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Birthplace of the Prince and home of Nobel prize winner Bob Dylan, Minneapolis is a true cultural and economic mecca of the midwest. This is why it is so popular among young professionals looking to move. And if you wish to become a resident of this amazing city, our Minneapolis movers are here to help you. State-to-state movers with years of experience will make sure you have a smooth and stress-free transition so you can enjoy the wonders of the Twin Cities completely. Let’s see what State to State Movers has to offer.

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With Our Minneapolis Movers, You Will Get Best All-in-One Moving Services

What does this mean? Once you start searching for movers in Minneapolis, you will see many companies offering only one or two services. With our team of professionals, you will get everything you need, from top-notch moving services to car shipping and storage service. We strive to arrange a move tailored to your needs, which is why, as soon as you book us, you will get a designated agent who will make sure the whole process goes smoothly and the way you imagined. The agent will go through all details with you, and every time you have a question, your agent will answer. This way, you don’t have to worry about explaining the requests to every agent that picks up the phone.

What About the Price? With Us, You Make the Price

That is right. Our company goal is that you have the best service possible, and we understand that the price and untransparent contracts are things that worry most of the customers. With us there are no hidden costs, and each customer is in control of their expenditures from beginning to end. Let’s explain the process in more detail. The first thing you can do is contact us for a free quote. This quote will not be precise, but it will give you an idea of how much your move will cost. The second step is to arrange an in-home estimation with our agent. With this estimation, we will make an inventory list of the belongings you plan to bring. And based on that, you will get a real quote. And the price will stay the same, except if you decide to change something on your list (you can add or remove items up to one business day before your move).

If Your Inventory List Is too Long and Overwhelimg, Hire Us for Packing Service

One of the things you will get free of charge once you hire us is the standard packing service. This means that our professional movers in Minneapolis will not only come to your house for loading and unloading a truck, but they will also disassemble and reassemble all of your furniture. Also, they will deal with all large and bulky items, which means they will wrap each piece in protective material before putting it on a truck.

You Can Choose Between Full and Partial Packing Service

On the other hand, if you feel like you have too many things to pack on your own, you can hire us for full or partial packing service. With full packaging, we will pack in boxes and protect all of the items from your inventory list. Still, we understand that sometimes customers wish to pack certain belongings, and for this purpose, we offer partial packaging. Our movers in Minneapolis will come to your house and only pack items you tell them to pack. With both options, you will get free protective materials.

Hire the Best Movers in Minneapolis for Top-Notch Car Shipping

Even though there is a good transportation system in the City of Lakes, people still prefer to go around by car. We can help you with that too. Our company offers two types of car shipping. If you have more than one vehicle, the best option is to ship your car with an open trailer. The only thing you have to worry about is washing your car after shipping. And even though it is rare, some accidents can happen – for example, road debris may damage the exterior of your car. For that reason, we will insure your vehicle for any damages up to $100,000.

On the other hand, if you have an expensive car you wish to protect more, you can book our enclosed trailer. You will get insurance up to $500,000 if anything happens to the vehicle’s appearance.

Choose How You Wish Your Car to Be Delivered

There are two types of pick-up and delivery options for you to choose from: door to door and terminal to terminal. With the door-to-door option, we will come to your home, pick up your car, and deliver it to you the same way at your new location. Another option you can use if you are our customer is terminal to terminal. With this option, you will have to make some effort and leave your car at the nearest terminal and pick it up the same way. The only inconvenience is that you will have to arrange for someone to drive you there. But don’t worry – our company has terminals in every major city.

Try Out Our Storage Units Free of Charge for Whole Month

If you need to store your belongings for some time in storage units, you don’t have to search for any third party for this. We got you covered. We have our own top-notch climate-controlled and secured storage facilities. And best of all if you are one of our customers, you can use these facilities for free for the whole month. We know that interstate moving can be unpredictable and that sometimes things don’t go our way. For example, your old home is sold while your new one is not ready. For this reason, we provide each customer with a plan B so you know that you can rest assured that no matter what happens, your belongings are safe.

We Got You Covered With Our Moving Insurance

As we mentioned, unpredictable things can happen in every move, and even though they are rare, accidents can occur. But better be safe than sorry. Once you hire us, all of your belongings will be covered with mandatory liability insurance. You will get 60 cents per pound of damaged goods with this insurance.

On the other hand, if you wish to protect some items more, you can take our Full Value Replacement Insurance. With this option, you will either get a replacement or reimbursement in the item’s full market value. Mandatory insurance will cover all of your belongings no matter who packed them, while for FVRI, our team of professionals will have to package and protect everything before shipping long-distance.

Before You Start Packing, Learn More About the City of Lakes

Minneapolis is known as the City of Lake because it has over 22 lakes connected through parkways in the Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway. So you can guess that Minneapolitans like the outdoors. Even if the weather is harsh and can get extremely cold in winter, people make the most of other seasons, from biking and hiking to boating and sailing. MSP is “the city of water” that lies on both sides of the Mississippi river, and people are exploiting river beauty to the maximum.

But outdoor activities are not the only thing that lures so many young people to move to this midwest city. With a population of 430,000 people, it is the most populous city in Minnesota. It has a thriving tech scene, and it is the largest economic center between Chicago and Seattle. And with relatively low costs of living, it is a great place to start over or maybe even to start a family.

MSP has many nicknames, and each of them describes the city at its core. This is why it has the nickname Mini Apple because it is a cultural mecca of the midwest and probably the second most cultural city in the country. It has everything for everyone’s taste, from a thriving dining and theater scene to Guthrie Theater and the First Avenue nightclubs. Pop, rock, and country music are all welcome here.

Another nickname that MSP carries with the state capital is Saint Paul is “Twin Cities,” since these are major economic and cultural centers of the region. Combined with 16 more counties, they make a metropolitan area of 3.6 million people.

Living in Mini Apple Is Way Affordable Then in Big Apple

When compared to the national average costs of living, MSP is only 5% higher. But if we compare it to some other midwest cities like Chicago, you will see that MSP is pretty affordable. For example, consumer prices, including rent, are 4% lower than in Chicago. And the rent itself is 17% lower. You can rent a one-bedroom apartment in the MSP city center for $1,400 and the same apartment outside the city center for $1,115. On the other hand, if you are interested in buying a home there, housing options are also affordable. The median home value is around $250,000, and there are a lot of houses on the market, so finding the right home for you won’t be a problem.

But before you buy a home, it would be good to learn more about MSP neighborhoods. The city is divided into 83 neighborhoods, and there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking to be in an expensive, elite neighborhood such as Uptown or a trendy hip neighborhood with vibrant nightlife like North Loop, you can find it here. From small apartments for rent to luxurious million-dollar-worth villas, you can choose from a variety of options. Here is the list of most popular neighborhoods in MSP:

  • Downtown,
  • Dinkytown,
  • Prospect Park,
  • Linden Hills,
  • Lowry Hill,
  • Fulton.

But no matter where you decide to live, you should know that getting around in MSP is easy. Although there is a good public transportation system, many people still choose to drive their cars around. On average, it will take around 24 minutes for you to go from one side of the city to another.

Finding Something to Do After Moving Will Be Easy

If you are an outdoorsy type of person, you will love the City of Lakes. Aside from having 22 parks, the whole city is pretty walkable and adjusted for pedestrians. And nature is amazing. You don’t even have to leave the city limits to enjoy amazing views such as Minnehaha Park 53 feet high waterfall.

And with the city being the hometown of musical genius like Prince, it is no surprise Mineapolitans love to celebrate the music. And they love to celebrate most with all-year-round concerts, shows, and live music performances. So if you are worried you will not have enough events to attend, your only worry will be on which event to go to first.

If You Are Moving From City of Lakes, Give us a Call

If you plan to relocate from this midwest city to any part of the country, State to State Movers can help you with that too. When it comes to moving state to state, we are professionals, and there is no obstacle we can’t overcome, and distance is one we like to beat all the time. So if you plan on moving interstate, don’t hesitate to contact us. State to State Movers can manage your relocation no matter where you are and where you are heading to.


    Thanks to State to State I was able to carry out the move of a 2br apartment inexpensively and quickly. Friendly salesperson provided me with a free quote based on all the furniture and other items. On the day of the move movers were working together very harmoniously. From the very beginning I was properly asked about the amount of work and offered the appropriate price and truck option to transport my Nissan Murano. The movers arrived in time, things were packed quickly and accurately, we did not have to worry about the fragile things – my collection of vases, crystal glass table – they all made it to my destination safely. I will recommend to all friends!

    Adriano K.

    Thank you “State to State Moving and Auto Shipping” for timely and non-expensive relocation of our office. During our move, movers always quickly and effectively responded to all our requests; the company promptly provided transport and staff, taking into account all details. Movers brought the boxes in advance – so we could pack ahead ourselves. The boxes were a nice fit. Thanks to that, we were able to save time, as on the day of the move all workers had to do was load their truck.

    Bernard O.

    We moved with State to State back in May. The guys arrived on time, did everything correctly and quickly. Despite the fact that things turned out over the volume than expected, movers managed to fit everything into the truck. These guys proved to be truly professional. No complaints. The ratio of price and quality is optimal. Payment – according to the agreement. It’s nice to have a deal with a responsible company and professional staff. Thank you!

    John B.

    In my opinion this is a great company, which not only has a serious approach to their duties and services, but also has a pleasant and professional team, which did everything to accommodate our busy schedule. Solid score – excellent for the quality and timing of the move, as well as the fulfillment of their terms. The only thing you should pay attention to – carefully consider the selection of the truck if you are also moving a vehicle (price is very affordable!) and the number of movers for the move. Good thing they don’t charge by the time, but by inventory amount. Definitely booking our next move with State to State as well!

    Kelly F.

    During the move, we have taken advantage of the free services of this company. We ordered an in-home estimate to make sure we are being quoted exact price. They also don’t charge you for any packing supplies, which is great, unless you want to order some supplies directly from their website. The movers were polite and neat, even though we had a few very heavy furniture items. In general, we are satisfied. Thank you for your assistance in moving, you’ve done a perfect job.

    Melissa A.

    First of all, my mistake was that I completely forgot about the time of this in-home estimate appointment and when they called me in the morning I was like “Oh man what should I do now”. But I was surprised that they said that it’s okay and they can reschedule, after I apologized. We moved from Oregon to Montana, but we had a lot of things, so we wanted to get an exact quote. State to State Movers were very accommodating and professional! Thumbs up.

    Patricia O.

    I am very satisfied from this company after they helped me ship my vehicle cross country. All along the way they were very supportive, transparent, reasonable with terms and fees and friendly. Especially their agent Tom.
    I’ll definitely turn to them again any time I need moving!

    Asi Shnabel

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