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Suppose Virginia capital is your next destination to live in, and you’re in the middle of planning the relocation. In that case, you will definitely need the support of reliable state to state movers. That being said, our Richmond movers offer a wide choice of services, and they will do everything to help you organize a seamless relocation.

Richmond Movers Offer Moving Services to Cover Every Relocation Request

Organizing a relocation is always a multi-phased process that requires a lot of time and patience. Regardless of how well you are organized, there are some things you will definitely need help with, and there is no better solution than hiring professionals to manage it.

Our State2State Movers are a company that offers various interstate moving services that will help you move significantly easier and quicker to the new address. The first step of organizing your move is getting an estimate free of charge. However, you’ll need to provide us with a detailed inventory list to get a quote.

How Do State to State Moving and Auto Transport Calculate Relocation Costs?

The method we use to calculate your relocation costs is based on summing up the total distance of the move and the number of things in your inventory lists. The fewer things you have, the lower the costs of the move will be and vice versa, meaning that this method gives you an opportunity to be in control of your expenses.

Another important detail about inventory lists is that they are completely adjustable up to 24 hours before your relocation day. This means you can easily add or remove items from the list, and your dedicated agent will be more than willing to help you out with it!

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Use Our Packing Services to Ease the Boxing Up Process When Moving State to State

If you’re looking for a proven way to pack your household safely and fast, we will definitely fulfill your goal using some of our packing services. Our professional team will help you pack your household items in the best and safest way, providing you with some of the following packaging assistance.

Basic packaging assistance is included in all our quotes, meaning it’s free of charge. This service implies that our professional crew will:

  • Disassemble all furniture pieces and reassemble them back when those are delivered to your new home.
  • Label all the boxes and furniture pieces by putting an electronic barcode to guarantee your ownership.
  • Load and unload all the boxes or furniture pieces,
  • Acquire all protective packaging materials like sofa or mattress covers.

Partial or Full Packing Services Are a Great Choice For All Those Who Need Additional Help With Packaging

In case a basic packaging service is not enough to cover all your requirements, then going for a partial or full packaging service will definitely be the best option for you. The difference between these two services is related to the number of boxes the long-distance movers will pack.

Namely, when going for partial packaging assistance, it means that our team will pack 15 boxes maximum, while every additional box will be counted for full packaging service. Also, full packing service can be a great option if you’re moving at the last minute or simply don’t have enough time to deal with this task. In this case, our professional crew will take care of packaging your whole household. Just keep in mind this process could last a little bit longer, and remember to book this assistance in advance.

We Can Move Safely All Your Precious Items Too

If any valuable items like musical instruments, sculptures, or pieces of art take place on your packaging list, we can take care of it too. Our custom crating service is designed to safely move any of your belongings that are too precious to be put at any risk. All you’ll have to do is contact your dedicated agent, explain what type of item you want to move, and provide exact measurements. Then, our professional team will create a special crate under the provided measures and make sure it will be ready for your moving day.

Long-Distance Movers in Richmond, VA, Provide Best Auto Transport Services

For all those who decide to take their four-wheeler too, we have a solution! Our auto-transport services are designed to move any type of car or motorbike. The auto-shipping booking process implies you have to choose the trailer type, pick-up, and delivery points and give us a timeframe within the shipping process that could be handled. Since all these choices will impact the final price, here are all the details you should know before you book the specific assistance.

Movers in Richmond, VA Will Ship Your Car Using Open or Enclosed Trailers

One of the greatest dilemmas people usually have regarding their four-wheeler shipping is what type of trailer they should pick. Depending on the car you have, the choice will differ. Also, another factor that could potentially impact your definitive choice is the time of the year you choose for relocation.

For instance, all those who possess cars of standard type can go for an open trailer. This will help them save up to 40% compared to a case when they use an enclosed trailer instead. On the other hand, if you have a larger car-like Jeep, then going for an enclosed trailer is the only suitable option since space on the open trailer is limited. Also, if you choose to move in winter, enclosed trailers will be a better solution since your vehicle will be entirely protected from freezing temperatures and potential damage.

Furthermore, an enclosed trailer is always more recommendable when it comes to more luxurious types of cars since they grant maximum protection in terms of road or weather conditions. If this decision doesn’t seem simple, it’s absolutely understandable. However, there is no reason to worry about it since once you go through all details with your dedicated agent, you will come up with the right solution.

Door-to-Door and Terminal-to-Terminal Pick-Up and Delivery Are Available Options to Choose From

After you’ve chosen the trailer, it is the right time to opt for pick-up and delivery options. With our company, you can book one of these two:

  • Door-to-door pick-up and delivery is the perfect fit for all those who want their car to be picked up and delivered right in front of their home. This assistance implies that our professional long-distance movers will take care of every detail related to your car shipping. Everything you will have to do is prepare the car according to their instructions and hand them the car keys.
  • Terminal-to-terminal pick-up and delivery is the most suitable choice for those who want to keep an eye on their budget since it is a more affordable option. However, this option requires some effort too. Namely, you will deliver the vehicle to the regional terminal, and pick it up once it is delivered, so make sure to organize your time in that way you can manage to do everything.

Car Insurance Is Also a Part of the Deal, and It Comes Free of Charge!

Although rarely, the damage could happen. Since we absolutely understand how worried you can be when it comes to your four-wheelers’ safety, we decided to provide you with an additional protection package in terms of car insurance.

All vehicles transported on an open trailer are covered with an amount of $100,000, while vehicles on the enclosed trailers are insured with $500,000. These sums imply any external damage occurred during the transportation, and the best thing of all is that this type of coverage comes free of charge!

30 Days Free Storage Deal Is Provided to All Our Customers

Another advantage we provide for customers who use our moving services is one-month free usage of our fully equipped storage unit. Also, in case you have to prolong the storage usage for any reason, you’ll get an additional special deal and get per-day prices. So you will pay only for the period of time you have actually used.

When it comes to our storage, you should know they are fully protected by 24/7 video surveillance. Also, all storage facilities we run are equipped with a temperature control system that keeps your items protected from any water or mold damage. Last but not least, there is also an automated system that records every check-in and checks out of the goods, guaranteeing your ownership. All this will be more than enough to keep your stuff safe, so there is no need to worry about getting them lost or not delivered whole.

State to State Moving and Auto Transport Provide Two Types of Moving Insurance

We understand how your items could be precious to you. That’s why we automatically insure them once they’re loaded into the truck. Mandatory liability coverage is free of charge and included in every quote we provide. This type of insurance grants reimbursement of 60 cents per pound of damaged goods.

However, in case you want greater coverage for your items, then going for a full value replacement insurance is definitely the best choice for you. This type of insurance is extra charged, and it can be agreed with our company. The major advantage of going for this type of insurance is that the full value of the damaged goods will be reimbursed in case of damage. Of course, your dedicated agent will give you all further information and explain everything in detail so you can be sure you made the right choice.

Welcome to Richmond, a Hidden Gem of the East Coast

Known as the Capital of the South, Richmond represents one of the most vibrant and fastest-growing cities in this part of America. Situated at the banks of James River, gifted with abundant natural beauty and great opportunities to find a job and have a high quality of life, the Capital of South and Virginia is a great solution for all those searching for such a diverse place to live.

Whether you are a fan of art, history, NASCAR, or fine dining, you’ll find the right solution to spend your time quality. Another great perk of living in RVA is finding a job is quite easy. Industries with the most employment opportunities are travel and hospitality, trade and transportation, education and health services, mining, and construction. If you’re an expert or a beginner in any of these fields and need a new job, then there are high chances you will find a perfect opportunity. So, after all, moving interstate to a new state will be worth the effort.

Affordable Cost of Living Is One of the Main Reasons to Choose this City

If you’re searching for a city that has to offer a lot but still has reasonable costs of living, the Capital of the South has it all. Richmond’s living costs are 4% lower than the national average, while housing prices are 11% less. To keep up with all living costs, a single person needs around $900 on a monthly basis, while a family of four will spend $3,190 on average (excluding rent).

Regarding housing affordability, you should know that the median household sale price is around $299k. For this price, you can get a three-bedroom house with two bathrooms, only 5 miles away from the downtown.

Rental prices are also quite affordable, ranging from $956 to $1,980 depending on the specific location and size. Walkability, high safety, and abundance of green areas are the main characteristics of Richmond’s neighborhoods, and those that are most popular are Old Town Manchester, Shockoe Bottom, and Stony Point. So, when you start your apartment-hunting, make sure to start from here.


Want to Move Out from the Capital of the South? Let Our Movers in Richmond Organize this Relocation Too

If your plans imply moving out from the Capital of the South, our relocation specialists can help you organize this type of interstate moving too. The process looks the same as described, everything you’ll have to do is to give us the right zip-codes and dates, and soon you can expect a quote into your inbox.


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