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If you’re a winter person and want to enjoy all the magic moments of glittering wintertime, then Motown will be the right city to relocate to. A festive atmosphere, gorgeous lakes and nature, and incredibly affordable home prices inspire many people to choose Motown for their next destination. Here is how Detroit movers can help you create your winter fairytale.

Looking for Trustworthy Movers in Detroit? Let Our Company Provide the Best Moving Services

If you’re looking for a trustworthy company that can provide you with all types of moving services, then State to State Movers is the right choice for you! Besides providing full interstate moving assistance, we also strive to provide our customers with guaranteed quality and prices when moving interstate.

Keep in mind that all our prices are based on inventory lists, which is the most accurate way for calculating your relocation costs. To make the process of making an inventory list easier, we provide access to an online system where you can manage it in a few clicks. Our clients have the possibility to update their inventory lists up to one day prior to relocation day – you can easily remove or add the items, and the costs will change accordingly.

Worried About Packing? Choose Our Packing Services to Speed Up the Process

Did you know that the average time needed to pack a single-family home takes around 60 hours? If you want to speed up the process, then going for professional packing services will be the best solution in this case. Also, if you’re in the middle of moving at the last minute, using the assistance of experts will be the easiest course of action.

The basic moving quote encompasses standard additional assistance like disassembling and reassembling furniture pieces, loading and unloading all packed boxes and other stuff, and all necessary protective materials. All these are free of charge, but if you need additional assistance, read on to see what else you can choose from.

Our Professional Long-Distance Movers in Detroit, MI Offer Partial and Full Packing Services

If you have any possessions you want handled and packed by professionals, then going for partial or full packing services is the most convenient option for you. No matter if you want assistance with fragile items or electronic devices, or you’re in a hurry and want to pack your household as quickly as possible, our fully trained team will be there to lend you a helping hand.

All you have to do is to decide which stuff you want our moving crew to pack and define with your dedicated agent whether you’ll need 15 or more boxes for it. The number of boxes is important since it defines what type of service you will use. In case everything can fit into up to 15 boxes, it will be counted as a partial service. On the other hand, if this number is exceeded, it will be treated as a full service.

Valuable Items Are Not a Problem for Our Expert Moving Crew

There is no reason to exclude any item from your packing list just because it’s too large or too fragile. Our company has all the necessary equipment to handle all the bulky valuables, be they musical instruments, antiques, sculptures, or paintings. If you want to ship those belongings, just let us know in advance, and our team will create a custom crate to safely transport your bulky valuables.

Use Our Prime Car Shipping Services and Ship Your Vehicle Safely to the Next Home

A safe, punctual, and fast auto-transport service is our expertise, so if you need this type of assistance, ensure to contact us and schedule the vehicle shipping service. Once you get in touch with our friendly agents, they’ll explain in detail the whole process of scheduling and delivering your car and assist you in every way possible. Not only will they provide you with all the accurate information, but they will also help you make some important decisions, too.

Open vs. Enclosed Trailers – What Type of Trailer Suits Your Vehicle Best?

One of the decisions you’ll have to make has to do with the type of trailer your car will be transported in. Aside from price, the greatest difference between open and enclosed trailers is in the type of vehicle they are meant for.

As expected, more expensive cars require better protection, which means they need a trailer that shields them from all sides. For that reason, enclosed trailers are recommended for all luxurious vehicles, as well as cars that could take more space than the average. Enclosed trailers grant complete protection from any external conditions, including the weather, which reduces the potential for damage to the minimum.

If you own a standard family car, then going for an open trailer will be an acceptable solution. Since more cars can be shipped on one open trailer, the price will be up to 40% lower than on enclosed trailers, which is definitely the greatest benefit of this type of trailer. If you’re not sure what type of trailer suits your car better, don’t hesitate to consult your designated agent and resolve all your dilemmas.

How Will Your Car Be Picked Up and Delivered – Door-to-Door or Terminal-to-Terminal?

Depending on your time and budget, there are two available options to choose from when it comes to the pick-up and delivery of your vehicle. The door-to-door option is most suitable for all those who don’t have much time and want to hand over and pick up their car in front of their house.

On the other hand, the terminal-to-terminal delivery option is best for all those who want to keep the budget under control and decrease the total costs of the move. Just be aware that this option will take you some of your free time since you’ll be in charge of driving your four-wheeler to and from designated terminals.

Long-Distance Movers Provide Free Storage Services for the First 30 Days for All Our Clients

Sometimes, our clients end up having to store their belongings for some time until their new home is fully ready to live in or until they figure out what to do with certain items. For that reason, we provide one month of free usage of our storage facilities for all our clients. All our storage facilities are fully equipped with the latest security systems that include a combination of computers and guards. Also, there is a temperature control system, so you can be sure all your belongings are safe from any mold or other damage.

Another privilege our customers exclusively enjoy is that, if they need to extend the storage rental period, they’ll get special prices and conditions. Namely, they’ll get a daily rate, as opposed to monthly, meaning they’ll pay only what they use.

Types of Insurance Policies Our Company Provides

There are several types of insurance policies we provide to keep all our clients safe from any unforeseen costs in case of damage. Here is how our insurance functions:

  • Mandatory liability coverage is free of charge and included in the quote. This policy guarantees reimbursement of 60 cents per pound of damaged goods.
  • Full value replacement insurance is an upgrade that is paid extra. In case of damage, you’ll be reimbursed the full value of the damaged item (or get the item replaced or repaired free of charge). So if you have any valuables that deserve extra attention, ensure to check all the details with your designated agent.
  • Car insurance is provided both on open and enclosed trailers. When your vehicle is shipped on an open trailer, any external damage that occurs during the transport is covered in the amount of up to $100,000. The same applies to vehicles shipped on enclosed trailers where all damage up to $500,000 is fully covered.

Welcome to Detroit Rock City

Great entertainment and nightlife, music, cars, history, art, and sports, all followed by stunning nature and fairy-like winters, are the main reasons why people love living in Motown. Gorgeous Erie and St. Claire lakes and the Detroit Riverfront give the city a specific chill atmosphere.

Detroit Offers Great Ways to Spend Free Time

Motown is also famous for Henry Ford and its automobile history, rock’n’roll live music sessions, and magical winter days. So if you’re an outgoing person, Motown will definitely suit your lifestyle. Ice-skating in the central ring in the evening, hockey games, or great rock concerts are only a few of the many entertainment options Detroit, MI has to offer.

You’ll Love the Low Cost of Living and Affordable Housing in Motown

Buying a home in Motown is quite certain since the typical sale price is around $63,000, which is way under the national average. Of, course the prices can differ depending on the specific location you choose, but still, the total sum won’t cost you a fortune. So, moving state-to-state to Motown is definitely worth it if your long-term goal is to become a homeowner.

Another great thing about Motown is the low costs of living, which are also close to the national average. To cover all the living expenses in Motown, a single person needs around $950 without rent.

What Are the Rental Prices in Motown?

The average rental price is just above $1,000, but if you choose a less central location, you’ll be able to pay less than $600. Here are the neighborhoods to consider when choosing a new place to call home in Detroit:

  • The most popular neighborhoods in Motown are definitely Central, University, and Downtown, because of their convenient location. Here, the typical one-bedroom apartment rent amounts to $1,200-1,400, while a two-bedroom apartment can be rented for between $1,400 and $1,800.
  • If you’re looking for a more exclusive vibe, then Kettering-butzel will be the top choice for you. Here, the monthly rent costs $1,150 for a one-bedroom apartment, while two-bedroom apartments can be rented for $1,400. This neighborhood is located right on the riverside, across Belle Isle, and there are also some top-rated elementary and secondary schools, which make it a perfect fit for families.
  • When it comes to more affordable options, neighborhoods like Mackenzie, Evergreen, or Palmer Park provide one-bedroom apartments from $500-$700, while two-bedroom apartments cost from $675 in Evergreen to $800 in Palmer Park. The best thing when it comes to these neighborhoods is that they are all a short way from downtown. However, such low prices can come at a different cost – usually lower safety rates.

Are You Moving Out of Motown? Our Detroit Movers From Michigan Can Help You With This Plan Too

If you’ve decided to leave Detroit and move to a sunnier place, we can make it happen! Even if you decide to move in the middle of winter, our experienced crew will do everything necessary to move you safely out of Motown and provide you with impeccable service. Contact us and explore all the options we provide for quick, safe, and efficient relocations.\


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