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Moving from state to state is a big step in people’s lives. In fact, relocating is one of the most stressful events and having a reliable team of professionals is a must if you want to have one of the greatest experiences. Our experienced Brooklyn movers will give you a helping hand with any service you need and will be by your side during the whole relocation process.

Explore Why We Are One of the Best Moving Companies in Brooklyn, NY

Being one of the best moving companies in Brooklyn, NY, isn’t an easy task. The relocation industry is vast, but we’ve been doing this job for years, and we got to know our customers’ needs. However, in the sea of relocation companies, you could easily come across an unprofessional one and get scammed. That’s why when you decide to move long-distance, ensure you check the relocation team first.

One of our goals is to make our customers happy because we know how the relocation process can be overwhelming and tiring. With our top-notch moving services, you can rest assured that all of your belongings will be securely transported to a new location, and your vehicle will be shipped in the agreed time frame. Just check the genuine online reviews of our honest and satisfied customers, and you’ll see that our experienced and dedicated team will take good care of your relocation.

Probably the crucial part of the whole move is the price, right? Don’t worry; we have excellent customer support that will explain everything you need to know. Also, you can reach us at any time of day because our skilled support service is more than happy to help. So, when it comes to the pricing part, we’re one of the relocation companies that doesn’t count in the weight of stuff you wish to move. Instead, you make an inventory list which you can change as much as you like (but we should have the final version at least one day before the move). Besides the inventory list, the price will be adjusted by additional services you’ll need.

Reputable and Skilled Brooklyn Movers Will Pack Your Belongings Efficiently

The most tedious part of the whole move is the wrapping up process. First, you have to decide what will go to the new home. Then comes the gathering of all the materials and supplies needed for the successful packing. It will take a lot of time and energy, and it’s completely understandable why some people find it quite overwhelming.

But, if you want to avoid all that and instead have a pleasant experience – you’ll need reliable and efficient state-to-state movers. Our crew will provide you with the greatest packing service; all you have to do is contact State to State Movers for a free quote. Once the deal is struck, you’ll get a standard wrapping included in the quote, and our packers will deal with the bulky items from your household. All the furniture and appliances that can’t be packed in the regular-sized boxes will be packed free of charge.

If you were worried about preparing some pieces of furniture or other bulky items, we got that covered. Our packers have many years of experience, and they have learned useful packing tips and tricks. That’s why they will disassemble your furniture, protect each piece with high-quality supplies, and assemble them once they arrive at your future location. Also, they will put the furniture wherever you want them to.

Our Movers in Brooklyn, NY, Offer You Additional Packing Services

There’s nothing better than to know for sure you’re in good hands during the long-distance move. We’re one of Brooklyn moving companies that can provide you with safety and professionalism. To make sure of that, just visit our website and read all positive reviews from satisfied customers. Security with us is guaranteed – all the boxes will be labeled with barcodes, and if needed, you can store them in our storage facilities, where they will be checked once they arrive and leave the storage. Besides all that, we can offer you additional wrapping help:

  • Partial pack – if you need our packer’s help for wrapping up to fifteen boxes, this option is the right one for you.
  • Full pack – for more than fifteen, or you want us to pack your entire inventory list, choose the full pack option.

However, our skilled customer service will gladly assist you if you need any further information. Not only will you get a free quote, but our support crew will explain all you want to know – from standard services to additional ones. So, don’t hesitate to contact us and get all the needed info.

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Transport Your Vehicle With Us Safely and in No Time

Moving interstate usually means you’ll move your car, as well. However, driving long distances can be a tricky and exhausting task. Now, you’re probably thinking that you don’t even need a car in New York but think twice. Driving in the largest borough won’t have the same experience as it would with other boroughs. So, having your four-wheeler can only help you get around and explore the unknown environment.

Luckily for you, we’re not only experts in relocation services, but also in auto transport. We’re very proud of our work because we put many years into improving our services. That’s why we have some of the best professional drivers that will transport your car safely and in no time. Our driving crew has been in this industry very long, and they know virtually every road. This means a lot because it’s one of the crucial steps in securely transporting your vehicle to another destination.

Also, we leave you the possibility to decide which transportation suits you better and include insurance for both options – with an open or enclosed trailer. If you choose an open carrier, you’ll get insurance up to $100,000 for external damage. For enclosed carriers, there’s insurance up to $500,000.

Choose the Transportation for Your Car When Interstate Moving

As already mentioned above, if you decide to relocate with State to State Movers, you’ll have the possibility to choose two transportation options. Both of them are secure; it just depends whether you opt for more protection or not:

  • Open trailer – most of our customers use this option for their vehicles because it’s more affordable than the enclosed one. And as the name suggests, your car will travel in the open air, which means there will be no protection from weather conditions.
  • Enclosed trailer – if you have a more exotic car, then we recommend completely secured transportation, which you’ll get with the enclosed trailer.

Decide Which Delivery and Pick-Up Service Suits You Best

After deciding whether open or enclosed trailers are a better option for your four-wheeler, you’ll have to decide again about delivery and pick-up. You surely feel more comfortable when you have more than one option to choose from, and that is why our company is providing you with that many options. So, decide between door-to-door delivery and terminal-to-terminal pick-up. The first option is the more popular one because we load your car in front of the doorstep of your old place and unload it at your future home. The second option, however, is more convenient for people who don’t have time to wait for our drivers. In that case, you’ll pick up your vehicle at the nearest terminal at an arranged time.

Use Our Secure Storage Facility Completely Free for Thirty Days

Hiring a reputable and experienced relocation crew has many benefits. If you contact our customer support, they will tell you that using our secure storage facilities will be completely without charge for the first 30 days. And we all know how having a well-protected storage unit is important, especially when relocating.

No matter what you want to keep in our storage units, boxes or bulkier stuff, know that all of your possessions will be completely safe. All facilities are climate controlled, and your belongings will be in the same shape as you left them – clean and dry. As you already know, our customer representatives are at your disposal at any time of the day, and you can call us to check everything that interests you.

We Have Relocation Insurance When Shipping Your Possessions With Us

After wrapping up your belongings, the most stressful process of the move is transportation. Most people worry the whole time whether some of the stuff will get damaged or not. That’s why we have reliable relocation insurance that is already included in the quote. It’s mandatory liability coverage, and you’ll get 60 cents per pound for each damaged piece.

Don’t worry, our moving company in Brooklyn has a full value replacement for more expensive stuff. This is an additional service, but when it comes to some of your valuables or items that have sentimental value, you should do everything to protect them.

Brooklyn, a Place of Homes and Churches

Relocation to one of the most interesting and popular boroughs of New York City means you’ll have many opportunities to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a better home, higher education, or another job opportunity, relocation to this most populated place of Long Island will provide you with everything you’re looking for. It has many perks no matter the reasons for your move. It’s an urban area with many options when it comes to choosing a home.

Another nickname this area has is Borough of Neighborhoods. Besides its amazing food, street art, theaters, and live music, this place also has numerous churches. So, no wonder more and more people are thinking about relocating to this neighbor-friendly area.

Explore the Cost of Living and Where to Settle In

With about 2.5 million people living here, this vivid borough of New York City counts even 77 neighborhoods. So, you get the idea why anyone can find a suitable place, right? But, before we pass to some of the best neighborhoods to look up, you should learn the cost of living and how you should be prepared financially if you wish to live here. For example, it’s a cheaper place than Manhattan – in Brooklyn, you’ll be paying for rent about $3,000 per month, and in Manhattan, about $4,000. The prices are high but consider you’ll be living in one of the most popular NY boroughs.

Now let’s check some of the top-ranked neighborhoods:

  • Windsor Terrace,
  • Park Slope,
  • Bay Ridge,
  • Carroll Gardens,
  • Dyker Heights.

Our Professional State to State Movers Will Move You From the Largest Borough of New York

You need to move from the largest NYC borough, and you’re looking for a trustworthy Brooklyn moving company? Luckily, State to State Movers will gladly assist you with it. Contact us right away and find out why we’re one of the most reliable relocation crews in this industry. After all, our only goal is to leave customers happy and not stressed after the exhausting move.


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