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Only 100 miles away from New York lies the gorgeous city of Philadelphia, famous for its cultural, natural, and historical attractions. If you’ve chosen Philly for your new home, here is how our Philadelphia movers will help you move to one of the most beautiful cities on the East Coast. Contact us today and ask for a free quote that will cover all the relocation needs you have.

State-to-State Moving Company Offers Prime Moving Services in Philadelphia

Our company offers all the moving services needed for organizing a smooth relocation. Highly trained long-distance movers, top-notch equipment, and great customer service are only a few of the numerous benefits all our customers enjoy.

The Benefits of Moving Interstate With Our Long-Distance Movers

The thing that distinguishes us from other moving companies in Philadelphia is that we calculate your relocation cost based on the inventory list. This gives all our customers complete control over their relocation expenses, and what’s even more important is the complete flexibility when it comes to updating the list.

Being our customer means having access to the online inventory list where you can easily add or remove items until 24 hours before the relocation day. The moment you make changes to your inventory list, you’ll be provided with info regarding the new price and still have guaranteed cost calculation for items on the inventory list (our system will provide you with an instant cost calculation, so you’ll know the exact sum right away).

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Our Packing Service Will Make the Process of Moving State to State Easier

Whether you have a bunch of stuff or only a few valuables to bring with you, our movers from Philadelphia, PA, will take care of every item on your list. Our exquisite packing services are created to cover everything from fragile items to large, bulky furniture pieces or kitchen appliances.

Furthermore, once you book the packing service with State to State Movers, the moving crew in charge of your relocation will:

  • Bring all protective equipment and materials for furniture,
  • Label all the boxes,
  • Disassemble and reassemble furniture,
  • Load and unload all packed boxes and other stuff.

The best part is that all this help is already included in your basic quote, meaning you won’t be paying extra for it.

Partial or Full Packing Services Will Be the Best Option for All Those Who Need Additional Assistance With Boxing Up

In case you need additional help boxing up your household items when moving interstate, our professional packers will be happy to lend you a helping hand. All you have to do is to inform your designated agent and choose between partial or full packing services.

Full packing assistance implies that all your belongings will be packed by movers, while partial means they’ll pack designated things only, and you’ll take care of the rest. If all the items you want our professionals to pack can be placed in 15 boxes, we will count it as partial service. Every additional box means you’re using the full service.

Our Movers Will Take Care of Your Most Valuable Things Too!

If any musical instruments, pieces of art, or high-tech appliances are on your packing list,  you can go for a custom crating service within which our professional crew will make a special crate to move those belongings safely. All you have to do is provide the correct measurements of all those pieces, and our team will be fully prepared to handle them!

The Car Shipping Service Is Another Specialty of Ours

We have shipped hundreds of vehicles over the years, and we know how important your car is to you! That’s why we pay special attention to auto-transport services with an emphasis on your vehicle’s safety. Our professional team will give you all the necessary advice on how to prepare the car for shipping, and more importantly, what type of trailer will be the best choice.

Tell Us What Car You Have, and We’ll Tell You Which Trailer to Pick

There are two types of trailers we offer, open and enclosed ones. Except for the trailer type, there are a few more details you should consider before choosing your car shipping option:

  • The type of vehicle – if you own a luxurious car, an enclosed trailer will be the best option for your vehicle. Not only are fewer vehicles shipped on enclosed trailers, but they are also better protected from all outside influences or theft.
  • Benefits of enclosed trailers include full protection from weather or road conditions. This means there are no chances for your car to be damaged in any way. Also, fewer vehicles are shipped on enclosed trailers, so delivery can be faster.
  • The cost difference is definitely the greatest advantage of open trailers. Since more cars can be put on one trailer, it automatically decreases the costs of shipping. Also, if you own a vehicle of standard size, open trailers will be a perfect fit.
  • The time of year when you move is also an important detail to consider, especially if you’re moving in winter. Extremely low temperatures can negatively affect the condition of your car, so choosing an enclosed trailer might be a better option.

Choose the Pick-Up and Delivery Date, Time, and Place

Our long-distance movers provide two possible ways for pick-up and delivery. The first option is door-to-door, which implies that your car will be picked up from your home address and delivered to the new one on the date and time you agree on with the designated agent.

The second option is terminal-to-terminal, which implies that you’ll drive your car to a regional terminal. Here, our professional team will load your car into the chosen trailer and ship it to the designated destination. After the vehicle is delivered to the city where you’re about to relocate, our customer service will contact you and schedule a pick-up date.

Take Advantage of Our One-Month Free Storage Service

If you’re looking for a trustworthy company that can provide you with services for both moving and storage in Philadelphia, then State to State Movers is the right option. Once you book all the moving services you need, you’ll be provided with a one-month free deal for our storage facility. Another benefit is that, in case you have to extend the usage of the storage facility, you’ll be charged per day (not per month) at a special discounted rate, which will significantly decrease your total costs.

The storage is exclusively intended for storing our customers’ items and is fully equipped to meet the highest security standards. Aside from the 24/7 video surveillance and digitized barcodes we use for labeling, there is also an automated system that registers check-ins and check-outs of goods. Also, there is a system for temperature control, so you can be sure all your stuff will be appropriately protected from any damage like mold.

State to State Movers in Philadelphia Provide Insurance Policies for All Your Belongings

Although rare, damage can happen during transportation. For that reason, we provide extra protection for all our customers’ belongings in the form of insurance policies. Mandatory coverage includes 60 cents of reimbursement per pound of damaged goods and is included in your basic quote.

Full Value Replacement is an option that comes with an extra fee, ideal for all those who want full reimbursement for any damaged goods. This policy is especially convenient for expensive or luxurious items, so go for this option if you own any very valuable stuff.

We Didn’t Forget About Your Car, Either

In case anything unpredictable happens and any external part of your car is damaged, we’ve got your back! We provide an insurance policy of $100,000 on open trailers and $500,000 on enclosed trailers, and those are included in your quotes.

Welcome to Philly, One of the Oldest Cities in the United States!

The meeting point of the Founding Fathers, the former capital of the US, a place that played a major role in the creation of the United States, and the largest city in Pennsylvania – welcome to Philly! Philly is still one of the most populous, famous, and most desired locations to live in the US.

The reasons for this are diverse. While some love to enjoy a specific spirit of rich history and culture, others look for top-quality education. Many Americans also choose Philly because of affordability and steady economic growth. Philly has abundant employment opportunities since some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies are headquartered here.

Philly Has It All And Is the Perfect Choice for People of Any Age

No matter if you’re a student looking for the best college or university to further your education or a young parent who wants to be sure your child will have the best opportunities in life, Philly has a solution for all. Also, thanks to broad job opportunities, Philly will be a great choice for all young professionals at the start of their careers.

Many fun activities will fulfill your life here. Theaters, museums, various restaurants and bars, and sports are only a few of the benefits that make life in Philly dynamic and all your downtime filled with fun activities.

What About the Housing and Living Costs?

One of the greatest benefits of living in Philly is that it is only 100 miles away from New York, so don’t be surprised by the fact that many Philadelphians work in Manhattan. By train, you’ll need 1 hour and 10 minutes to make it to NY. Since the Big Apple is one of the most expensive cities in the world, it’s becoming perfectly clear why many people choose Philly as an alternative.

To cover all costs (without rent), a single person needs $1,400 on a monthly basis, which is slightly more than the national average of $950. The difference is drastic when it comes to housing options. Namely, Philly is 50% more affordable in terms of housing options than NY. And here comes a short guide on the rental prices in Philly.

Rental Prices and the Neighborhoods in Philadelphia You’ll Love to Call Home

Philly has more than 150 distinct neighborhoods that provide enough choices for future residents. Here are top-three neighborhoods based on different criteria like popularity and affordability:

  • North Philadelphia West is definitely one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city that enjoys a central location. The rental prices of 1-bedroom apartments to 3-bedroom apartments range from $1,250 to 1,700.
  • Avenue of the Arts North is another central location in the city, in the vicinity of the Delaware River banks. Here, the average monthly rent goes up to $1,960, which makes it one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Philly.
  • Allegheny West is convincingly the most affordable neighborhood to live in Philly. Here, the monthly rent is $730. Only 6 miles away from the city’s downtown, Allegheny West is a great option for all college students who want to live alone or for all those who want to start over without spending a fortune.

Moving From Philly to Another Place in the US? Our Movers From Philadelphia Are Here to Make It Happen!

Since State to State Moving & Auto Transport Company operates almost across the whole US territory, there won’t be any limitations if you want to move out of Philly. Our representatives will be happy to help you organize the entire process, so don’t hesitate to contact us and book your relocation date!


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