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In recent years, Texas and its metropolises are the top choices of millions of Americans who search for a better home. If you’re about to move to the fourth-most populous city in the nation, home of Queen Bey and rockets, here is how Houston movers can help you fulfill the goal, quickly, efficiently, and safely.

State to State Movers Offer All Moving Services to Houston TX You’ll Ever Need!

Relocations are our expertise, and that’s why we created a range of diverse moving services to provide you with all service needed. Whether you want to ship the car, pack your home, or store the belongings, we can cover it all. All you have to do is to contact us and tell us everything about your plans, and our friendly staff will start working on your requests right away.

Once we define all the items that will take place on your inventory list which is the main way to define the final cost of the move, and schedule the date, the moving state to state process will officially begin!

Take Advantage of Our Superb Packing Services to Facilitate the Interstate Moving Process

The packing process is undoubtedly the most important part of any relocation, which entails hundreds of details. Having a helping hand during this process will be tremendously useful especially if you know that our professional moving crew will take care of every single detail.

Our packing services imply our crew will provide all necessary protective packing materials and equipment. It also entails disassembling and reassembling furniture pieces, loading and unloading stuff, and labeling them accordingly. Of course, if you need any additional help, just ensure to contact your designated agent who will provide you with the right solution.

Partial and Full Packing Services Are Part of Our Moving Services in  Houston

State to State Movers are fully flexible when it comes to boxing up your belongings, so you can choose to partake in the process or leave everything to experts. Our professional crew can take care of the whole household, or you can choose items you want them to pack. For instance, if you possess some quite valuable and breakable things, or any item you don’t know how to properly pack it would be best to let professional relocation specialists handle them.

If all that stuff can be boxed up in 15 boxes, it will be treated as partial service. However, if 15 boxes are insufficient to pack all that stuff, then using full packing service is definitely the right option for you.

We Can Pack Big Mirror, Grandfather’s Clock, or Antique Sculpture – Just Put It on the Inventory List!

State to State movers understand how important some items could be to you, and why you would like to take them when you’re moving interstate to a new home. If any of those items take place on the inventory list, we’ll create a special custom crating designed to protect them in the best possible way. Everything you have to do is to specify it in your inventory list, and our professional team will undertake all preparatory steps to get it ready for your relocation day.

The Vehicle Will Be Delivered in a Matter of Days if You Choose Our Prime Car Shipping Service

Family cars, sports four-wheelers, motorbikes, or even minivans, regardless of the type of mentioned vehicles you want to ship, State to State Movers can help! Our professional team is highly specialized in auto transport which will provide you with the highest standards of service that puts the security of your vehicle at first priority.

Open vs. Enclosed Trailer? What Option to Choose?

Depending on the type of vehicle you plan to transport your designated agent will provide you with accurate information on what solution is the best to pick. In general, we always recommend open trailers for vehicles of standard size, while enclosed trailers are the right solution for sport and luxury machines.

What about the price? The price difference between those two types of trailers is significant. Open trailers are up to 40% more affordable than enclosed ones. However, not all vehicle types can be transported on the same trailer.

Keep in mind that some luxurious or sports cars could be larger than standard vehicles, and they need more space in the trailer. Another crucial difference that determines the price is the number of four-wheelers that can be shipped on a trailer. Open trailers definitely win when it comes to the number of cars that can be shipped at once, and that’s why the price gets lower.

Our Moving Company Offer Flexible Pick Up and Delivery Options That Will Suit Your Free Time and Budget Best

Movers from Houston offer terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door pick-up and delivery options which give you the possibility to be in control of your time to the fullest. Door-to-door pick-up or delivery is an especially convenient option if you’re in the middle of last-minute relocation and every minute counts for you.

In case you want to keep an eye on budget, then terminal-to-terminal pick-up and delivery will definitely meet your needs. So, once you define your priorities, just make sure to inform your designated agent, and book the pick-up and delivery dates in time!

Movers in Houston Offer Free Storage Usage In First 30 Days

We understand that sometimes you’ll need some additional time to store your stuff until the new home is completely ready to move in. For that reason, we decided to offer a one-month free usage of the storage unit for all our clients who book their relocation with State to State Movers.

All our storage units are equipped with a temperature control system that annulates mold and provides perfect climate conditions for storing home items. There is also 24/7 video surveillance, and an automated system that records any check-in or check-out of the goods. Besides, if you need to extend the period of storage used for any reason after the one-month deal expires, you’ll get a special customer deal.

Safety Always Comes First! That’s Why Our Company Insures All Your Belongings

Our professional crew is highly trained when it comes to handling your belongings in a safe way. However, we always want to provide you with extra assurance, just in case. Although very rare, damages could happen during the transportation process. Here are insurance policies we offer and reimbursements they guarantee:

  • Mandatory liability coverage is free of charge and included in the quote, meaning you won’t be paying extra for this type of insurance. This policy implies reimbursement of 60 cents per pound of damaged goods.
  • Full Value replacement is an extra-paid option that guarantees full coverage of damaged goods. This type of insurance policy is especially convenient for art pieces, antiques, and other expensive or luxurious items, so if any similar things are on your inventory list, consider going for this type of policy.
  • Car insurance is included in the quote and guarantees reimbursement for any external damages that occurred during the transportation. The covered amount is $100,000 for cars transported on open trailers and up to $500,000 on enclosed trailers.

Welcome to Houston! The Most Diverse Metropolis in Texas!

Houston is the fourth-most populous city in the US, overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. A favorable geographical position, followed by the Texas oil boom, made H-town one of the most desirable destinations for investments and one of the most important business hubs all across the US.

The skyrocketing development made this city one of the world’s largest healthcare and research centers. NASA, Johnson Space Central, and Mission Control Centre found their homes here, as well as Texas Medical Centre – which is the largest center of this kind in the world. Aside from the rocket center, H-Town is also one of the biggest hospitality centers in the US, and all thanks to its great position and continual investments.

H-Town Is the Ninth Most Expensive City In the US, But Living Costs Are Still Lower than the National Average

According to the latest data, to keep up with all costs in the H-Town, a single person needs around $826 a month, while this amount goes up to $934 on the national average. Although it is considered one of the top ten most expensive cities in the US, it’s clear that living costs in Houston are still more affordable than the national average.

Another benefit that relocation to H-Town will bring is generous tax incentives and affordable housing options which make this metropolis one of the most desirable destinations in the US.

Neighborhoods and Rental Prices in H-Town

Finding the right neighborhood in H-Town isn’t that difficult, since the quality of life in Houston is high overall. Affordable housing options, many beautiful parks, a booming job market, and easy access to top-notch universities, are some of the main reasons why thousands of Americans move here.

The median rent in H-Town equals $1,149. And here is how it ranges depending on the neighborhood you choose to live in:

  • Great Uptown is one of the most popular neighborhoods in the H-Town best known for its urban spirit and high-quality public schools. For a 1-bedroom apartment, you’ll have to set aside $1,368 monthly, while a 2-bedroom apartment will cost you around $1,950.
  • Greater Eastwood is a centrally located neighborhood and one of the most expensive ones. Here, the monthly rent for a 1-bedroom apartment is $2,288, while a 2-bedroom costs $3,763.
  • Clinton Park Tri-Community is 10 miles away from the downtown which makes it the most affordable part of the city to live in. Here a monthly rent amounts to $600 for 2-bedroom apartments. So, if you’re a student or fresh college grad looking for an affordable cost of living in H-town, this part of the city could be definitely the best option for you.

Other Reasons Why You’ll Love Living in H-Town

Vibrant spirit, Houston legendary food scene, cultural diversity – there are 145 different languages spoken in H-Town, an abundance of sunny days are only a few of the numerous benefits life in this city brings.

H-Town is a good option for young people who are ready to study and are looking for a stable job market after they finish their studies. Thanks to renowned universities, H-Town became an innovation center, which makes it a top choice for young entrepreneurs. So, if you have plans to establish your own business, don’t miss taking advantage of this inspiring environment. Also, because of its quality education and health system, H-Town also represents a great choice for young families.

Moving From Houston to Another City in the US? House Movers From Houston Can Help!

If you’re looking for a reliable relocation company to handle your relocation from H-Town to other parts of Texas or the US, State to State Mover will be happy to assist you. All you have to do is to contact us, and our team of experts will start to work on your request right away.


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