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Wisconsin has many attractive places to live in, but none are a perfect mix of urban buzz, nature, and a love of sports and beer, such as its largest city. If you’ve decided to move into Milwaukee’s vicinity soon, our Milwaukee movers can help you with everything relocation-related.

We Offer Different Interstate Moving Services for Our Customers

All moves can prove to be complex and demanding, and above all, tiresome. Moving state to state even more so because if you try to organize and do everything by yourself, you will soon start to lose the grip on all tasks, and you’ll probably find it too exhausting to handle properly. That is why enlisting help from a reliable long-distance relocation company is always a wise choice. But picking the right company is never simple, and you should do proper research before you contact anyone. Reading online reviews is the best way to narrow down your top online picks, while you can also get some recommendations from friends and family if they’ve moved recently. Stay away from any red flags you notice, which include frequent name changes of the company, deposits, or an extremely low quote.

With State to State Movers and our interstate moving services, there’s nothing to worry about. Our pricing is always transparent, and we form our quote based on the inventory list you present us with. This list should consist of all the belongings you plan to relocate to your new place. You also shouldn’t worry about the things you change your mind about, as the list can be changed until the last workday before you are bound to leave your current home. And the quote is entirely free of charge.

The Costs Depend on the Packing Services You Choose

Being amidst the relocating preparations is both adventurous and a bit terrifying. It’s especially the case when it comes to moving interstate because it’s a tedious and complex process. But there’s one part of a relocation that literally everyone dreads, and it’s boxing up your whole household. But investing in our services will take this burden off your shoulders. Our standard packing solution means that our professional team will take care of all your bulky furniture. They will disassemble it for easier loading onto the truck and later reassemble it. They will also secure all the appliances that won’t fit into a standard box. These standard services are calculated into the initial quote.

Partial and Full Packing Solutions by Our Experienced Movers in Milwaukee

If you need us to take care of the rest of your belongings, to save you some time, we will provide you with our packing service at an additional cost. If you have just a couple of boxes for our professional team to pack, up to 15, it’s considered a partial service, and we will charge you accordingly. Our full packing services include having more than 15 boxes for us to take care of. Our crew is trained and vetted in handling all kinds of items, from fragile to heavy and bulky, and they will handle everything with care.

Our Movers in Milwaukee, WI, Will Provide You With the Best Auto Transport Solutions

Most people that plan to move interstate have a dilemma – whether they should drive their car or have it shipped. While driving long-distance isn’t undoable, it’s an exhausting and time-consuming process. Our auto transport services can relieve you of this task, and we have various shipping solutions for you to choose from.

Pick the Most Suitable Transportation Option for You

Whether you’ve decided to move to Wisconsin or you simply want us to ship your brand new car, you can pick the way we transport it. Our open trailers are the more available option, as well as the more affordable one. We can ship up to nine cars this way, and although these carriers have no sides or roof, your car will be securely strapped and safe. You will simply need to wash it from the weather conditions and the dirt from the road.

Our enclosed trailers are a pricier option but a perfect solution for owners of expensive cars. It’s also a recommended solution for those relocating in winter and wanting to completely protect their car. Since these trailers are closed from all sides, your vehicle will be safe and protected from all dirt or weather conditions. We can ship up to five cars this way.

We Offer Different Pick-up and Delivery Options

Our company gives our best to suit all your needs and your budget, so we offer you a choice between two different pick-up and delivery options. Our door-to-door solution is a more popular one, although a bit pricier. Many customers choose it because of its convenience. If you decide to opt-in for this service, our crew members will come directly to your doorstep to take over your vehicle. Later on, it will be delivered right to your new address.

The terminal-to-terminal option is more affordable and suitable for those that have a bit of free time on their hands. If you choose this type of service, you will have to drive your car to a designated terminal and later pick it up from the terminal station that is closest to your new home.

If You’re in Need of Storage, We’ve Got You Covered, and It’s Free for a Month

Most of us take our whole households when we move, and an average household consists of 6,500 pounds worth of stuff. It’s a lot of items to unpack and organize in the new home, and we may end up feeling cluttered and overwhelmed. That is where our storage service comes in handy. If you need our storage service for a short period of time as part of the relocation bundle, you’ll be happy to know that our storage units are free for the first 30 days. If you require us to keep your belongings beyond that time, our storage units are at your disposal, and we will charge by the day. Everything you trust us with will be kept in a highly secured storage area, in a climate-controlled space, under camera surveillance.

Our Moving Insurance Will Let You Relax

As a company, we always strive to make the relocation process an ultimate experience for each customer. We take great pride in professionalism and understanding of the needs of our customers. Our professional team puts all their expertise and experience into handling every aspect of the relocation process. But even with all the care and attention placed into moves, accidents may happen. Even so, you can relax because our mandatory liability coverage gives you some peace of mind. It covers $0.60 per pound of any damaged items that we transport on our truck.

Since this type of basic insurance isn’t suitable for your valuables and other expensive belongings, we always encourage each customer to take additional coverage. Full Value Replacement comes at an additional cost and is eligible only for items our crew has packed. As for your vehicle, any exterior damage that occurs on an open trailer is covered up to $100,000, and for enclosed carriers, it’s up to 500,000.

Wisconsin’s Largest City Has Plenty to Offer

There’s a lot to love about Milwaukee and its surroundings. It’s a city nestled on the shores of Lake Michigan, and right by Milwaukee River, it’s one of those urban areas with an outdoorsy vibe. Although it is perhaps commonly known for the Major League Brewers and its many breweries, there’s so much more to Wisconsin’s city than baseball and beer and NBA champions Bucks. It is a place that is rich in cultural attractions as well as historical ones, and it all comes together to make it the perfect place to be living in.

It’s also one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse cities in the country that is also currently undergoing its largest construction boom. If you enjoy outdoor events and music (well, who doesn’t,) you’ll be thrilled to know that the city has been home to one of the largest music festivals in the world called Summerfest, and it’s been hosting it since 1968. It’s also home to five Fortune 500 companies, and on top of that, it held the top spot among the beer-producing cities in the world for many years.

The Lower Costs and Affordable Housing May Be the Deciding Factor

It’s no secret that this city ranks as one of the most affordable ones in the US. Its overall cost of living is close to the national average, while the housing prices and rent are much lower than the US median. The rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $970 monthly, while you should expect to pay around $1,490 for a three-bedroom abode. The median house price in the largest city of Wisconsin is around $163,000.

Take Some Time and Get To Know the Best Neighborhoods Before Moving

The whole city is easy to explore, but choosing a neighborhood won’t be as easy because each of them offers something unique. Based on your personality and lifestyle, you can take your pick among these most notable neighborhoods:

  • The reason why most families with children choose to reside in Bay View is the fact that it’s highly walkable, and above all, safe. It incorporates playgrounds and parks, along with trendy restaurants, bars, and many beer gardens. It’s also the place where Avalon movie theater is located, so even if you don’t have kids, this is a district that has it all.
  • It’s a fact that Milwaukee is LGBTQ+ friendly and that it hosts PrideFest each year, but Walker’s Point is where you’ll find LGBTQ+ nightclubs and bars. Besides waving its Pride flag proudly, this neighborhood also offers art galleries, craft ice cream shops, distilleries, antique shops, and many dining opportunities.
  • East Town offers outdoor delight amidst the urban setting. It’s huddled between the shore of Lake Michigan and Milwaukee River, where you can choose to kayak or rent a paddleboard during warm summer months. You can also walk down the pedestrian trails or the RiverWalk and enjoy many festivals, bars, restaurants, and the Art Museum.
  • Historic Mitchell Street is perhaps never mentioned as the right spot for foodies, but that is unrightfully so. As a predominantly Mexican neighborhood, it encompasses many fantastic Mexican bakeries, restaurants, and taquerias. Nestled between these delicious spots, you can also find places that offer Pakistani, Syrian, and Puerto Rican cuisine.
  • The city’s Historic Third Ward is like most downtowns or similar neighborhoods – a bit quieter in the evening. But since the Henry Maier Festival Park is within walking distance from this district, you can easily get to enjoy many cultural, ethnic, and food festivals almost every summer weekend. The neighborhood itself is full of trendy retailers and stylish boutiques and art galleries on top of that.

Most of Milwaukee’s attractions are gathered around or in the downtown area, which makes them convenient for visiting from every part of the city. But besides these listed neighborhoods, there are more great ones to explore, so be sure to check them out.

We Are the Milwaukee Movers That Will Make Moving Out of the City a Breeze

Although Wisconsin’s largest city is a great place to visit or live in, if you are looking for movers in Milwaukee, WI, that moves people out of the city, look no further. Contact State to State Movers, and we’ll be of assistance every step of the way and help you minimize the stress and maximize your satisfaction. No aspect of relocation is a stranger to us because our team is highly experienced and professional and will back you up along the way.


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