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The past few years have shown that people are changing their views on suburban life, as they are looking for quieter spots that are yet in the proximity of an urban core. Reliable Hoboken movers offer you a helping hand in your decision to relocate long-distance to this tight-knit community.

Need Great Long-Distance Movers in Hoboken, NJ, to Help You Organize Moving Interstate? Our Services Are at Your Disposal

Each and every relocation is different and proves to be complex in its own way. While you have to keep your mind focused on important milestones in your life, like finding a new job in another part of the country or moving in with your partner, there’s a lot more you should be thinking about. So many tasks on your back can be overwhelming, and while we try to manage it all, we usually then realize it’s a lot wiser to invest in interstate moving services and let the professionals take care of the logistics.

Finding the right company is never simple, though, but a review might be of help. If you haven’t relocated with movers before, and you can’t get recommendations from friends and family, you should turn to the internet and do thorough research. After you’ve made your picks from the results, you should read through the reviews left by the customers, as they are a sure way to get to know the company and how it conducts its business.

You should also learn how to notice red flags and avoid them. After the initial check-up of reviews, narrow down to several companies and ask for a free quote. Be cautious when it comes to a low-ball quote, as it usually means the company runs its business fraudulently. A cheap quote will, later on, turn into many hidden fees and unexpected costs, and you’ll end up paying a lot more.

Moving with State to State Movers is hassle-free and enjoyable, and our pricing is very transparent. We won’t present you with any unexpected fees, while our free quote is based on your inventory list. Before you ask us to give you a quote, you should have a general idea of what you plan to take with you and write it down. This list can be changed and updated until the last business day before you’re set to move out.

Our Packing Services Make the Whole Process a Piece of Cake

Organizing a relocation is neither simple nor easy. Our company has a deep understanding of the process, and you’ll see that our reviews claim just that. We are here to help you out each step of the way if you require us to. If you are worried about taking care of all the bulky things you own through our relocation services, you shouldn’t. Our crew will skillfully pack up and secure all the appliances that can not fit inside a box. They will also disassemble the bulky furniture for easier loading and unloading, and later on, reassemble everything. This is all part of the initial quote, and it’s our standard packing service.

Our Packing Services Can Also Be Partial and Full

Many people dislike packing, even if it’s traveling to an exotic place in question. Even if it’s just a few suitcases and a handbag. We know that packing for a long-distance move is overwhelming and, above all, a tedious job, and that’s why we have a solution for you:

  • A partial packing service comes at an additional cost and is applicable if you have less than 15 boxes to pack.
  • If you have more than 15 boxes for us to fill and secure, it will be considered a full service and charged accordingly.

No matter what kind of belongings you want us to take care of, we can handle everything properly. Our team is highly experienced and trained to take care of both bulky and heavy stuff and fragile and delicate items, so contact us today.

Once You Contact State to State Movers, You’ll Find That We Have the Best Auto Transport Solutions Out There

Our company offers various solutions for all of those about to move a long-distance. This includes auto transport service, whether you need it as a part of your relocation or as a standalone service. Shipping is always a better option than driving, and with professional transport, you’ll both keep your car safe from the road conditions and save yourself from unnecessary stress.

Our Movers in Hoboken Will Provide You With Two Transportation Options

We can ship your car in two ways, and you can choose based on your budget and needs. Open trailer shipping is the more affordable option of the two. Although these types of carriers are open from all sides, and thus, your vehicle is subjected to rain and other weather conditions, it’s nonetheless highly secured.

The other option is to ship your vehicle in an enclosed carrier. As more expensive, this solution is usually picked by owners of collection and show cars, but also by those who relocate during winter. Enclosed trailers guarantee that your car will arrive spotlessly, and we can ship up to five vehicles this way.

The Best Pick-up and Delivery Services by Our Movers in Hoboken

Besides adding open or enclosed trailer shipping into the bundle, you can also decide on the way you want us to handle pick-up and delivery. You will probably love our door-to-door service, although it’s somewhat pricier. If you choose this option, you won’t have to leave your home to hand over the car – our crew members will come directly to your doorstep to pick it up, and later on, deliver it to your new address.

The terminal-to-terminal services might be a bit more time-consuming, but their biggest advantage is their affordability. This type of shipping pick-up solution works in the following way – you must drive your vehicle to a designated location to hand it over, while it will be delivered to a terminal location that is closest to your home.

If You’re in Need of Storage Services by Reliable Hoboken Movers, We’re Your Best Choice

Our safe and secured storage services are a perfect solution for everyone moving long-distance. No matter how many items you have for storage or how long you want us to keep everything, you can relax knowing that we’ve got your back. Our storage units are highly secured and kept under camera surveillance. We also take great care in keeping your belongings moist and mold-free, so we have our storage climate-controlled. The first 30 days always come free if you are moving with us, and if you require some more time, we will charge on a daily basis.

We Got the Best Insurance Coverage for Those Who Want the Added Security

With all the experience and training our team has, moving state to state can still prove to be tricky at times. We take great pride in being careful and doing everything we can to secure your possessions, but nonetheless, accidents may occur. But you can still relax knowing that we provide you with mandatory liability coverage, which comes at 60 cents per one pound of damaged items. This basic insurance might not be suitable for your expensive and overall more valuable possessions, and that’s why we always encourage each customer to invest in third-party insurance called Full Value Replacement. It comes at an additional cost and is eligible only for items our team has packed.

If you’ve decided to ship your vehicles with us, we have good news – your cars will be secured but also insured. Our insurance covers for any exterior damage up to $100,000 for shipping on open trailers, while it’s up to $500,000 for enclosed ones.

Hoboken Is the Suburban Gem of New Jersey

Hoboken is a town with a suburban feel and everything you would expect from such a place. It’s a tight-knit community facing the New Jersey waterfront, just ten minutes out of Manhattan, NY. It takes great pride in high walkability, but it’s also known for many notable firsts. This is the spot where the first-ever Oreo cookie was sold in NJ, it was the place where baseball was born, and the zipper was created. But above all, this was the town where Ol’ Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra, was born and raised.

There’s plenty to do around here because it’s a place packed with endless possibilities. Activities that the town encompasses include galleries and cultural festivals, movies, and a beer garden. It has a large pier with many water activities to choose from. These are all the reasons why both families and young professionals decide to reside here.

Stevens Institute of Technology contributes a lot to Hoboken’s economy, as it’s responsible for more than 1,200 full-time positions. You can also find the headquarters of publisher John Wiley & Sons located in this place, as it moved from Manhattan to this NJ suburb some 20 years ago. The unemployment rate in this New Jersey suburb is lower than the national average.

Get Informed on the Costs Before Your Interstate Moving to Hoboken, New Jersey, so That You Can Land on Your Feet

The younger crowd that makes up the most residents here has a relatively high income on average, but what makes Hoboken’s cost of living still expensive are the real estate prices. Still, many professionals flock here from Manhattan, as the rent is significantly lower, and it’s in its proximity. You can expect to pay around $2,200 monthly for a one-bedroom apartment, while the three-bedroom ones go around $4,000 on average. The median home price is about $720,000, as opposed to Manhattan’s $988,000. As for other costs, like groceries, healthcare, and utilities, they are close to the national average.

You Won’t Have Any Trouble Finding Various Things to Do Around This Lovely Suburb of New Jersey

It suffices to say that without this suburb, perhaps there wouldn’t be the musical impact that Frank Sinatra has left in his wake. A city that well earned its title of the Hipster Capital of America is the home to many celebrities. While that fact alone isn’t enough to earn its title, we should also mention that the majority of the residents are 24 to 30 years old, with a large proportion of bachelor’s degree recipients. Here are some fun things to do around here:

  • If the day outside proves to be gorgeous, you should check out the Waterfront Walkway, from which you’ll get a breathtaking view of the Hudson River and New York City. This promenade is equally popular among locals and visitors alike.
  • Do you think there can’t be a park on the water? Pier A Park is literally just that, a lovely park located on the river, where you can go for picnics, walking, fishing, and take your kids. You can use its position to take postcard photos of downtown Manhattan. In the summer, the park hosts Movies Under the Stars each Wednesday night.
  • The Monroe Arts Center is the heart of Hoboken’s cultural scene, and it’s a hub for arts and culture. It offers many galleries and exhibitions, and overall it’s an inspiring spot.
  • Annually, you get to enjoy the Arts and Music Festival, where you can enjoy photography, live music, and food, drinks, and crafts by local artisans and vendors.
  • If you think foodies don’t get to enjoy their own events, you’re wrong. Twice each year, you get to visit an event for Hudson County’s best cuisine during Restaurant Week. You can freely taste all the exclusive dishes and enjoy many courses from each restaurant. It’s usually just a fraction of their regular price.

On top of all the interesting and fun things to do around here, the city offers a high number of coffee shops and yoga studios. That’s probably the reason why everyone considers it a hipster spot.

If You Want to Leave Hoboken’s Suburban Streets, We’ve Got You Covered

This suburban city that’s in the nearest proximity to an urban core is a suitable and lovely place for many. But even if you have decided to leave it behind and find life elsewhere, State to State Movers will offer a helping hand. Our years of experience in the industry will allow you to have a stressless move and will bring a smile to your face. And we always strive to handle every step of your move while you focus on the life ahead of you, so contact our company today.


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