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Taking a leap and changing a home is one of the most stressful events in people’s lives. However, if you’re interstate moving to one of the largest cities in the state of North Carolina, then our professional Charlotte movers will assist you with everything. State to State Movers will make a move to this vibrant city with many job opportunities easy and stress-free.

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Explore the Best Moving Services in Charlotte, NC for the Effortless Move

Whether you’re relocating for the first time or you’ve already done it, the organization of the whole process is the key. We all want to avoid stress and unnecessary worries, and achieving that on your own won’t be an easy task. That’s why having a reliable and professional team with moving services is something to think about.

When you contact us, you’ll get a free quote for all the services you need from our skilled and efficient state-to-state movers. Not only you’ll save a lot of time with our help, but also you won’t have to deal with wrapping the furniture, planning the car shipping, and finding well-protected storage facilities and reliable relocation insurance.

Now, let’s check how we base the price of the move. When you’re relocating to a new home, all we need is the inventory list of the belongings you wish to move. So, our prices aren’t based on the weight, but on the list of things you want to move. In other words – the less stuff you have, the less you’ll pay for our services and vice versa. That’s why we stand out as one of the best companies in the moving industry. Also, know that you can change the list; just make sure we get the final version one day before the move.

Having a top-notch team that will handle each needed service professionals will help you have one of the most positive experiences when it comes to relocating to another home. Our motto is doing everything to make each customer happy, which means providing a clear quote and no hidden expenses.

Get Your Belongings Packed With Our Efficient Charlotte Movers

We are a relocation company that has an efficient packing service. Our experienced movers in Charlotte, NC, will take care of your bulky items, like furniture and appliances. Once you contact us, you’ll get a completely free quote, and this service will already be included. A team of packers that have many years of experience will assist you with whatever you want to pack and bring to a new home – whether it’s the entire inventory list or just some pieces of furniture.

And this is not it – without any extra cost, each customer will get a chance to have their furniture and other bulky items be disassembled and assembled. Once the truck arrives at the future destination, we’ll put the bulky stuff wherever you say.

We Are One of the Moving Companies in Charlotte, NC That Offers Additional Help With Full and Partial Pack Services

Moving interstate means taking care of many tasks. However, you’ll have to deal with probably the most exhausting task – packing your belongings. But don’t worry! We got you covered with additional packing services if you need help for more than disassembling and assembling furniture. We all know how time-consuming this task can be and, for some people, overwhelming, as well. It’s not just one day job, and that’s why our relocation company have additional service for you:

  • Full pack service – it’s a good option if you just don’t have time to pack the entire household possessions. Also, if you need help with packing over the fifteen boxes.
  • Partial pack service – if you’ve already packed some of the items and need assistance for just a little bit. We offer efficient packing up to fifteen boxes.
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Ship Your Car to the Queen City Securely With Our Experienced Drivers

Our customer’s satisfaction is the priority for State to State Moving Company and Auto Transport. That’s why our company put many years into improving relocation services, but also in auto transport. Moving state to state means that maybe one customer would want to transport the car, too, to the new state. So, we’re more than happy to offer you a great team of drivers for shipping your vehicle to another home.

It’s a great idea to have your four-wheeler by your side in an unknown environment. However, driving long distances is probably not. No matter how many years you’re a driver, sometimes it’s best to leave it to the professionals. The story is completely different when it comes to the local move because you won’t drive for a whole day. But in this case, leave it to the professional team of skilled drivers that will safely ship your car in no time.

Another reason why our company with its services stands in the relocation industry is that we offer the insurance for your vehicle for two transport options we have. That’s how for an enclosed trailer, we have up to $500,000 coverage for external damage and for an open trailer up to $100,000.

Pick the Most Suitable Transportation Type for Your Vehicle With Our Professional Movers

The best thing when you’re dealing with professionals is that you get to decide which option suits you the most in each relocation service. Our reliable team offers you two options when it comes to car transportation:

  • Enclosed trailer – this is an excellent option for more exotic vehicles or those that can’t fit the regular-sized truck. It’s a bit more expensive, but your four-wheeler will be completely protected from any external damage.
  • Open trailer – it’s the most common option we offer to each customer who doesn’t mind transporting the vehicle in the open air. Also, it’s a cheaper option, so decide wisely which option suits you more.

Decide Between Door-to-Door and Terminal-to-Terminal Delivery Options

A stress-free move should be everyone’s goal. However, achieving that isn’t as easy as it might sound. You have to think about all those little details and make sure everything is planned thoroughly. That’s why we have another decision for you to make. We offer door-to-door delivery and terminal-to-terminal pick-up. No matter which option you prefer, know that both are reliable, and your vehicle will be delivered in no time.

The door-to-door delivery, like the name says, means your four-wheeler will be transported in front of your new home. It’s a great solution if you can wait for our drivers on the arranged delivery day. Another option, terminal-to-terminal, is suitable for people who don’t mind picking up cars at the nearest terminal point in the city.

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Use Our Storage Facilities Completely Free for the First 30 Days

A possibility of using a secure storage facility one whole month completely out of charge sounds too good to be true? No, if you choose our top-notch movers to take care of your relocation. We have protected and temperature-controlled storage facilities for your belongings.

We know how important it is to have a backup plan if something goes wrong. For example, you have some vintage pieces that can’t just be tossed because they don’t fit the future place. However, having 30 days where to store all of them and not having to worry about them will take a ton of load off your shoulders. Including no extra costs because this is already included in the quote you get when contacting us.

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We Have Reliable Moving Insurance for Your Possessions

The skilled movers will do everything in their power to pack and protect your belongings in the most excellent way possible. Preventing any damage to your belongings is one of our goals. However, consider that we can’t control everything. Although our drivers are extremely careful and have many years of experience in driving long distances, some things can’t be predicted. For example, one road could be bumpier than another, and some of the objects in the truck could get damaged.

We have mandatory liability coverage already included in the quote to prevent any disappointment. This means you’ll get 60 cents per pound for each object damaged during the transport. We have additional insurance for more valuable items like vintage stuff or art – full replacement coverage. It comes with an extra fee, but some objects are priceless, right?

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Why Living in Charlotte Is a Great Area on so Many Levels

Settling in one of the friendliest cities in North Carolina, with adventurous entertainment places and rich culture, doesn’t seem like bad at all. However, this city has so much to offer, and learning about the local culture and food will only boost you in making the decision to take a leap. Include excellent school systems, a great social scene, and interesting outdoor activities.

King George III gave the city a name after his wife, Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. And the country Mecklenburg was named after the region in Germany she was born in. Among many nicknames this city has, one of them stands out – The Hornet’s Nest. The local residents probably don’t know its historical reference. General Cornwallis in 1780 led his troops into the city. But the locals showed strong fight, and the general Cornwallis named the city Hornet’s Nest of Rebellion.

An interesting local thing you probably didn’t know is that this is the only metropolitan area in the US without a zoo.

Financial and Business Hub Means You’ll Easily Find the Dream Job

If you’re coming from bigger metropolitan areas like Atlanta, New York, or Los Angeles, you’ll be more than surprised when you realize the cost of living around here. It is lower than the national average by 5%. That’s why the city is considered affordable, and you’ll be paying the monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment around $950, and in its neighbor Atlanta, you’ll pay around $1,100.

Since Queen City experiences amazing corporate growth, know you’ll have many job opportunities. In the last decade, it’s become a financial hub that hosts some of the Fortune 500 companies in the area. Also, it’s an awesome place for start-up companies because the city is ranked as one of the fastest-growing economies in the whole US, after Manhattan and San Francisco.

Choose the Best Neighborhood in the Queen City

Another reason why relocating to the Hornet’s Nest is a good idea, besides excellent job opportunities, is the variety of neighborhoods. Having the possibility to find a neighborhood that will fit everyone’s needs is a chance you shouldn’t miss. So, here are the top-ranked areas you could settle in:

  • Uptown,
  • Westchester,
  • NoDa District,
  • Fourth Ward.
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Contact Our Charlotte Moving Company for a Free Quote and Move In and From Major North Carolina City

When you’re looking for reliable movers that will take care of your move, no matter if it’s to or from Queen City, don’t worry! We have everything you need, from well-protected storage facilities to secure car shipping. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call and experience one of the best relocation services. You’ll see, relocating has never been easier. So, book our relocation crew as soon as possible.


    Thank you “State to State Moving and Auto Shipping” for timely and non-expensive relocation of our office. During our move, movers always quickly and effectively responded to all our requests; the company promptly provided transport and staff, taking into account all details. Movers brought the boxes in advance – so we could pack ahead ourselves. The boxes were a nice fit. Thanks to that, we were able to save time, as on the day of the move all workers had to do was load their truck.

    Bernard O.

    First of all, my mistake was that I completely forgot about the time of this in-home estimate appointment and when they called me in the morning I was like “Oh man what should I do now”. But I was surprised that they said that it’s okay and they can reschedule, after I apologized. We moved from Oregon to Montana, but we had a lot of things, so we wanted to get an exact quote. State to State Movers were very accommodating and professional! Thumbs up.

    Patricia O.

    I will recommend this company to all friends and colleagues. I got promoted and I had to move to another state to start the work in the new place. So I was moving from Nevada to the City of Angels – the dream of every single person is to live there. I went to State to State by the recommendation of my fellow colleagues who used their services before. 1 truck, 4 people, 9 hours of working process. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised by the level of service and the reasonability of the price. The company has fully justified its name, transferring me from one state to another in a timely professional manner.

    Jonas W.

    During the move, we have taken advantage of the free services of this company. We ordered an in-home estimate to make sure we are being quoted exact price. They also don’t charge you for any packing supplies, which is great, unless you want to order some supplies directly from their website. The movers were polite and neat, even though we had a few very heavy furniture items. In general, we are satisfied. Thank you for your assistance in moving, you’ve done a perfect job.

    Melissa A.

    I am very satisfied from this company after they helped me ship my vehicle cross country. All along the way they were very supportive, transparent, reasonable with terms and fees and friendly. Especially their agent Tom.
    I’ll definitely turn to them again any time I need moving!

    Asi Shnabel

    We were moving to a new beautiful house in Ohio, and because of the lower prices over there, we decided to transport the most necessary: 2 baby beds, 2 drawers, some electronics, boxes with books and personal stuff. Also had a few artwork pieces crated, which is a must when you are transporting valuable fragile items. Good feedback on: customer support, packaging quality, loading speed, price. This is the best company on the long distance moving market which saves the nerves of people planning to move. I do not like to move, but once again it is necessary, then just take advantage of this company’s services, and you won’t be disappointed.

    Ignasio J.

    We moved with State to State back in May. The guys arrived on time, did everything correctly and quickly. Despite the fact that things turned out over the volume than expected, movers managed to fit everything into the truck. These guys proved to be truly professional. No complaints. The ratio of price and quality is optimal. Payment – according to the agreement. It’s nice to have a deal with a responsible company and professional staff. Thank you!

    John B.

    Thanks to State to State I was able to carry out the move of a 2br apartment inexpensively and quickly. Friendly salesperson provided me with a free quote based on all the furniture and other items. On the day of the move movers were working together very harmoniously. From the very beginning I was properly asked about the amount of work and offered the appropriate price and truck option to transport my Nissan Murano. The movers arrived in time, things were packed quickly and accurately, we did not have to worry about the fragile things – my collection of vases, crystal glass table – they all made it to my destination safely. I will recommend to all friends!

    Adriano K.

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