution when it comes to the safety of your belongings – custom crating. No matter if you have big or small items, we got you covered.

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Why Should You Use a Custom Crating Service?

The interstate moving process can be long and unpredictable, no matter how planned it actually is. That’s why if you have some easily breakable valuables like an old family heirloom or huge TV, you should consider additionally protecting them during the move.

Hiring professional state to state movers to pack up your belongings already gives them the best chance to stay intact during the move. However, you can level up the game by using custom-made, sturdy wooden crates. When properly designed and crafted, wooden boxes can provide necessary protection for your items while en route.

State to State crates are built only with high-quality wooden materials, nails, and bands with the usage of the latest tools and equipment. Based on decades of experience in designing and building solid wooden crates, we are proud that we have the knowledge on how to design, balance, wrap, fill and protect each of these crates.

Protect All of Your Items When Moving State to State

When moving interstate, there will be plenty of things to pack up and move. However, no matter what you need to relocate, from delicate, fragile objects to expensive house items, priceless memorabilia, fine art, and antiques – we have a solution ready for you! All items packed by our professionals will be handled with vigilance, and we’ll go the extra mile to ensure that your possessions will arrive at your new location intact. Give us a call, and our customer service team will provide you with all the necessary information about the custom crating service.

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How Does State to State Moving and Auto Shipping Make Custom Cratings?

When it comes to crating your valuables, the process is really straightforward. Each of our crates has to be built to exact specifications of the item where we make sure that the object is secured, padded, and that it won’t move an inch inside the wooden box. Furthermore, we are very careful about not damaging your items with straps, bands, and cardboard.

State to State Movers utilize a wide range of packing and crating options that best fit your needs and budget. On top of that, our mobile teams are fully equipped to assemble the crate at your location or our facilities. Contact us, and we’ll find an ideal set-up for your convenience.

Keep in mind that State to State Moving and Auto Transport is committed to handling your possessions as if they were our own. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and see why are we the best.


    We were moving to a new beautiful house in Ohio, and because of the lower prices over there, we decided to transport the most necessary: 2 baby beds, 2 drawers, some electronics, boxes with books and personal stuff. Also had a few artwork pieces crated, which is a must when you are transporting valuable fragile items. Good feedback on: customer support, packaging quality, loading speed, price. This is the best company on the long distance moving market which saves the nerves of people planning to move. I do not like to move, but once again it is necessary, then just take advantage of this company’s services, and you won’t be disappointed.

    Ignasio J.

    I will recommend this company to all friends and colleagues. I got promoted and I had to move to another state to start the work in the new place. So I was moving from Nevada to the City of Angels – the dream of every single person is to live there. I went to State to State by the recommendation of my fellow colleagues who used their services before. 1 truck, 4 people, 9 hours of working process. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised by the level of service and the reasonability of the price. The company has fully justified its name, transferring me from one state to another in a timely professional manner.

    Jonas W.

    First of all, my mistake was that I completely forgot about the time of this in-home estimate appointment and when they called me in the morning I was like “Oh man what should I do now”. But I was surprised that they said that it’s okay and they can reschedule, after I apologized. We moved from Oregon to Montana, but we had a lot of things, so we wanted to get an exact quote. State to State Movers were very accommodating and professional! Thumbs up.

    Patricia O.

    We moved with State to State back in May. The guys arrived on time, did everything correctly and quickly. Despite the fact that things turned out over the volume than expected, movers managed to fit everything into the truck. These guys proved to be truly professional. No complaints. The ratio of price and quality is optimal. Payment – according to the agreement. It’s nice to have a deal with a responsible company and professional staff. Thank you!

    John B.

    I am very satisfied from this company after they helped me ship my vehicle cross country. All along the way they were very supportive, transparent, reasonable with terms and fees and friendly. Especially their agent Tom.
    I’ll definitely turn to them again any time I need moving!

    Asi Shnabel

    Thanks to State to State I was able to carry out the move of a 2br apartment inexpensively and quickly. Friendly salesperson provided me with a free quote based on all the furniture and other items. On the day of the move movers were working together very harmoniously. From the very beginning I was properly asked about the amount of work and offered the appropriate price and truck option to transport my Nissan Murano. The movers arrived in time, things were packed quickly and accurately, we did not have to worry about the fragile things – my collection of vases, crystal glass table – they all made it to my destination safely. I will recommend to all friends!

    Adriano K.

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